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  1. Oww, thank you, everyone! I've decided on a topic! I'll reply to all of you first before telling you what it is...



    I assume that you can choose the subject randomly from any category. Maybe food? (This shouldn't take too much time to prepare, and people would probably be interested.) Or perhaps introduce a useful tip in life that not so many people know (a "how to....." kind of introduction). Oh and whatever you do, you should practice before the actual presentation to make sure that you don't exceed the time limit. It's because 5 minutes pass much faster than you think. I've also been assigned with presentations that couldn't be longer than 10min, and they're extremely annoying since you won't get to talk much, yet you still have to make sure that people will understand your very brief demonstrations.

    Thanks a lot for so many awesome tips, Black Demon! I really needed those advises on the topic I'm doing.


    Ha-ha. Coincidentally, Coca-Cola sounds similar to my name. This will be really interesting thing to present except that I don't have much time to prepare for it since the presentation is in two days th_107_.gif


    Any of your hobbies? I did a presentation on art once :)

    I love reading, teaching and writing! 


    A presentation on presentations.

    That would be really good 8c460310.gif.


    McDonald's vs KFC. 


    Gamers vs Anime Otakus. :V

    My classmates are older than me and most of them are married and have children so I don't think they'll be interested in otakus, animes and games (which is a shame)  072.gif.


     "A Day in the Life of a College Student" :3

    How can you present that? What would you say and talk about?


    Probably something you're not that interested in, so you wouldn't get too engrossed in the topic and end up babbling too much about it. But something that's interesting all the same, of course.

    Soooo, hm...how about how your summer went? Or a particular game playing. Perhaps a beautiful place you recently visited? [[sorry for my lame suggestions xD]]

    No, no. Not at all. - They're all brilliant. It's just that I don't have an interesting summer and the audience will not be interested in games and I don't have any interesting visited place I can talk about that would interest the audience 098eb4a5.gif.


    Make sure the topic you go with concerns everyone since your audience's area of interests would vary from person to person. Something specific bout the environment you're in, perhaps? A topic that would have an immediate effect on them. Mysteries surrounding your school, controversial figures roaming around the campus or the events that shaped the school, that sort of stuff. Do it in a 'countdown' format or something along those lines.


    A top 10 of something? I have lame suggestions, gomen. *cries in corner*

    Yes, that would do 023.gif. I chose something similar.

    Thanks, Nara-chan!


    How about gaming then...

    My classmates aren't interested in games kiddy.gif.

    I decided on "Top Effective Ways to Improve Your English."

    Like you said, something I'm interested in and that's teaching. And for 5 minutes presentation it's a very good to do the 'How-to' approach.

    And the ways includes: Watching English movies and TV programmes, reading books, exchanging letters with a friend, join a forum, shadow reading, etc.


    Since most of my classmates are struggling with English (some in writing, and some in speaking), that would be really beneficial. What do you think?


    I thank you all for helping me choose the right topic 0eeeff42.gif!

  2. Hello, everyone


    For my assignments, I need to do a short presentation next week that have to be approximately 5 minutes (8 minutes max).

    I have to choose a topic that could be presented in that short time frame. So can you possibly suggest a nice and interesting topic for me? And I have only four days to prepare.


    Please help. :(

  3. New Color Character Designs for New Naruto Movie Revealed

    Source: http://www.mangahere.com/news/new-color-character-designs-for-new-naruto-movie-revealed/

    As we reported earlier, the ninth overall Naruto movie will be released and the original author Masashi Kishimoto will be providing the story and character designs for the movie.

    Recently, Masashi Kishimoto has released more character designs in color and new line art.

    The movie titled "Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja" is scheduled to hit the cinemas in Japan on July 28.







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  4. GAH, nevermind, the mysterious woman is Yukiko. I will discuss after a good night's rest...

    I was about to reply about your previous post - but you edited it, so I'm confused what to say, ha-ha...

    Cause she called Vermouth 'Sharon', if it was Kir, wouldn't it be more appropriate to call her by the Black Organization code name?

    Good night. We're looking forward to your next theory. :)

    The woman is most likely Yukiko, according to Knightus from DCTP, she called Vermouth/SA "Sharon".

    @Kaoko: I wrote it in the first-page-rule :D

    Sorry ^o^' I read it long time ago so I think I forgot.

  5. AJ M. & Stopwatch: Great and interesting theories! I'm speechless.

    I can go on and express my thoughts (not like anyone will be interested though, ha-ha), but I don't have much time, so I'll just note one thing that no one had pointed/mentioned.

    I noticed Amuro's mobile. If you take a good, you can see the diamond symbol(from the Spades cards).


    I'm sure everyone is aware that trademark is exclusive for Kaito Kid (in general). Is it possible that Amuro in this arc is really Kaito Kid in disguise? What do you think? I don't want to be the only one with this theory D:

    P.S. Although, I can't come up why he'd be disguising as Amuro of all the characters. The only thing I can come up (at the moment) is that Gosho wants to mislead us in thinking that Scar Akai is no Amuro since if he didn't put Amuro in this arc, it'll be too obvious who Scar Akai is.

  6. I don't think that this Scar Akai on the train is Vermouth. Haibara knows her aura and she would immediately recognize Vermouth if Haibara sensed her. Look for example at file 288. She knew that Vermouth was on the bus even with Akai being there... 

    She sensed Scar Akai twice but she never thought of Vermouth.

    I agree ali_032.gif. I couldn't think the reason why would Vermouth be dressing as Scar Akai. The theory I see reasonable is Amuro's the one disguising as Scar Akai (and he always was), and Amuro shown in this chapter is someone else in disguise, possibly KID. But I'm not really sure - I guess, this is just a weak theory. Can't wait for the next file ali_005.gif!

