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  1. Very interesting, I had dreams like that before about other animes and even other subjects entirely, usually it happened to me when I put too much thought about that certain subject throughout the day, though unfortunately I forget what happened in them as soon as I wake up, but just like DCUniverse said you should keep it in mind.

  2. I read about this forum I have also so many questions.. by the way I am new here! nice to meet all of you!

    Detective Conan is one of my Most Favorite of all time!

    I like mysteries! I really like the story!

    Well, about the Black Org. that was not really the right thing to think that the bad guys

    will die. Just to capture them and get to the jail.

    About Vermouth may I ask if I am correct that Vermouth is Sharon Vineyard?



    The most I want to know is about the curiosity of Ran about Conan's true identity!

    Welcome to DCW, As for Vermouth, you are correct, she is Sharon Vineyard, she's also Chris Vineyard.

  3. The middle brother's sleeve from Page 16 of File 860 was recolored for the release of Volume 81:




    As you can see, it looks more like the sleeve of the shirt that Shuichi/Subaru was wearing during Silent Clash (File 700–File 704/Episode 578–Episode 581) than the sleeve of Shukichi's shogi outfit (File 899–File 902/Episode 785–Episode 786). Shuichi's/Subaru's shirt has a more visible texture, and is a lighter color—just like the middle brother's sleeve does.

    I don't really think that counts as an ultimate evidence, remember that Files 700-704 was released like 5 years ago? It might be because the quality of the art wasn't like it is today, or maybe Gosho didn't pay too much attention when drawing it, so I wouldn't use that as a main argument, we need something that completely doesn't make sense if Shuukichi is the one talking to her, the better argument for me would be that the one talking to Masumi isn't telling her his location, while Shuukichi is doing something important(from his perspective at least) it wouldn't really make sense for him to not tell her that, unless he's just that type of person, if it was Akai then it would make more sense, since it's not safe for her to know that he is Subaru right now. 

  4. After Mystery Train, since she was targeted by Vermouth and Rei/Tooru/Bourbon, he must've decided to contact her.


    Him doing this is very similar to Shinichi/Conan not telling Ran who he is. Both Shinichi/Conan and Shuichi/Subaru believe that Ran and Masumi should be contacted, on occasion, but they can't know about their specific situation.

    Okay, I was just interested in how you would answer these questions, it certainly would make sense that Akai might want to contact her post-MT, since she would be extremely confused after seeing Scar Akai, and it certainly doesn't look like she's still confused about that, it would also provide a solution, while still simple, that is better than just Shuukichi being the middle brother and also the one talking to her, so for now I guess I'm jumping into this theory's side as well, we just have to wait for the final evidence right?

  5. Because Shuichi is supposed to be dead. This information leaking to the BO would be very bad—that goes without saying.

    What about Ran, Sonoko and Conan? They're not BO, well you could still say that they can accidentally leak the info to BO members around them, but wouldn't Akai just avoid all that by not telling her that he is alive?

  6. You should take a good look at the video and check vermouth out ...it's just a glimpse but pretty sure those are her eyes.

    Rum's identity is no where in the trailor but speculation will make an impact that RUM will be revealed in the MOVIE first..

    Again, no, the eyes appear, and then Vermouth appears, but the eyes are not Vermouth's, her eyes have no lines under them and they eyebrows are different, it looks completely different, also, there is no reason to just show her eyes anyway.

  7. She only knows he's alive—he wouldn't tell her where he was or what he was doing.


    Remember her line in File 859/Episode 744? "It seems that he's in the middle of an important job right now and won't even tell me where he is..."


    But that's the line about her middle brother, right? It is—she's pretending that her older brother, who's supposed to be dead, is her middle brother, Shukichi (Shuichi's/Subaru's and MG's reaction to Shukichi's victory in File 902/Episode 786 and Masumi's description of her middle brother in File 929 are the biggest signs of there being an actual middle brother, and that brother being Shukichi), who she doesn't have to make up; she doesn't create her middle brother ex nihilo—he already exists. She tells the truth about his physical appearance, but makes it seem that he's the one off doing something important, and advises her in cases over the phone. Add to this the additional fact we just learned in File 938.


    Shuichi is the one who inspired Masumi to become a detective, not Shukichi.


    Does she really know about Shukichi's whereabouts or what he's doing? Her reaction to MG watching Shogi and her being creeped out by MG's reaction to it have people thinking she doesn't. However, we only see her go "Shogi?" upon seeing what MG is watching, and we only see her go "What's with that creepy reaction?" to MG's reaction. We don't know her subsequent thoughts—for the former, she could've thought about Shukichi in a subsequent thought bubble, and for the latter, it could be that she's just not used to MG being so jubilant that it's a really jarring moment for her. There's also the possibility that she doesn't know that Shukichi is not only a pro shogi player, but the pro shogi player.


