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  1. I cried during Akai's supposed death, the desperate revival ark, Haibara discussing her sister's death.... pretty much the common ones... but I'm surprised no one's mentioned 667, the Wedding Eve episode. The ending was just so tragic and it was probably the first time ever (that I remember, anyway) where the victim actually DID commit suicide rather than being murdered. The fact that it was the day before their wedding and that she killed herself because she found out they were siblings separated at birth.. It was truly very upsetting.

    There was another case where the victim really committed suicide, but I can't remember what it was, though it was in the 500s/600s, there is also the second case that happens after Shinichi is shrunk, and there are probably others.

  2. True. Besides knowing that Kir is CIA and Rei/Tooru is Bourbon, she's been kept out of the loop on things by Shinichi/Conan. Does she know that Rei/Tooru is PSB/PSIA? You'd think Shinichi/Conan would tell her that. 

    I really want to know how will Gosho make the scene in which Haibara finds that out.

  3. I dropped it since episode 5 until they got to episode 10, I just watched them all, and I think I'm dropping it off for good, I'm going to read the manga only, the anime is just horrible, the animation is mediocre at best, the ost is bad, the pacing is so slow it's not even funny, it's boring and there are some unnecessary things. 

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  4. The more he's hinted to be the middle bro, the more he's unlikely to be it.

    I just want to say that it's not always the case, Gosho always gives a lot of hints about his mysteries, like for example, that Scar Akai is not the real Akai but Bourbon, and that he is Amuro, the fact that Okiya is Akai, all of them were hinted at greatly to the point where it was obvious, if Gosho intended for Shuukichi to even be a RUM suspect, I think he would've made him do suspicious things that at least make him a suspect.

  5. The Rum has already appeared is from an AC hint from September of 2014. It can always be a bit difficult to say he is serious, especially because the hint was followed by a "laugh". As Chekhov mentioned it could be a reference to the MyLumx34 articles, but that was around 8 years ago if I'm not mistaken. (Though I doubt that Gosho would make a dated AC hint based on something like that)


    But yes, if it is true, then any new characters, such as Kuroda are disqualified from being Rum. I wouldn't say that would be a good mindset to take though. Even if we ignore that hint, Kuroda is essentially dismissed as a Rum candidate at this point due to the information received in File 920/925, not to mention he was a fairly obvious Red Herring.


    If I had to pick any particular suspect that has already appeared it would be the old man from Camel's past. He's really the only character that comes to mind that is already introduced and could be a sensible Rum suspect.

    Many people are suspecting Rum to be old (Maybe close to Pisco's age). If he's close to the boss, and second in command, he could have been involved with the organization for quite some time. If I'm not mistaken, only one eye was shown in the anime/manga, so it's possible that the old man from Camel's past could have a prosthetic. He also reappeared in the Scarlet series, not that this really means anything...


    At this point, we simply need more information.


    Although, I think that man was a disguised Bourbon, it makes sense because he was the one who wanted to prove that Akai was FBI, and the cloths that the old man was wearing are similar to the cloths Bourbon was wearing as Scar Akai, but it is possible he was RUM.

  6. Hello, it's been a while.

    I don't know if this question has been asked before or that it looks ridiculous but how come that Masumi Sera's surname is different from that of her brother? Should it not be Masumi Akai?

    As she said herself, things happened, like her father's death, so it probably is related to that, the middle brother and her changed their names from the father's name to the mother's name.

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  7. I'm not so sure that "the wizard/magician" is Shinichi/Conan. Isn't he the one who always says things about magic not existing, and exposing the secrets behind magic tricks? Is there some meaning about them naming Shinichi/Conan "the wizard/magician?"

    Well, I suppose it has to do with whatever case was solved when they first met, remember Ran had a flashback of a young Sera saying "You're a wizard!" and Sera looked at Conan every time she mentioned the world wizard, Sonoko said that Sera was like a magician because of how she solved the case, so it might be the same for Shinichi.

