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  1. Anyone know of the manga? Switch Girl is just so damn hilarious that makes your roll with laughter! Even though it's gross, it's awesome th_113_.gif!


    Here's a brief summary of Switch Girl!!

    Tamiya Nika is a beautiful, outgoing, popular high school girl. She has just the right look, just the right fashions, and is everyone’s friend. What everyone at school does not know is how hard Nika works to keep up this perfect image, and what she is REALLY like at home. When not at school, Nika is a scary, sloppy, tight-fisted girl who wears glasses, an ugly sweatsuit, and has her hair pulled back into unattractive buns. She lays around playing video games and reading manga. Her attitude is bossy and cranky, and she travels far out of her way to shop where she won’t be recognized.

    Every day, Nika “Switches On” with a strict regimen of beautification that involves primping and plucking and careful dressing. The only person who knows about Nika’s Switched On/Off modes is her best friend, who is also aware of the reasons behind the changes.

    However, soon a second person finds about about Nika’s personalities - someone who has his own On/Off switch, but in reverse! His name is Kamiyama Arata, and he is a recent transfer student. He meets Nika when she is in OFF Mode, and then again at school when she is ON. However Nika can see that he has his little secret. At school, Arata wears thick swirly-eyed glasses and messy hair that make some bullies think he is an otaku. However, at home, he ditches the glasses and is downright gorgeous! He is just the opposite of Nika, but why?

    If you are a girl... you might find some of her characteristic in you sillyp1.gif.

    Here's her in her off mode (left), and her in her on mode.


  2. Awww... I was going to make this thread JFBQ00228070622A.gif.

    Nevermind, Haha 154218d4.gif. Yes, I do love Skip Beat! very much! It's one of my favorite shoujo series of all time! Hilarious, dramatic, romantic 4e5dd44a.gif... I love Kyoko's little demon. They are just too damn cute to be evil JFBQ00184070402A.gif.

    Skip Beat for all the way! Yay th_100_.gif, yay th_100_.gif, YAY th_100_.gif! Kyoko th_100_.gif! Mogami Kyoko th_100_.gif! GO KYOKO th_100_.gif! Kyaaaaaaa JFBQ00184070402A.gif! GO! GO! Yeah th_100_.gif!

  3. LOL! I love this series from it's hilarity! The jokes are good, the characters are damn funny, the story itself is amusing ali_100.gif! I wish they'd adapt it to anime (though I cannot imagine it being animated yociexp74.gif). I watched the live action, though, and it was awesome 07baa27a.gif.

  4. Not a person '^.^

    Tokusatsu are japanese live-action movies/series like Ultraman, Godzilla and kamen rider. etc.

    Ohh, LOL yociexp115.gif... Sorry about that old-pervert-61.gif.

    All I can do is scream right now. Saito and Sano, holy crap.

    OMG! Awesome! Thanks, Madeline JFBQ001620702013A.gif (for sharing)! I was in a hurry, so I didn't really payed that much attention 023.gif... but I saw Sano (his clothes made me spot him with ease d5f02ecd.gif)! The trailer shows much more stuff than the previous ones yociexp77.gif.

    Newest Updates: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-03-13/live-action-rurouni-kenshin-film-teaser-streamed-in-4-subbed-languages

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