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  1. I discovered that Barnes and Noble now lets you look at what's in their stores online. So i could find a store that had the manga in stock.

    So I'm the only one that like's the random silly stories. I also love the breathing fire.

    OK you need to start making notes for all the fanfic recs and stuff!

    I guess we should shouldn't we? ^^;;

    Here's a link to the fanfiction I mentioned: Furtivamente!

  2. 6/22/12: Episode 28, with special guest, Chekhov MacGuffin!! Topics include: Latest news, Viz manga translation changes, skyechan's DC Rewatch, Ran and Shin'ichi's blood type, Detective Chiba continues to be an idiot, will Yumi ever get her chance at love?, Amuro: Sexy Waiter, AO Hell, Magic Kaito story adaptations, All Aboard the Mystery Train!, Chekhov's theories, sonoci's 4koma comics, cream stew for everyone, predictions on what will happen when Ran finds out, I Support Team Shin-chan!, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, Professor Layton, and more!! Length: 1 hour and 14 minutes

    MP3 download link: Here

    Streaming link: Here

  3. I had a debate with someone about the Kaito Kid knowing Conan's identity canonically at one point. It was complicated by a disagreement on the definition of canon. It's clear Kaitou Kid knows in the movies and Gosho wrote or endorsed that script, but it isn't clear if this knowledge caries over to the manga like how most of the other movie stuff has no relation to the manga. Kazu quoted some interview from an early guidebook, but without context I'm not sure what to believe.

    Besides, the way Kaitou treats Conan in the manga is noticeably different than how he treats Conan in the movies. In the movies he teases Conan about being Shinichi quite often, in the manga, no.

    Wish I could help you out there. I own the guidebook in question and it does look like page 160 does have information from Aoyama regarding "The Last Wizard of the Century", but unlike the previous interview (words, whatever) I posted above, the interview contains no furigana and therefore I cannot read it. :/ (My kanji reading ability is horrible.)

    In my personal opinion, it seems to be fact that Aoyama contributes story ideas to the movies even now, as the movie 16 interview proves but until Aoyama actually puts information into the manga itself, it should be deemed non-canon. At this stage in the manga, the only thing known for certain is that Kid knows Conan is unusual and not to be taken lightly.

    As for the Super Digest +10 book, I currently do not own it and cannot confirm Kazu's quote.

  4. This is an interview (technically I guess it's just words from Gosho) taken from page 169 of Detective Conan vs. Kaitou Kid Perfect Edition, if you'd be so kind as to translate it for us. :)








    自分も子供の頃から、彼らのファンだったしね。 で、コナンも相当頭がいいから、ちゃんと対抗できる相手を、いろいろ考えていたんだけど… 待てよ!? 

    そういえば、 ちょうどピッタリなヤツを、 オレは知ってるぞって。 














    *The furigana reads "kipatsu" but I guess the kanji is something different? I can't seem to get the correct kanji to show up for the life of me.

    **Furigana reads "Minato" but it doesn't match the kanji used for "Minato-ku", so I'm not sure what kanji is used.

    If there's something that doesn't quite make sense lemme know and I'll double-check the kanji in my book. :)

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  5. Any website where you can buy it? I don't have access to Japan :( I checked Amazon but they don't have it. Probably because it isn't in English.

    I've bought reference books from this seller before:


    I suggest making an offer for a lower price. When I bought mine at a convention I only had to pay $50 for it.


    Here's a listing of all their Conan items. (And yes, typing in "Conan" resulted in a few non-Detective Conan Conans popping up. ^^; ) As I said, I've purchased reference books from them before. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, all of my reference books except for the art book came from this seller.

  6. Are the specials any good? Also, any retrogradations from the 'Reference Books, Art Book, and Short Stories'?

    Specials are worth a look, but it's entirely up to you whether you seek them out or not.


  7. Yeah, I know what I meant was are you going to watch the movies, OVA's, Magic Files when you get to a certain point in the anime?

    Yes. I post those recaps when I come to their correct placement. i.e. Movie 1 came out April 19, 1997, so I placed the recap between Episode 54 (April 14, 1997) and Episode 55 (April 21, 1997). There are a few cases where a movie came out between a two-part episode so in those cases I'll post the movie recap following the 2-part episode recap.

    The first OVA isn't until the episodes that were broadcast in 2000 so that won't be around for awhile. Same thing for Magic Files. (Those I'll post recaps for with their associated movies. i.e. Magic File 2 = Movie 12.)

  8. Look forward to more posts this weekend! :) I've actually watched a lot more than I've been able to post so far; up to episode 71! (I watch the episodes and write down my thoughts on paper and then create the Tumblr posts sometime afterwards).

    In the meantime, be sure to catch up! I have up to episode 58 posted AND my rewatch post for the first DC movie, The Time-Bombed Skyscraper! :)

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