  8. I kind of wanted to revisit one of my sections of my currently oudated theory about the middle brother, now assuming that brother is Shuukichi and the Wizard is Shinichi. At the time, I already made the assumption that Masumi knows Conan's true identity, and thus can deduce Shinichi disappeared for some reason and Conan appeared in his place.

    Shuukichi knows Shinichi is Conan, but is keeping this a secret from Masumi

    This argument has two parts: 1) deducing the unseen contents of Sera's text and Shuukichi's return text main body, and 2) analyzing the exchange to prove Shuukichi may know Conan is Shinichi. It also assumes that Shuukichi knows the Wizard refers to Shinichi.

    The two unseen text parts were Masumi asking Shuukichi how he knew Conan and Shuukichi's reply that he met Conan at a case prior

    After the exchange in the bowling alley case (Masumi shows her brother Conan's picture thinking he will be surprised. Masumi is shocked when the brother replies back that "if it's him, then there's no problem".(861.4)), Sera texts something we didn't get to see to her brother. Shuukichi later sends a reply to Masumi that we also don't get to see, which makes Masumi react "Ah, I see. So that's how it is." In that same reply's PS, Shuukichi asks Masumi if she has met the Wizard.

    Masumi knows Conan didn't exist prior to Shinichi shrinking. That means that her brother must know Conan because either:

    1) he some experience with Conan as Conan or someone talked about Conan with him before

    2) he figured out Conan is Shinichi.

    Masumi doesn't yet know which of the two explanations are true for her brother.

    Given the previous exchange, the single, most logical followup question Sera could ask her brother is how he knows him. In fact, that's exactly what Masumi was thinking after she got his message (861p4). Masumi's thought reply "Ah, I see. So that's how it is."(861.15-16) to her brother's answer fits a conversation where Shuukichi explained something after being questioned. The reason why this part of the conversation was kept hidden from the reader is because it would spoil who the middle brother is because it would shortlist Shuukichi as a suspect who had met Conan during a case.

    Circling back to which of the two possible explanations above applies to Shuukichi, the one he must have claimed in the reply can only be the first; Shuukichi had a prior experience with Conan as Conan. Specifically Shuukichi said he had been with Conan when a murder case happened. This is the most likely response because it is truthful. The only reason for Shuukichi to use another explanation and lie is to avoid Masumi pressing Conan for details on the murder that could lead Masumi to his doorstep. I don't think that is reasonable because Shuukichi doesn't seem especially concerned about avoiding Masumi. He did due diligence in not telling her where he lives or that he is a professional Shogi player, but he isn't avoiding public appearances where she might recognize him.

    One thing Shuukichi's reply could definitely not be is something like, "I recognize Conan is Shinichi" or "I met him a long time ago". Sera's reaction to his reply was some surprise, but not a whole lot, as well as a little happy blushing. Overall, his answer satisfies her. If Shuukichi had tried to cover for himself with a vague half-truth like "I met Conan a long time ago", Masumi would catch the lie and not be satisfied with that answer because she knows that Shinichi only disappeared recently. If Shuukichi had come out with something like "I know Conan is Shinichi", that would have surprised Sera more than she was shown to be. Also, that would mean Sera would now know Conan is Shinichi and there would be no reason for Shuukichi to then ask if she had met the Wizard (Shinichi).


    Shuukichi may have brought up the Wizard as a test for Sera because he knew Conan is Shinichi

    After Sera texts her brother Conan's picture without telling him about her suspicions about Conan's true identity, Shuukichi then asks if she met the Wizard. It seems non-coincidental for Shuukichi to bring up the Wizard right after Sera reveals to him she met Conan. On top of his high deduction skills, Shuukichi has a special ability "the best memory in Japan" that would enable him to figure out Conan was Shinichi decisively. We know he has a memory for people because both Yumi and Masumi attempt to leverage his ability to remember details about suspects for a murder case.

