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    Boss of The Black Organization?

    I've been thinking that as well, no matter how many times I read the first few volumes there is just nothing in there with even the slightest hint, so either Gosho changed who the boss is, or there was no boss to begin with.
  2. Uchiha Shadow

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    Since that's only in a detective show, Why would it have anything to do with the BO, not to mention that we need an artificial eye, not just a cut or a scar. It's weird how even though we have 4 characteristics of RUM that should be fairy obvious, we can't find him, I think it's time to check previous cases' suspects and see their personalities and background, although it would take a lot of time.
  3. Uchiha Shadow

    Unresolved plots in Detective Conan!

    I would really be pissed if Sakurako is RUM, whether it makes sense or not, I just don't like the idea. As a matter of fact, to me at least, it's highly unlikely for her to be RUM, she's too young, 23, and that is really her true age since 2 other characters know her form childhood, and I think RUM, the second in command in the Black Organization, should be old, I just don't see the boss trusting a new member younger than most other members with the second in command rank.
  4. Yup, the Arabic dub is really horrible, it changes a lot of things, and many of them are important plot clues, and there are many contradictions later in the story. I had to re-watch all the plot-related episodes to understand everything.
  5. Uchiha Shadow

    DC Question and Answer Thread

    Does anyone know the soundtrack that was at the end of both episode 771 and 779? The one that plays when Conan is staring at Amuro.
  6. Uchiha Shadow

    What Manga Are You Currently Reading?

    I'm currently reading Kingdom, I already made it past chapter 174, it's really awesome.
  7. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    That's why she should be the mother, the middle brother does not look like Akai and Sera since he looks like their father while the other 2 look like their mother.
  8. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    That theory is very unlikely, especially with the hints we have right now, if you want to know the most likely theory, read the previous posts on this page, but the main point is, Shuukichi Haneda(Yumi's ex-boyfriend) is the middle brother, and the unknown child is Sera's mother.
  9. Uchiha Shadow


    Both of them, I want a brand new style, I'm getting tired of just the same thing all over again: A more powerful evil guy, a new transformation, etc. Maybe if they continue with the whole multiple universes thing that might be interesting, and I hope the dragonballs get destroyed or something, I want at least 1 character to die for real, but from dbz, that's too much to ask for I guess.
  10. Uchiha Shadow


    Well, I don't know how to feel about the new series, it all depends on the first few episodes, if it continues to be just typical Dbz, I won't really be excited about it but I guess I'll just watch it, I really hope they will change the style a little bit, although I doubt it will happen.
  11. Uchiha Shadow

    MeiTanteixX's Gallery

    Awesome, I can't wait for part 2, this is the best fan made DC story I have seen.
  12. Uchiha Shadow

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    I honestly doubt it, his eye doesn't look artificial, since Gosho has his way of showing artificial eyes, and we know that he will be there in his daughter's wedding years after the series ends, I doubt he'd be released from prison after just a few years, the fact that Gosho told us that fact means that he never planned for Matsumoto to be a member of the organization.
  13. Uchiha Shadow

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    I know that already, I just think it's way too simple to assume that he is RUM because of that, Haibara being scared doesn't mean it's her BO sense, she might be scared because he looks scary and might be RUM, if it was her BO sense, she would tell Conan obviously and the whole thing will be clear and Conan will tell the FBI that Kuroda is probably RUM or something, besides Gosho said that RUM has appeared before, and that was before file 906, Kuroda appeared at file 913, unless Gosho is just trolling us with that statement or Kuroda appeared sometime before in disguise then Kuroda being RUM is not happening, besides it would be way too obvious and we know Gohso's style.
  14. Uchiha Shadow

    Is this girl of any relevance?

    I agree, it's one of my favorite endings.
  15. Uchiha Shadow

    Translating Interviews

    I don't know exactly but I believe it'd take about 12-15 years. Lol.
  16. Uchiha Shadow

    Kaito Kid Final Showdown with Black Organization?

    I just want to point out, I'm pretty sure that the special guest that Yukiko talked about was Subaru-san, since non of them knew who Kaito Kid was until Conan figured it out, anyway, I honestly don't think Kaito Kid is going to be involved with the BO, and I don't want it, and he himself doesn't want it as he stated in the mystery train case.
  17. Uchiha Shadow

    Translating Interviews

    Lol. I can imagine it going until vol. 145.
  18. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    Actually, I would say that you are correct about everything.
  19. Uchiha Shadow

    Translating Interviews

    Yay, we'll get a full Akai flashback(hopefully), I actually expected that we'll get to know how he joined the FBI, I'm hyped now.
  20. Uchiha Shadow

    Sherry's Soliloquy

    It was the Mystery Girl thread as I remember, that's why I was surprised when I read it since it was about RUM.
  21. Uchiha Shadow

    Sherry's Soliloquy

    Actually when I first saw that I wanted to ask that but no one said anything about it so I didn't either lol.
  22. Uchiha Shadow

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    I wonder, do you think it's Kuroda? Or someone else?
  23. Uchiha Shadow

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    I don't think Kuroda is RUM for many reasons as I stated in my post, but not only that, according to Gosho, RUM has already appeared, and that was said before chapter 906, which is before Kuroda's introduction, that still doesn't 100% denies him of being RUM though, I also don't think it's Heizo is RUM, because the characteristics of RUM don't appear, he is also too young to be the 2nd in command in my opinion, and he also opens his eye sometimes, so the argument is not really strong, as for Haibara hiding behind Conan, I refuse to believe that it is her BO sense until she says that she feels it from him. And yeah, having a lot of non-loyal members/rats in the BO makes it seem less dangerous.
  24. Uchiha Shadow

    Mary Discussion Thread

    I just want to point out some few things: It's highly unlikely if not impossible that Ran and Shinichi met Akai and Sera in NY, Sera said that they moved to America only 3 years ago, Ran had a flashback of a very young Sera, that means they met around 10 years ago, so they had to have met in Japan, I also doubt Akai was with her, since he didn't recognize Ran and neither Ran nor Shinichi recognized him when they each saw him for the first time, I would assume the middle brother(Shuukichi) and the mother(unknown child) were with Sera instead, also, Akai's age is still unknown, 27 is the age he was using as Okiya. As for the Wizard, it's probably because of a case that young Shinichi solved or something like that, a case which was like magic.
  25. Uchiha Shadow

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    For me, I think it will be like this: RUM's identity will be discovered halfway through the arc, but he will still remain, just like with Bourbon, but at the end of the arc, he would be captured or something like that, either leading Conan and the FBI to get massive information about the BO or RUM will die without talking, Gin will probably become the 2nd in command in the BO after RUM.