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  1. Most definitely a member of the Detective Conan World staff. It wouldn't make a lot of sense if it were otherwise, IMO.

    If I receive some more feedback, I will create the page. I will update the thread when it is done with a link where you can "Become a Fan".

    I'll be looking forward to it! I was wondering if I should start the topic... but since I saw someone has already got the idea, and is making it now... I couldn't get anymore excited!

  2. I think Shiho (Haibara) will come along with Detective Saguru Hakuba, their hair has the same colour... and not to mention they both have something to do with England (Saguru is from England and Shiho's mother from England), they both has sarcastic sides... besides Hakuba never has a girlfriend, he was interested in Aoko Nakamori and a girl from a case (which in the end revealed she was the culprit T_T), but none of them are interested in him T_T! I think Haibra and Hakuba will make the best pairings! They both has brown hairs to begin with ^_^

  3. Your Favorite Female Character!

    Vote for your favourite female character in Detective Conan series!

    Here you talk about your favorite Detective Conan female characters! You say why you like them, and what is amazing about them, and so on...! And also, what's the similar thing about you and the Character!

    Please enjoy yourself!

  4. Hoho!

    I created this Forum because I have an amusing idea! Oh... it's about... umm... AH Q_Q! I forgot!


    It's about making a PICTURE GALLERY!!! Have any of you thought of it? Well, I guess it will be amazing, since this website had a lack of anime episodes and manga chapters, we could try and put Picture Gallery one the site for more entertaiment! Members can post pictures and and talk about it, members can also comment the pictures... well, violent and nudety pictures could be reported and be removed by the website creator (I guess it's Maurice ?_?). We could put, screenshots of Detective Conan episodes, movies, OVAs, etc. We would also put wallpapers, as well as others! Members can draw (Detective Conan) and post it so other members could see... How was it? Doesn't all this seems interesting?!!

    In my idea, it's like this:

    1. Upload an image.

    2. Choose: Screenshots (Movie, Episode, OVA, Special, Live Action), or Wallpaper, or Your Own Drawing.

    3. Give it a name.

    4. Then you speak about it... give it a summary, and what do you think of the picture, and also from which episode (or Movie, or OVA, or Live Action).

    5. Members can comment and give it 1-2-3-4-5 of 5 stars.

    6. Members can browse and find pictures they would like to view.

    How was it!? You like the idea, right?

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  5. Umm, I had the all the scans here in the computer I can send it to you by uploading it to free file hosting and then send you the link, I'll begin with chapter 1... How about it? You don't have to look for files in the internet. And there is many websites that have Detective Conan scans. Please let me know your answer.

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