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  1. I'm not a theory person myself, but I have noticed a few things that I haven't seen adressed on any theory so far, I guess because they are all "recent" (from the last two years). If you know any theory that includes this, please tell me.


    I was thinking "What was the point of Gosho showing us Asaka's photo in the webpage?". He could've pulled a Hagiwara and not drawn them. So I think the purpose of Asaka's photo in which you can't see anything but the hand is precisely that you can see the hand. Looking at that hand, I find it way too similar to the photo of "Kohji's" hand, the one with the scissors marks and the weird mark in the centre. That photo shows a suit, similar to the one Asaka was wearing. On the other hand, all Kuroda, Rumi, Mary, Yumi and Amuro have "visualized" Haneda collapsed with a dark clothing that doesn't reach anywhere near his hand. A hand that, btw, has the scissor marks but not the mark in the palm.KohjisHand.png.37da02c98b90e4b2b2d5bcffb843e85a.pngKohjiAmuro.png.01bd57c160e902696d03d19f5f40f659.png


    So, some things that could have happened are:


    • The one who died was really Asaka, not Kohji, and police colabored to hide this fact, as the image Amuro had in his PSB training is also the "suit hand". This could also mean the uploader has access to police files. In this case Kohji would be alive, presumably under police protection or something similar. He could be Kuroda for all we know.
    • The one who died was Haneda, who was wearing Asaka's suit or a similar one, and the images everyone think up are a fake that never happened. This would mean no one of the people underlined above were actually at the crime scene and are just reconstructing the crime which the info they know, that being how Kohji looked like in his shogi clothes, that he grabbed scissors and he had injuries. (I find this one a bit unlikely due to Rumi's flashbacks in the Edible Plants case)
    • The one who died was Haneda, who had changed into Asaka's suit or a similar one, and the images everyone think up have happened and form part of a police report or news or something Conan hasn't seen yet. In that case, the timeline of the case would be: Haneda wearing shogi clothes gets the scissors, gets beaten up and collapses on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. That's the picture everyone thinks. He isn't dead yet though; he changes into a suit, gets somehow the mark in the center of the palm and finally dies. This is what the police find hence the photo in Amuro's training.


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  2. About FILE 953




    In File953, Sera calls MG "Mom", and Conan notices it. This basically confirms the theory of MG being Akai's mother.


    Also, MG knocks out the criminal (without being seen). Than implies that she is very strong, even being in the body of a 12-year-old.

    This makes me think that she was in some kind of secret service..   


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  3. Are you trying to link this image ?


    The Wiki code doesn't work the same way as the Forums code. 


    Yes, I was trying to do that, but I'm quite new, so I don't know how things work yet. ^.^ 


    I wasn't suggesting otherwise, if that's what you thought my post implied.


    This is, in fact, the best evidence to the theory that Shukichi is Masumi's and Shuichi's brother, even more so than Masumi's description of her second brother to Yumi in File 928.


    No, I was just pointing out the detail of him being a second brother. This, with the Akai name, basically proves than he is Masumi's second older brother.


  4. Doesn't this picture look familiar? XD 





    I found the place where this scene takes place:




    Link to Google maps: https://www.google.es/maps/@51.5010134,-0.1258575,3a,75y,69.99h,102.74t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sYhc1u1rIF50o_wmNjgZ6_A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656


    I wonder why is someone (I suppose a sniper cofcofAkaicofcof) shooting in the middle of London. That place is near the Big Ben tower and its always crowded, so it would be dangerous to shoot anyone there...


    And also, they shoot from the top of the tower. Is someone even allowed to be there? And allowed to shoot from there?!




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  5. I'd like something like...


    Epic fight between BO boss and Conan in Reichenbach Falls (Switzerland) (Where Holmes fought Moriarty)

    Both of them fall.

    They "die".

    Ran cries bcs she thinks Conan is dead.

    She returns to Japan.

    There she founds Shinichi (who was secretly helped to scape from Switzerland by the FBI, and "magically" became Shinichi), and right after Conan's "funeral", they kiss. And love forever <3

  6. Hello everyone!

    I'm from Spain and I'm new here.

    And, as you can easily deduct, I LOVE Detective Conan!


    Nice to meet you all! ^_^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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