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  1. ... your signature is kinda creepy O.o cool, but creepy.

    BTW, it's "Time waits" not "Time wait's"

  2. Congratulations on your title of "DCWs greatest sniper"!!

    Took me a while to realise it had changed ;p

  3. Don't worry, you soon won't be.

    How long have you known DC for?

  4. Errmmm.... Oops? :P

    You're not a newbie anymore, either.

  5. Happy Birthday, skyechan~

    I hope you have a good one =D

  6. Hello~

    Welcome to DCW, by the way :)

  7. I don't get any exams at my year level. Only a few tests at the end of each topic (I had my algebra test last week and simple machines test today). I got over 80% for every test :)

    I'm finally on my holiday! Yay!

  8. I'm fine, thanks :)

    My holiday has just begun!

  9. I'm good, thanks.

    You have your holiday now? Mine's a week away.

  10. In a neutral mood. Not happy, but not unhappy. Just bored XD

    How about you?

  11. It's 11:10am here :P

    Good night~

  12. No worries, I was doing it all morning XD All that's left is to study ahead if I feel like it. Might do that tomorrow, although I'll probably be too lazy ^^'

    Merry Christmas, by the way :)

  13. Similar, but not the same.

    How have your holidays been so far?

  14. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday =)

    I had a great day, besides being sick XD

  15. Thanks~ ^^

    Yep, that's right! What a coincidence XD

  16. The ceiling... and beyond that, the roof and the stars :)

    Well, I'm just about to go to bed now


  17. Yay~ You're back! Welcome back to DCW :D

    It seems like everyone's coming back now haha XP

  18. Yes, I'm a girl. I was joking when I said that I was a guy. =p

    Oh yeah, THOSE chips...

  19. ...What cookies? I don't recall telling anyone I made cookies... I hate cooking.

  20. *Doesn't like medicine* Umm, err thanks? I'm not that sick anyway. Other than a sore throat, I feel fine~ :D How about you?

  21. *is always sleepy*

  22. A four week holiday? We only get two weeks- 26 June to 11 July. We have 4 holidays throughout the year though. One of them goes for 5 weeks though.

  23. Cool. I've known it for about a year and a half. My friend brought the manga into class to read, and it was in jap so I couldn't understand. I read the english version, and well, I'm hooked!

  24. Don't you just hate it when you spend ages drawing a dragon, then realise that it only has one wing?

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      I don't know... -_-'' But I do love drawing dragons~! <3 :D

    2. Vicha


      I don't know too...

      and I can't drawing.. Y_Y

    3. detective-db


      I don't know. But my brother draws lot...

  25. Eeeh? You're leaving DCW? D=

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