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  1. Rum..yeah we can kind of take out Kuroda being Rum because In one of the Manga Files Rum contacted Bourbon and Rei/Bourbon was nervous About what Rum texted him

    but..later in the file or another file Bourbon was on the phone with Kuroda and was not nervous whatsoever my guess Is Kuroda is part of the NPA with Bourbon and Kuroda is his boss or something like That..Well that's my guess it kind of makes sense!


  2. Ladies and Gentlemen! 

    Oops Kaito Kid..Anyways:P


    My lovely detectives the name is SliverBullet but you can call me Rina!

    I'm here to show to make theories and to uncover vast amount of mysteries with you!

    Let me tell you about myself I'm Rina and I LOVE Detective Conan! I started it 2 years ago and I

    really love everything about it! From the Mysteries to the Action everything is amazing about it! I love Drawing 

    and Reading and of course Watching Shows! I have been catching up with the Manga..So you know what's going on..

    a lot of Rum Mysteries and Great moments with *coughs* Kudo and Ran..Heh..Anyways I'm Glad to be here and if anyone ones how 

    to change a Profile Pic..TELL ME PLEASE!!



    Goodbye Ladies and Gentlemen!

  3. ~Hello Fellow Detectives~

    I'm SliverBullet and This is basically my Introduction...I'm here to talk and discuss latest content of Detective Conan Anime and Manga Series!

    I'm up for any content or discussions! We I'm can figure out Mysteries Together and get along great I hope! Anyways I love Detective Conan I hope we can make great Theories 



    ~Sliver Bullet~



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