    Right now, I stand by the theory that Shukichi is Masumi's and Shuichi's/Subaru's brother, but that Shuichi/Subaru is the one in contact with Shukichi, and Masumi is telling everyone that she's in contact with Shukichi. If Masumi made up a middle brother—if she and Shuichi were the sole siblings, if Shuichi/Subaru and MG are just fans of Shukichi's, and if Masumi's made-up description of her likewise made-up middle brother to Yumi just happened to be like Yumi's description of Shukichi—then Shukichi pretty much becomes the male equivalent of Naeko. I'll only approve of this turning out to be the case if Shukichi's going to play a role in the main plot, in spite of not being the middle brother.

    Everything you said makes sense, but why would Masumi lie to everyone and tell them that her middle brother is the one talking to her? If Akai was contacting her after Mystery Train then she wouldn't have told them that he was dead to begin with, instead of telling them that he's dead and that she's talking to her middle brother? Also, assuming it's Akai who's talking to her, does that mean he knows that Shinichi is the wizard? Since he asked her if she already met him. 

  8. Why? Gosho could've simply showed us it was Shukichi who was in contact with Masumi. Instead, he shows us a bunch of strong hints—you know, strong hints like the ones he showed us before... the ones that tried to make us think Jodie was Vermouth (270–428/227–344), Andre was a BO spy (599–603/497–500), or Subaru was Bourbon (638–821/510–702). Why not just show him putting Yumi on hold in File 929 and show him actually talking to Masumi? Instead, it just implies that Shukichi put Yumi on hold so he could talk to Masumi—what's the point of that if not to try to throw us off?


    Since Shuichi is supposed to be dead, and, thus, shouldn't be talking to Masumi at all, who better to pretend to be than their own brother, someone who could speak with Masumi, and, thus, no one would question it—plus, she could just rattle off things about Shukichi if she's asked about him. She's got no reason to tell Shinichi/Conan that she's really in contact with Shuichi—Shuichi hasn't told her where he is or what he's doing, which is why she doesn't know that he's working with Shinichi/Conan, leaving her no reason to tell him.

    Btw, do you think that Sera knows Akai is Subaru? Or do you just think that Sera knows Akai is alive but has no idea were or who he is now?

  9. Vermouth, Akai and the Unknown Child don't have matching eyelines either. I don't think any character in DC had two lines under their eyes so far.

    Yup, so:

    1. It's a new character that is just movie related.

    2. RUM has always appeared while in disguise.

    3. RUM is a new character and Gosho's comment was referring to something else.

  10. Is there any way Scotch could be Wataru Date? I mean of course that would be way too obvious then, but any solid proof to make it impossible? I forgot but could somebody please remind me when Date died? If he died over 4 years ago he would have an "alibi". :P

    Besides, if that is not the case I really don't understand what role Date plays in the plot, he clearly had very strong ties with Bourbon which would be unnecessary unless Gosho has something in mind. If he is indeed Scotch, his existence in the manga would make far more sense. Even if not Scotch, he might be related to him in some way. I think this is worth a thought.

    Date died 1 year ago, while Scotch had to die at least more than 2 years ago since that was when Akai was still in the BO.

  11. After reading the translations for page 8, it seems it might not be Amuro, cause Sera said she can more or less remember the face of her brother's friend, and she would probably be able to tell it's Amuro, but since Amuro knew it was a guy, and is even asking that question, I think it's probably Scotch, but I don't think he was Shuichi's friend so it's probably Shuukichi's friend.

  12. It really seems as if Gosho's going to pull a twist on this—Shukichi would seem to be the obvious choice of who's contacting Masumi over the phone, but it really could be Shuichi/Subaru.





    So you're saying Shuichi/Subaru has 3 phones?


    Shukichi's phone is seen from an angle where we can see the bottom and part of the sides, while the other three only show the top parts—unless we see the top of Shukichi's phone, I'm not convinced Shukichi's phone can't be the second one.

    I was going to say the same but I wanted to see what you would say first, we also only see the top of whoever is talking to Masumi's phone, so it isn't impossible for it to be the same phone. Subaru's 2 phones are different from the person who is talking to Masumi's phone, so Subaru needs to have a third phone which we haven't seen before if he is the one in contact with Masumi, which would be lame from Gosho.

  13.  Why is it that you're not convinced? All Gosho has shown and told us about who Masumi has been in contact with and what he's like looks like his way of a twist setup.

    I said that I'm not completely convinced, meaning that I still don't have 100% faith in it, I just see it as a possibility, and to me it's just as possible as Sera actually talking to Shuukichi, I still don't think Sera knows Akai is alive or that Akai would want to let her know.

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