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  1. Honestly this is only speculation, it's not a fact, it might be the case, but it might also be that she just smiled because she thought his theory was silly.
  2. Well, like Heliotropic said, pretty much given all the hints that we got from before this file it was almost certain, but in this file we get too much confirmation that it wouldn't make any sense if there was another character who fits all of Shuukichi's characteristics and also says the same exact phrase as him, introducing a character that is like that out of the blue would be bad, just bad, also that would make a plot hole, how in the world did Shuukichi know for certain that Shinichi already solved the case in his debut? The only explanation that make sense is that he knows that Conan is Shinichi, and has seen him work before or something, because even characters that regularly see Conan solve cases are still amazed at how smart he is and never gave the same reaction as Shuukichi.
  3. Man, you sure beat me to getting here, I was about to say the same exact thing.
  4. According to DCTP, it seems it's finally revealed, Shuukichi is the middle brother.
  5. Wait a minute, it seems like Conan makes a reference to MG? It doesn't seem like he's talking about her directly.
  6. I'm not sure about it but I heard that Gosho likes her voice actress so he keeps her in the story.
  7. I don't mind that, but for some reason, I can't seem to open spoilers anymore, do you have any idea why?
  8. Uchiha Shadow

    Anime Couple??

    Meruem and Komugi all the way.
  9. I honestly don't really care about who the boss is, I just want him/her to be a very good character, I want to know his motives and his background, Johan Liebert and "Friend" are both very good examples of amazing villains, I hope the boss would be like that, though I doubt Gosho can write on that level, I hope he can make the boss interesting enough to be comparable to those 2.
  10. I want to start it too! After I finish Vagabond and Lone Wolf And Cub.
  11. Okay, since there is no thread on this masterpiece manga(which is really surprising) I decided to actually start one myself, this is about the Berserk manga, if you've watched the anime or the movies and are not caught up to the manga then this isn't the place for you, I'll start with the latest chapter to start a discussion, feel free to discuss anything, whether it's this chapter or theories on future events.
  12. Seriously though, why does it seem like Gin has retired from the work?
  13. Couldn't have said it any better.
  14. I'm pretty sure it was already confirmed that he has no idea in the bar case, we saw what Kogoro was thinking, he has no reason to lie in his thoughts, so according to that, he has no idea.
  15. I agree with that, I don't exactly care about the whole love triangle thing, but Heiji always being his rival would be good, we barely get any cases in which they both compete, and it's always funny to see Heiji's arrogant altitude when he finds out something before Shinichi.
  16. I got INTP, it kinda matches though not 100%.
  17. I'm going on a Seinen rout, so far I've read Berserk, Kingdom, Monster, Vinland Saga, and I'm currently reading 20th Century Boys.
  18. Correct, but I just wanted to mention that Conan said that.
  19. Yeah I feel the same way but I still try to understand what they mean as much as I can, and yes it's good that they made it 2 episodes, that makes the pace much faster.
  20. I think your confusing 2 things: 1) Gosho said Kaito Kid won't be involved with the BO. 2) Conan said he won't involve Heji with the whole RUM thing.
  21. It's definitely good, and it reminds me of when I was watching Dbz a long time ago, I'm waiting for the episode when Beerus fights Goku, I wonder how they will do that in the series.
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