    Masumi has neglected to tell her brother that she knows Conan is Shinichi, and until now she had withheld the identity of the detective she had been competing and collaborating with, so the brother is probably not aware that she knows Conan's secret identity. Thus, he may have asked her about the Wizard in order to probe if she knows Conan's identity without revealing that he himself already knows Conan is Shinichi.

    At this point, the main issue is when Shuukichi had the opportunity to meet Shinichi so he had a reference point when he met Conan.  The middle brother might have been present at the ocean meeting with Sera, Shinichi, and Ran since he knows about "The Wizard" in the first place. The decisive evidence would be Ran's feelings about him. So far Ran has felt Masumi and the unknown child are familiar, most likely in connection with the past waves event that has been foreshadowed. Ran and Shuukichi have not been in the same cases together so far.


    The other, less important problem is whether he understands the shrinking problem, after all it is more likely to think two children from the same parents with different ages look exactly alike than one is the same child shrunken. Shuukichi does have two potential sources of info to help him. One is Shuuichi, his brother who he may also advise on cases. (I feel this is unlikely because Shuuichi is very reticent regarding deductions.) The other and more likely possibility is that he is aware of "the unknown sister from outside the domain" who many presume to be shrunk by APTX or something else. They are avoiding each other because the child feels she is under threat and does not want to drag Shuukichi into danger.

    This is what I was saying for the past few months except it's more detailed, but as for the last line, I don't know, if she wouldn't want to drag Shuukichi into danger then why drag Masumi into danger? 

  9. There are also other hints, like the Shogi case's ending with both Akai and the MG being happy about his victory, also the fact that he was sure that Conan solved the case despite meeting him before, not even characters that have seen Conan solve many cases have confidence that Conan solved the case already, it was already hinted that he is the middle brother at that time. But lets say Gosho will find a way to explain all those things, that would be out of the blue with nothing hinting at it, it would be totally against Gosho's style, if Shuukichi was a red herring like the other ones that Gosho typically does, then there must be at least a few hints of the other possibilities, and I doubt Gosho thinks this mystery is important enough to introduce another character that shares the same characteristics and says the same quote as Shuukichi, that would drag out the already dragged out mystery very much. Right now to me it sounds like the red herring that Gosho is doing is making us believe that Shuukichi isn't the middle brother.

  10. But who's to say MG wasn't with Shukichi before File 856? You'd think, if she'd been with Masumi the whole time, she would've found out about Shinichi/Conan earlier and, thus, wanted to meet him, earlier. This could also explain why he wouldn't be surprised that Shinichi had de-aged.

    I agree, i'm saying that for now the only one confirmed to know about her condition is Masumi.

  11. I'd like something like...


    Epic fight between BO boss and Conan in Reichenbach Falls (Switzerland) (Where Holmes fought Moriarty)

    Both of them fall.

    They "die".

    Ran cries bcs she thinks Conan is dead.

    She returns to Japan.

    There she founds Shinichi (who was secretly helped to scape from Switzerland by the FBI, and "magically" became Shinichi), and right after Conan's "funeral", they kiss. And love forever <3

    I'm not too sure something like that will happen, Gosho did say that Ran will eventually find out Conan is Shinichi, and there has been a large amount of hints/build up to the final suspicion arc.

  12. Ah thanks for correcting me! I didn't know that one.


    For Uchiha Shadow:

    1) Yeah I think what you are saying is also possible. A problem with that is as you said, he would need to know that someone can de-age. Now I am pretty sure he knows someone can de-age because he is in constant contact with Sera and I am sure he knows about MG, however just because he knows someone can de-age doesn't mean he would assume Conan to be Shinichi as soon as he met him unless he knew of it beforehand. I agree he has a very good memory and it is possible, yet with Conan's glasses, and maybe even without them, he cannot say that for sure, unless he clearly remembered Ran as well.