  7. Erm miss-bone-4.gif... I'm surprised... after visiting this thread again... and see all these outdated war ali_082.gif... I think I'm being misunderstood here miss-bone-51.gif. I'm not teaming up with anyone, but what I meant by 'this is disappointing' was that I'm disappointed that... I've always thought that Parkur was in the Shiho x Hakuba league yociexp109.gif... to see that he was not... I was shocked ali_069.gif, and I felt betrayed yociexp76.gif. I was waiting for a comeback, but... why didn't you respond, Parkur miss-bone-136.gif! Like you always do with your sarcastic and sadistic comeback 064.gif! It was much better than being ignored miss-bone-57.gif...

    Anyway, I hope I made this clear 4fd9f2d3.gif.

  8. New update regarding the movie!

    As revealed by Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in March, Naruto will have its 9th anime movie titled “Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja” on July 28. To celebrate the anime’s 10th anniversary, the original author Masashi Kishimoto will be providing the story and character designs for the movie.

    According to rumors, the movie will not feature the characters as we’ve come to know them. Sasuke may be kind-hearted and loyal to his friend Naruto, while Kakashi will be a bit less cool and calm, and instead more heated. It will be an alternate universe where all the characters’ personalities have changed, Naruto’s parents are still alive, and Sasuke never lose his family.

    Recently the official Naruto Movie’s Twitter posted two sketch pictures of Sasuke and Hinata for the upcoming movie. On the pictures, Sasuke is smiling. He doesn’t look evil anymore. And Hinata looks very hot. Does that mean the rumors are true? Are you looking forward to seeing this movie?





    Color version of Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi and Guy taken from a magazine:


    Source: http://www.mangahere.com/news/character-design-for-the-upcoming-naruto-movie-revealed/

    What do you think? Lol

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  9. I'm so thrilled with these new spoilers of File 816, and even bothered to read it in Japanese!

    So, OK, seems to me that the culprit set a fire on the mansion from the outside to kill the children who witness his crime and also burn the evidence with them.

    The door locked from the outside, the Detective Boys couldn't open it with their chidlren's power, so Haibara remembering the medicine she (maybe) hid in her pocket. She went to a different room to change to her original body (I thought she was the culprit at first sight but then I didn't see her with the frightened Detective Boys and also from the shadow I could notice her hairstyle) - I was wondering where she had the clothes from, and then remembered the couple's belongings that were in the building - she must have borrowed the clothes from the female's bag.

    Haha, I really love how Gosho plans his story. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter. I want to see Shiho in Gosho's modern art, and also how she'd manage to fool the Detective Boys if not reveal her true identity to them. I'm also looking forward for Sera and Haibara's reaction when they meet each other). And if they'd meet with Haibara in her adult form or child's form. Mmm, they can be former classmates.

    Can't wait for the English release!

  10. I'll quote from ANN, so here:

    Next week's issue of Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine will reveal details on a mail-away offer for a special Detective Conan and "Excalibur" crossover on an original animation DVD. Detective Conan author Gosho Aoyama created the "Excalibur" short story about a baseball-playing young girl who tries to obtain a legendary bat. A trailer for the all-new 25-minute anime was also posted online:

    All applicants for the mail-away DVD can receive a copy for 980 yen (about US$12). The mail-away form for the DVD will be in Shonen Sunday issues released from April 11 to June 6, the May 2012 issue of Corocoro Comic, the May 2012 issue of Ciao, and the May 2012 issues of Shōgaku Ichinensei and Shōgaku Ninensei.

    What do you think? ^^

  11. This has been bugging me since 2009, but why did Gin expect Kir to know Akai's phone number (to call Shuu out to Raiha pass) and/or why would Gin not wonder how Kir would know such info?

    That actually bugged me, too. But I just brushed it off thinking that it is just me... Maybe, just maybe... if this isn't a flaw. Gin did find it suspicious, so he used it to his and the boss advantage, so they kept quite about it, to see if Kir could kill Akai. After confirming seeing how Kir did kill Akai, the organization decided to keep her for further use. By knowing that she might be actually a secret agent, they keep their top secret information from her, while giving her the least risky ones. It's hard to put it into words but... but I'm sure you'll get what I'm trying to say.

    Though, I do believe that if the organization do know that Kir is a secret agent, they'll kill her right on the spot. Especially since the boss is really cautious according to Vermouth.

  12. Hold on, you just said Movie hasn't been translated? Well i tell you it already out and was tralated to English subitble when i watched since from Jan. hmmmm

    P.S. 812 seem a good story....

    Excuse me, detective miss-bone-4.gif... I wasn't talking about the movie there, I was talking about File 811 miss-bone-1.gif.

  13. Yes, it is amusing! Haha ali_100.gif

    So you're saying whenever Kogoro's suspicion arises, Conan shoots it down with his 'act' of 'innocent child that just wants to know everything' yociexp45.gif?

    P.S. I want to give you a rep point but I've reached my limit for today yociexp109.gif.

  14. WHAT!!!! i ONLY AT 810 AND SEE THAT o_o


    hmh, yeah, sure. <_< But it does look good. :)

    You think so old-pervert-98.gif?

    No for me... I want to know 811 now! but it does remind me the Movie 15...

    It's out but DCTP hasn't translate it yet.

    This looks fake....are you sure it's genuine?

    It's obviously not real, my friend 154218d4.gif.

    *check the spoiler* Erm... I think you looking at fan's art... Shinichi's left eye of sideview is givaway.

    Of course. I know what I'm looking is a fan art th_102_.gif... Why do you think I posted this in a Chatroom f529a952.gif?

    As Gosho fans we all (should) know that this is not the original art of Detective Conan ali_106.gif.

    I wonder, is that supposed to be 2018 or 2118? :P

    Hehe, I wonder about that 063.gif...

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