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  1. Episode 495/File 595, actually. If we do it like this, then Episode 500/Files 603–604 would be 6 Episodes out of 10 and Files 9 and 10 out of 15. Shuichi Ikeda said, "We're just passing the midpoint." 6 out of 10 and 9 and 10 out of 15 are already past the midpoint. 

    Oh yeah, it was 495, still, it doesn't really have to be so specific, but I really doubt it is referring to the anime, there is no way they could've calculated how long it would be at that point.

  2. Clash of Red and Black—Manga/Anime: Files 585–590, Files 595–609/Episodes 491–504. Episode 500 was the anime adaption of Files 603–604. Episode 500 is Episode 10 out of the 14 that comprise Clash, while Files 603 and 604 were the 15th and 16th files out of the 21 that comprise Clash. Episode 500/Files 603–604 are not the halfway mark of Clash of Red and Black. Again, Shuichi Ikeda said: "We're just passing the midpoint." If this isn't about the series, itself, then what's it doing here? Why did the anime staff even have him say that if they didn't know when DC was going to end? Wouldn't it have been better for him not to say such a thing, if they didn't know? And, yet, they had him say that.


    As for the rest of your post... well, at least I know more about Detective Conan in Japan, so thanks for the info!  ^_^

    The Clash Of Red And Black as a series did begin on episode 491, but it was only until episode 494 where the clash between the FBI and the BO really began, before it was just normal cases with Eisuke, so maybe that's what they meant.

  3. "The only thing all humans are equal in is death" - Johan Liebert.


    "People can become anything" - Franz Bonaparta.


    "Normally, as people love and are loved, they feel happiness. When I am hated by people, that is when I feel happiness. And then I want to tear apart and inflict unimaginable harm to the things I love. But is that really all that strange, I wonder?" - Pariston Hill.


    "You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest, because that's where you'll find the things more important than what you want" - Ging Freecss.


    "A prayer comes from the heart!" - Isaac Netero.


    "Ant king, Meruem, you understand nothing........ Of humanity's infinity potential of malice!!" - Isaac Netero.

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  4. Why? She didn't have a problem with two silver bullets between Full Moon Double Mystery and Clash of Red and Black and when Amuro tells her that Akai is still alive and she realizes that he is right, she tries to argue against it and protect Shuichi.

    Honestly this is only speculation, it's not a fact, it might be the case, but it might also be that she just smiled because she thought his theory was silly.

  5. if you said 50% i would have gone like : " its certain that its him"

    but 99%, you know

    so next on the list would be connecting the family back together

    with that sera v ai before

    Well, like Heliotropic said, pretty much given all the hints that we got from before this file it was almost certain, but in this file we get too much confirmation that it wouldn't make any sense if there was another character who fits all of Shuukichi's characteristics and also says the same exact phrase as him, introducing a character that is like that out of the blue would be bad, just bad, also that would make a plot hole, how in the world did Shuukichi know for certain that Shinichi already solved the case in his debut? The only explanation that make sense is that he knows that Conan is Shinichi, and has seen him work before or something, because even characters that regularly see Conan solve cases are still amazed at how smart he is and never gave the same reaction as Shuukichi.

  6. It's pretty likely that if the Mysterious Child is the mother, her name is Mary, and she's met Katsumasa Ogura. Ogura is 49-years-old; Shuichi's age range of late twenties to early-mid thirties means that she would likely be from her fifties to even her sixties, now. Ogura mistook Masumi for her twice, so that brings questions about how well he knew her.

    Man, you sure beat me to getting here, I was about to say the same exact thing.

  7. Only two possibilities remain, now (unless the rest of you have any ideas): Shukichi is the middle brother, or a clone of his is going to be. Say what you will about the Bourbon arc, but it never pulled a stunt like the latter possibility.


    If the latter possibility turns out to be true, then for the first time, Gosho Aoyama will have disappointed me, and maybe even annoyed me. I'd get over it, but, still...

    Yup, given all the other hints as well, it's clear as day that Shuukichi is the middle brother.

  8. It makes sense that we'd see random police detectives more than once, but this maid (Sakurako)? Why would Gosho have her appear after Eye for an Eye/The Design of Poison and Mirage? Again, he could've easily made her a one-case character, and yet, she's still around.

    I'm not sure about it but I heard that Gosho likes her voice actress so he keeps her in the story.

  9. Yeah, I keep imagining conversations in the future on message boards like "Could've been worse.. Could've ended like Detective Conan!"


    Btw, Uchiha, I think your new sig pic may be a little too big, not sure about the rules around here.


    -Moderator Hijack: Chek's rule of thumb is that if it takes up a whole browser window, it's gotta get boxed.

    I don't mind that, but for some reason, I can't seem to open spoilers anymore, do you have any idea why?

  10. I honestly don't really care about who the boss is, I just want him/her to be a very good character, I want to know his motives and his background, Johan Liebert and "Friend" are both very good examples of amazing villains, I hope the boss would be like that, though I doubt Gosho can write on that level, I hope he can make the boss interesting enough to be comparable to those 2.

  11. Hi no Tori

    ...or well I want to start it soon, maybe sometime today soon but... I'm kinda hesitant to. It looks right up my alley but at the same time it also sounds really heavy and idk if I want to risk having a tiny existential crisis at the moment. (on manga updates, the first category that comes up is "mass murder" and that's followed by "politics involving royalty" "politics involving religion" "planet earth" "reflection on human nature" "reflection on human existence" "redemption" and many, many more) oh and it's apparently really long too


    maybe it'll be like Oyasumi Punpun where I'll read it and thoroughly enjoy the experience but know that due to my naivety I'll need to read it again when I'm older to fully appreciate it


    I want to start it too! After I finish Vagabond and Lone Wolf And Cub.

  12. Okay, since there is no thread on this masterpiece manga(which is really surprising) I decided to actually start one myself, this is about the Berserk manga, if you've watched the anime or the movies and are not caught up to the manga then this isn't the place for you, I'll start with the latest chapter to start a discussion, feel free to discuss anything, whether it's this chapter or theories on future events. 


    Chapter 338: So we're still not going to see Guts get off that boat anytime soon, it appears the Locus is really angry over what happened last

    chapter, but what is worrying me is Griffith, the way they didn't show his eyes clearly shows that he is not in a normal mood. Apparently, Falconia is more advanced than other cities, that goes to show that whoever lived in this city before were also very advanced for their time, Rickert tells Luca and the other girls that he slapped Griffith, which I was surprised at since that isn't something you just tell anyone. Rickert finally realizes that no matter what he chose he would've regretted it in the end, which is good for his character development, later on we see Raksas trying to kill Rickert by someone's order, and you might find it weird, but I think it's Griffith, not Locus, the reason why is because I just don't see Raksas following another person's order except for Griffith, he wants to kill Griffith one day, so why would it matter to him if Griffith was slapped? Unless it was Griffith himself that ordered him to kill Rickert, but anyway Silat comes and saves the day, but he clearly has his own motive for doing this, he wants to know more about Griffith, and the only one that can tell him is Rickert, we're going to see a battle next chapter, but I doubt any of them will die, Raksas is still very mysterious and we need to know more about him, and Silat still has a role to do in this manga or else it would've been useless to let him live and try to find out more about Griffith. 

  13. lets see


    Ai to share more info

    Kogoro to be a bit more curious, smarter, imaginative

    Make jirokichis duels with Kid go away since its always kid vs conan...and they turn out better then what we have

    Stop doing cases with animals, especially with cats

    More BO related things

    Couldn't have said it any better.

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