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  1. yep! i guess that's why my childish side never left me cause i dont want to fully grow up just yet! :D

  2. if you're attracted to evil people, does that mean you're also evil yourself? whaha! lol! :))

  3. everytime i say "woooo" i get all hyper and excited! then i would act like a child, laughing and stuff! lol! :))

  4. lol! that was funny? oh no! people wont take me seriously then, when i get serious! just kidding! lol! :)) well, i love having fun!

  5. lol! so you like bad people? hahhaha! :))

  6. goth is my fashion statement! lol! i get scolded for wearing too much black! :))

    but she's EVIL!! whahaha!

  7. you should try!! the good part about a cruise is you get to relax for a week? it depends on how long the cruise trip is but you'll love it! you can do anything there! wooo! lol! it gets me excited just thinking about it.. :) you can get to meet all sorts of people there as well.

  8. lol! yeah! stupid bomb! :)) hm.. why chianti? i have nothing against her though, she's a good assassin! hahaha!

  9. oh.. Toronto.. I've never been there.. I only went to Vancouver. We went there for a vacation. I have friends in Toronto! They migrated there. I hope I could go there next year! My aunt's thinking we should go there next year.. and ride a cruise or something.. lol! They say there's a new one. :)

  10. oh, silly me, i forgot to answer your 1st question.. hm.. i guess cause he's cool in a way.. he died for the sake of other people that makes him even cooler! lol! :))

  11. im so envious! i wish i could go there.. hm.. the last time i went there was maybe 10 years ago? that long! T_T where in canada do you live? :)

  12. yep yep! that's him alright! too bad he died.. T_T

  13. i live in manila.. haha!

  14. lol! same here! my fever only reached up to 38C! i wished i lived in somewhere colder like antartica or somewhere! lol! just kidding! :))

  15. hey! you live in the philippines? me too! hahaha! :))

  16. yep yep! that's why! :)) the weather here even reaches 40C sometimes! too hot! i stay in an air conditioned room the whole day.. :))

  17. lol! im pretty bored, since it's my vacation! i want to go somewhere!! im dying to go to australia with my cousins! but so far, my dad wont allow me to go. so im pretty much stuck here.. :(

  18. thanks for accepting! what's up? :)

  19. cool! you live in cebu! haha! i live in manila! :)

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