    Now another thing is surely Sera hadn't discussed Conan with Shuukichi before they first met, because Sera was surprised when Shuukichi was not surprised about Conan. What bugs me is what was the message Shuukichi sent to Sera that we didn't get to see after he was asked how does he know of Conan. He might have simply said something like "I saw Conan solve a case and know that he is a great detective." or maybe "I know he is Shinichi." but Sera had a very convinced expression after reading the mail. If he mailed the first quote I said, that wouldn't be enough for Sera to be convinced, and if he said the latter, then Sera would have asked how. He clearly didn't say Shuuichi told him :P

    Finally, how did Sera know of Conan? This is probably the trickiest one. There might be multiple theories on this one but I don't know any of them. Sera apparently knew of Shinichi since the first time she met Conan, now Conan was evidently very intelligent and resembled Shinichi, but unless for some reason she knew beforehand that Shinichi had shrunk into an elementary schoolboy, I doubt just finding a random smart kid who looked like Shinichi 10 years ago would be enough to convince her that Conan is Shinichi. Now this is further proof that MG has been shrunk, because otherwise Sera would have not so easily believed Shinichi was shrunk, but I think the entire reason why Sera came to Japan was to meet Shinichi.

    Sorry for such a long post but another thing, I am sure there must have been theories about "The Wizard" but since I don't know what they are, I will state what I believe. I think "The Wizard" is actually Shinichi. I am still not sure but I think when Shuukichi asked Sera "So have you met the Wizard yet?" he was referring to Conan. I think some people believe that's not it, because if Conan is right in front of Sera why would he ask that? I believe he just wanted to confirm whether Sera knows Conan is Shinichi or not, after all, before answering Sera stared at Conan. For some reason, perhaps MG's spy info or something, Shuukichi and Sera both knew beforehand that Shinichi had shrunken. Thinking about that, Sera, along with MG who possibly had shrunken while in the US, decided to come  to Japan and meet the shrunken Shinichi to discuss about it. In that case, when Sera asked Shuukichi how does he know of Conan, he could have simply responded something like "I have already met him." and then asked Sera whether she has met "The Wizard" AKA Shinichi to confirm that she knows Conan is Shinichi. Everything would have been perfectly clarified if Ran and Sonoko didn't join Conan in the pool case! :D


    3)  Yeah I agree, Conan is not 100% sure. However, I believe he just wanted to confirm that when he was going to ask about it in the red woman case. I think almost everything about Akai family would be cleared in a next big case I am expecting. In the pool case Sera was going to talk about MG with Conan, but since she couldn't I think sooner or later she will. That would probably also be when Shuukichi would be officially revealed to be Akai family's middle brother. I also read that in an interview Gosho was asked if Sera would meet Akai any soon, and he said yes, so if things go well, everything regarding the Akai family could be clarified in just one case.

    Can I agree with you more? Lol, I think the exact same thing you said, I think that the message he sent to Sera was most likely the former, while it's not really convincing, I believe that because Sera's expression was very relieved, almost as if she didn't want him to say he knows he is Shinichi, because if he said he knew he is Shinichi, as you said, Sera would ask him another question, and she wouldn't bother answer whether or not she met the wizard, I personally think it is like this: Both Sera and Shuukichi know Conan is Shinichi, however, Sera doesn't know that Shuukichi knows, and Shuukichi either doesn't know that she knows as well, or suspects that she knows and wanted to confirm it when he asked her if she met the wizard, anyway, I think however, that the reason why MG and Sera came to Japan wasn't to talk to Conan, it was to talk to Haibara, think about it, the only one who knows how to make the antidote is Haibara, and that is why Sera was interested in meeting her before the Mystery Train case, however, after she met her, she didn't talk about her again at all, which I believe is because she realized that Haibara wouldn't talk by herself, because she finds Sera suspicious, so she probably wanted to talk to Conan first to make him understand the situation, and then that would make Haibara understand the situation. But I have no proof for that, it's just pure speculation. But it will all make sense if Sera is Haibara's cousin. I think that Sera might've heard about Conan when she arrived in Japan, he's known from the Kid cases, so she might've made the connection. But there are still a lot of things missing.

