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  1. ahhh... where do u live?? manila?

  2. Chianti's back from the dead

    1. Anti-APTX4869


      My favorite BO sniper! ~ <3

  3. cool! hey why do u like Jinpei? he's Inspector Miwako's partner right?

  4. DUDE Chianti na ko d na ung phantom kid ahhh!!!! TEAM JACOB ROX!!!!

  5. Dude i have a halo!!!! hahahaha.... nope i am not evil just.... ME hahahaha XD

  6. haha pinoy ka pala :))

  7. hahaha!!! me too!! especially this summer cause it's really hot! i know she's evil i kinda like evil girls=))

  8. hahahaha somehow i am attracted 2 to "evil" people hahaha!!!! LOL XD

  9. hello welcome to dc :))

  10. hello!! where are u from?

  11. hey Phantom Thief uzta bago na user ko nakita mu na b?

  12. hey u have a friend na kasabay ung bday ni Taylor Lautner!!! un lng:)) PS: taken na un Vermouth kaya Chianti na lng

  13. hey u have another person with the same bday my IDOL Taylor Lautner!!!! i envy u dude;))

  14. hey u have another person with the same birth date MY IDOL Tatlor Lautner!!!;)) i envy u

  15. hey where do u live Luzon Visayas or Mindanao?

  16. i am fine thank you :)) how about you?

  17. i chose Chianti because she's a good assassin:)) and she's kind of a goth i like that about her. her fashion statement :))

  18. i like ur pic it's really CUTE and i am from the Philippines too!

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