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  1. the thing that get me pissed the most is that not class mates or other palls tease me about watching anime or reading manga in general (not just dc) but actually my best friend. When I am saying On skype or whatever, sorry I can't talk, i am watching DC they say OMG!!! how can you watch cartoons!!!!! how old are you? 8??? that fucking pisses the hell out of me! fuckk girls what do they expect me to watch? the twilight saga :x :blink: which i sooo hate. dude, you are my best friend how can you say something like this.

    or when I had like a real cool poster with Inuyasha another good friend said, oh you can pull this out, because it's absolutely hideous...

    the most biased thing? that girl started reading manga O_O

    looks like they weren't really my friends

    my actual friend is so understandable

    she never said something wrong about anime

    she sometimes asks me about it, even tough she is not interested

    wow... they teased me the same thing.... now.. their borrowing dc or anime related books from mee!!! :l and BTW Don't hate twilight.. iam a fan of that movie:) but it's ok though.

  2. Uhm, even if I or we love DC that much, it isn't fair to compare them. Besides, there are many things you can learn from Naruto & Bleach & others as well like wisdoms, we'll understand it as time passes by. But just as Xevar says it takes a lie to shut them up.

    haha guess ur right point taken but ... what can u learn from sexy jutsu?? Naruto is kind of a pervert :)) but yah ur right u can learn stuff from Naruto :))

  3. so smart xD

    there arent that many naturo and bleach fans around here but most definitely "Hikaru no Goh", "Fruit Basket", "Gakuen Alice", "Ouran High School"...

    And I'm not saying that they're bad or anything, but I just want to state that they are honestly NO DIFFERENT from Detective Conan!

    Detective Conan is only being underestimated because of what it is known for:

    "educational" anime for babies >_<;

    But I honestly think Detective Conan has "smartened up" because there are so many young adults, etc watching the anime and reading the manga. Don't you think?

    I mean, with guns, drugs, love, guns again.. Vermouth, FBI, Black Organisation... and the cases are more "in depth". The first episodes were more along the lines of:

    "I killed him because he was cheating on me" but then later, the stories became more 'sophisticated' in a way so that there was something more to a case than just "because he was cheating on me".

    yup it gets more complicated like : i killed him bcause he Blackmailed me or he witnessed the murder i committed or i killed him because he found out I was exporting drugs or something like that right?

  4. Yea, I totally agree!

    My friends like manga and anime that are often very "lame" and "babyish" (won't be named);

    the only reason why they don't take interest in it is because it's "Detective Conan"-

    manga and anime originally made for young elementary kids to.. well.. motivate them to be smart, maybe? ^^;

    ahahahah soooo right! some of my classmates are EGGHEADS actually.. hahaha... yup they NEED to be educated they only watch Naruto..

  5. i read it. :D

    it was ok.. Shinichi shows up once!!!

    it's pretty similar to DC though. like AokoxKaito. her dad being a detective/police officer.. (or something like that, haven't read it in a while), and some other stuff

    Detetive Conan is way better though (of course ;) )

    yea Detective coNAN IS WAY BETTER!!! Shinichi showed up once pointed a gun at Kaito and said: "take off your mask Kid"

  6. I like him as even though he is a thief, he only steals these things in order to challenge Conan. He also returns the things he stolen most of the time. Then, he even saved Genta's live and also Sonoko's uncle's doggy... And then, if he is not good, why would Conan let him go again and again, even at the so far newest episode, 733...

    i read that in onemanga.com i dont get it though.. does that mean the lady thief is HIS MOTHER?! and going back to the topic: he's just luring out his father's killers

  7. I don't really think a person like Haibara would "like" someone like the two kids. Maybe she likes Kudo, but I don't think that she will break the relationship of Shinichi and Ran-Neechan. BTW, congratulations for being promoted to Advance Member Chianti :wink:

    AWESOME!!! i didn't know that!! tnx!! and i think Haibara is better of alone... Sorry Haibara
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