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  1. Yes, although if Kuroda was to appear that won't happen, so it's either one of the 2.
  2. That would make sense, but I hope RUM also has another mission that is more important, because unless Akai's mother is extremely important and dangerous to the BO, it should be a mission for a normal agent, I also hope we'll get something on the drug and program development now that the 2 developing them are not in the BO.
  3. I hope it will be a sleeping Kogoro case, it's been a while.
  4. Nothing makes sense without him T_T. Seriously though, Kogoro was funnier when he had that voice.
  5. Funny how I actually thought about that the other day, it can easily explain everything, but there is really no proof right now.
  6. But, if the members actually saw RUM, they would still be able to know from his figure whether he is a big strong guy, an old man, or a feminine man, and even if he wears a bulky trench-coat, the difference between a strong guy(like Matsumoto and Kuroda) and a feminine man or an old man is bigger than to be hidden by just that, right? And I don't think it's really easy to disguise as an old man or a feminine man if he was a big strong guy, but if he was one of the other two, then it might be easier, anyway, so that again brings the question of why they aren't sure about RUM's characteristics but are sure about his artificial eye? I mean, sure, if he has a really weird and obvious artificial eye then they would have their attention focused only on it, but even then you can still tell a big strong guy from an old man or a feminine man right? And what if RUM doesn't even appear in front of the members? How did they even know about his artificial eye?
  7. Hello, welcome to Detective Conan World, and yes, Gosho did give us that hint, given the many other hints about it, it's most likely that them middle brother is in fact, Shuukichi Haneda.
  8. Yoko is not even near as smart as the boss should be, she contacted a Detective(Kogoro) just for a simple stalker case, if she was the boss, that wouldn't have bothered her, she also doesn't try to avoid Kogoro or other people in general, even introducing Rena to Kogoro, what's more, she's too young, and we know about her background and other people justify for it, thus her having aging issues like Vermouth is out of the question unless your suggesting the boss would go through a lot of trouble creating multiple identities with each having their own lives instead of just hiding and avoiding people as much as he can, finally, she was supposed to be Vermouth at the start of the series, but Gosho changed his mind. I doubt the boss is a character who appeared more than once since in a series this long, it would lead into many plot holes, thus I believe the boss appeared only once.
  9. Damn, Togashi is 11th, well it's to be expected since he takes too many hiatuses.
  10. Vegeta as badass as always, but I wonder why he was training in 150x normal gravity? In the android saga when he was much weaker he was training in 450x normal gravity, yet it seems he's struggling with just 150, it's either an error from the anime itself or Vegeta hasn't trained in a while and isn't used to it.
  11. I don't hate her, but it's so annoying how she doesn't tell anyone anything of the vast amount of information she has on the BO.
  12. Idk myself, if he meant that she can make good disguises for those close to her then it would make sense, but if he meant that she can make good disguises of those close to her, then I guess what he meant was that even though Haibara wasn't close to her, she still managed to make a good disguise.
  13. BERSERK IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Akazora


      @MK Not knowing what Berserk is? pls

      (nah, joking, if you're not into manga then you probably wouldn't have heard of it)

    2. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      I haven't heard of it.

      Alright I might have seen it mentioned somewhere, but I don't know what it is.

    3. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      @Aka-Not into Manga and Anime much :3

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  14. My favorite part of this episode was when they mentioned RUM, especially since they played that BO ost from movie 13, it's been a while since I heard it.
  15. Btw, it's not like I'm complaining or anything, but I wonder, why does the subbed version come out 10 days after the raw?
  16. My favorite episode right now is 782, and 425 is my second favorite.
  17. Well, first episode is out subbed, I liked the manga better, but it's ok for a start.
  18. 1) Guts from Berserk. 2) Akai from Detective Conan. 3)Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho. 4) Vegeta from Dbz. 5) Ouki from Kingdom.
  19. Haibara and Akai, I'm pretty sure he has a sad story of how he became FBI, I think it might be related to his father's death.
  20. I believe that's supposed to be unknown child right?
  21. Yeah, I mean Haibara was too scared to Sera so she probably thought she's going to misunderstand their intentions, so they want to talk to Conan first, well, the fact that Elena and Mrs. Akai are sisters makes sense for now, the only other mother that is related to the plot is Eisuke's mother, and not only is there barely any hint that suggests that, but I don't see how it would progress the current plot, while there are multiple hints about Elena being the other sister and it might actually explain the mystery behind the unknown child, maybe we will get something on the silver bullet and the Miyano family's back-story.
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