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  13. I believe MG was shrunk while living with Sera in the US, not too long ago. It wasn't right before the red woman case because of 3 things:

    1) I believe the reason Sera came to Japan was because MG shrunk, and had probably already shrunk before coming to Japan.

    2) If they(especially MG) are still hesitating to discuss things with Conan(even Sera ignores Conan when asked about MG, probably because MG said so), Sera wouldn't have discussed it right after MG shrunk.

    3) I also believe she must have had shrunk before Sera net Conan, otherwise she would have been surprised at Shinichi having shrunk.

    Yes i agree, especially about the the third point, for some reason, both Akai and Sera don't seem to be surprised that Conan is Shinichi and that Haibara is Shiho, and if you want to go even further, if Shuukichi knew that Conan was Shinichi then he also wasn't surprised at that, but for now at least it seems only Masumi knows about the mother's condition.


    If you mean Conan did not pay attention because he did not think about it too much, I think it is just because he didn't  think the middle brother's identity was to important, that might be why he just simply said to himself "The seem to be weirdly in sync". I don't think Conan is someone who lets even the smallest detail slip, like in the plane case when the culprit was going to use her right hand, talked about something random and used her left hand instead.

    I am pretty confident Gosho is NOT making fools of us and just intends on clarifying things about the middle brother, and as I stated above I believe he plans on making a separate case in which Conan would meet Shuukichi again, probably along with Sera. Of course I also believe when they do meet, it will be shown that Conan already knew he was the middle brother.


    So if we say Gosho is not playing around with us, in conclusion we have 3 plot developments:


    1) Shuukichi Haneda is the middle brother of the Akai family. Just on a side note, I wonder if he is aware that Akai is alive. When Holmes faked his death he let Mycroft know of it. I personally believe he knows Akai is alive because during the Sonoko's boyfriend case, when Sera mailed him Conan's picture he said something like he is not surprised because of something(not yet mentioned to us). I always believed it was Akai who told Shuukichi about Conan (I had always believed he was the middle brother since his debut) because how else did Shuukichi know a 1st grader could solve a murder case when he first met him? That's a totally different topic and I totally made it up though  ;)


    2) Mary (MERII in katakana) is probably Mg's name, making her likely to either be non-Japanese or have at least one non-Japanese parent, making us think MG is probably the Akai family's mother and Elena's sister. That means Akai and Akemi were cousins, nothing wrong with it cuz they didn't know of it anyway. Wait, does that prove even if hypothetically MG and Elena are siblings, Akai doesn't know of it? That's because being in the BO as Rye Akai must have know Akemi is Hell Angel's daughter, and it is unlikely he would want to have a romantic relationship with his cousin if he knew about it.


    3) Conan couldn't care less about Akai family's middle brother xD His reaction "They seem to be weirdly in sync" probably means that he didn't know that Shuukichi is the MB but he didn't really care about it. After all, Haneda is just a shogi player. He is extremely intelligent but has no involvement(probably) with any spy organizations like FBI or CIA. Therefore Akai never discussed with Conan about him, in fact not even about Sera. Just another obvious side note but Conan and Akai don't discuss anything about their private lives apparently. I mean Conan seemed rather surprised when in Yuusaku's cold case Okiya hinted he knows Conan is Shinichi, and even knowing that Okiya is Akai all along he didn't want Ran to talk about Shinichi. No idea why.

    1) There is also another possibility which is the one I believe, Shuukichi knows that Conan is Shinichi, after all he was confident enough in him to assume that he solved the case in his introduction case, since he has a very good memory, it's likely that he could remember Shinichi's young face, however, I think that would require him to know that it is possible for someone to de-age, or that he already knew beforehand that Conan is Shinichi, probably from Shuichi like you said, but then again Sera knew that Conan is Shinichi before meeting him and already knew that his name was Conan, so it's not far-fetched to assume Shuukichi knows because of a similar reason.


    2) I agree.


    3) I believe the reason why Conan doesn't care about the middle brother is because for him, it's someone who he is unlikely to meet, from our perspective we can suspect any character who is introduced, but from Conan's perspective he shouldn't suspect anyone. I also agree that Conan and Akai don't talk about their personal life, I don't even think Conan is 100% sure that Sera is Akai's sister, he always wanted to ask her that but was interrupted.

  15. Well, so it is widely believed that MG is the Akai family's mother. I don't know how Japanese people normally talk to their mothers but I think they often say oka-san or something like that, which Sera never uses. Let's say  she IS the mother and told Sera not to call her mother to be safe, even then I wonder they interact how a normal mother and daughter would. I am not questioning that theory, in fact even i believe MG is the mother because she is too intelligent for her age, also, Sera kind of asks for MG's "permission" to introduce her to Conan, so she is perhaps older than Sera in reality. Something I really don't get is how did she shrink. Most people in this poll believe that she consumed APTX 4869, but how? When Ai first came, she said everyone except Shinichi has been confirmed to have died after taking the poison. I also don't think Gin and the rest used it in her absence. Even if they did, why would they use it on her? Is she some sort of spy? She probably isn't a part of FBI, they have never mentioned her. Probably not even CIA. Would make sense however if she is from MI6 and her relationship with Elena might be probable. She is very likely a spy because she quite easily found out the bug Conan placed in their hotel room, and also an important one because the BO used APTX 4869 on her (that is however, only if they did use it). I kind of hope that she is not from MI6 because that would complicate the plot too much. I mean FBI and CIA are enough already. Gosho also said somewhere that Sera was not originally a part of his plan, so I wonder if any Akai except Shuuichi are at all a part of the BO plot.

    I personally think Gosho should move on to RUM. There has been nothing new for a long time, Bourbon's identity, Okiya's identity and Shuuichi's death, and also Akai's middle brother's identity were fairly predictable and also the plot developments are moving too slow. I really wish we at least get something more about RUM.

    Well, of course she wouldn't call her mom because that would pretty much confirm it, but the way they interact is hinting that at least she is older than Sera, as for how she consumed the APTX4869, that is still one thing we don't know, however, there are a few small hints that she is the sister of Elena Miyano, so that might be how she got it, it might not be from the BO, as for the MI6, I have a feeling Gosho wants to introduce them, why have Rei mention them if they weren't going to be part of the plot later on? And England is becoming more and more important, so I'm pretty sure this is what Gosho wants.

  16. Running with the theory that the unknown child is the mother, and that she is British and the sister of Elena Miyano, I bet the rich family friend who has been supporting Masumi Sera's hotel stays is James Black. James was originally from London before he moved to the Unites States. Also Elena, maybe Daddy Akai, and James Black have connections to the British MI6.

    This sums up what I'm thinking.

  17. Another poll not mentioned by Startold was done a few years ago asking the general japanese population which manga series they would most like to never see end. The results were then seperated by gender :


    Men :


    1.  KOCHI KAME 『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』 25.3%

    2.  ONE PIECE 『ONE PIECE』 20.2%

    3.  DETECTIVE CONAN 『名探偵コナン』 16.0%


    5.  HAJIME NO IPPO 『はじめの一歩』 5.1%


    Women :


    1.  DETECTIVE CONAN 『名探偵コナン』 22.5%

    2.  ONE PIECE 『ONE PIECE』 18.7%

    3.  KOCHI KAME  『こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所』 16.2%

    4.  NANA 『NANA』 10.7%

    5.  KIMI NI TODOKE 『君に届け』 9.1%


    Sadly the site that did the poll closed and changed interface (http://cobs.jp/enquete/realranking/2011/01/22_1.html). Maybe you can find it on the new website, not sure though.

    Off topic: What is Hunter x Hunter doing there? How could anyone not want it to end.

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