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  1. It might be through surviving BO victims, like Jodie.
  2. Unfortunately, in my country anime is regarded as 'cartoon' and thus is for kids, which is thanks to the dub which makes it childish, so I try to not let anyone know about what I like and stuff, but some of my friends know and they think it's cool.
  3. Honestly, at this rate, I won't be surprised if it goes for another 10-13 years, around chapter 1500, there are still many unresolved plots already, but I don't mind it, more DC means more enjoyment to me.
  4. Well, I'm not saying your theory is wrong, it's just something that Gosho wouldn't do, it's too complicated for Gosho's style, so it's much better to make theories with evidences or arguments to back it up, anything else that doesn't have an evidence to back it up are only assumptions that are not really needed. And I think your confusing Scotch and Date, Date is the one who's not related to the BO, Scotch was a member of the Secret Police who died around 2 years ago while infiltrating the BO. And even though Haibara looks like the unknown child, it's not that much, the eyes are completely different, and assuming Shukichi is the middle brother, Haibara also doesn't resemble the father, it's much safer to assume that Haibara is Masumi's cousin, which means Elena is Akai's mother's sister since Gosho said that there are 2 mothers who are sisters, he denied Yukiko of being one of them and told us that Masumi's mother is one of them, following the other hints it becomes clear.
  5. 1. Hunter X Hunter: Especially 1999 since I grew up with it. Has one of the best character developments I've ever seen in the Chimera Ant arc. 2. Detective Conan: I grew up with it as well, it also has good character development. 3. Yu Yu Hakusho: It's made by Togashi, the anime has amazing soundtrack. 4. Magi: Good story, has some funny scenes and it has good character interactions. 5. Dbz: First anime I ever watched, but aside from nostalgia, it's a decent anime.
  6. 1. Berserk: And I think there is no need to explain this one, because it is one of the best, if not the best manga ever, if you haven't read it, READ IT NOW, whatever your doing, just stop it and go read it, it's seriously a masterpiece imo. 2. Hunter X Hunter: It's Togashi, nuff said. It is my favorite anime, but the manga is not as good. 3. Detective Conan: Grew up with it, it also is very entertaining. It has Akai as well. 4. Monster: Great mystery, complicated plot and characters, would be number 3 if it wasn't for the ending. 5. Yu Yu Hakusho: Again, Togashi.
  7. My top 10 list: 1. Shuichi Akai: Do I even need to explain? The Black Impact episode explains it all. 2. Kogoro Mouri: He's incredibly funny, especially when his original voice actor was doing his voice. And when he's serious, he becomes the 2nd most badass character in the series. 3. Yusaku Kudo: Again, I don't think I need to explain, he's pretty much the smartest character in the series. 4. The Gosho boys: Not really in a particular order but you can say I prefer Shinichi and Hakuba over Heiji and Kaito. 5. Gin: Pretty much the most badass BO member. 6. Megure: He's also funny. 7. Chianti: I like her aggressive altitude. 8. Korn: He's weird but, I like the way he talks. 9. Masumi Sera: Her being Akai's sister is enough. 10. Shukichi Haneda: Since he's most likely the middle brother. Other honorable mentions: Unkown child, Bourbon, Vermouth and Yukiko.
  8. I think it is possible to know who the boss is at this point, I made my own theories about Anokata, you can check out the link I put in my signature.
  9. Actually, I have a good answer for your question, you see, the Detective Conan anime screwed up a lot, a lot of cases from Conan arc were moved to Haibara arc, since they're originally in the Conan arc, they couldn't add Haibara to them since that would creat plot-holes, at least that's what I think is the reason.
  10. Yeah, but I think his way of killing him wan't good enough, because he should've calculated that someone may take a picture at the time it happened, actually is it possible that Anokata did that on purpose? You know, just like they did with Akemi, but this time it succeeded, what I mean is that Anokata wanted to kill Pisco, and thus he gave him a mission he thought Pisco would fail in, and thus they would have an excuse to kill him, but then again, I don't think it's really likely since there isn't a reason to do that, in Akemi's case, they needed to have an excuse to kill her because Shiho is an important member and they didn't want her to escape the organization, in Pisco's case there isn't someone(we know of) that actually cares much about him to escape the organization, so I guess it's not really possible. Anyway we're getting off-topic.
  11. Yeah, about Pisco, I'm curious to know for how long he was in the organization, according to him, he was in there for a pretty long time, however I doubt he was in it since the start, because he simply sucks at the work and the boss had no problem killing him, an original member of the organization should be something like Gin, but much older of course.
  12. Unfortunately, many DC fans these days only depend on guesses and feelings(such as people who say Kogoro, Eri, Megure or any other character is the boss), without looking at the facts and thinking about it logically, well, I used to be like that before, but now I changed,
  13. The middle brother is Shukichi Haneda, and to me it's very obvious, the reason why is because: He doesn't look like Sera/Akai as he looks like their father, he is 28, the perfect age for the middle brother since his classmates from high-school are all 27-29, his skin color matches the skin color that the middle brother has, his name is very similar to Shuichi, in Japan they sometimes name children by similar names, he is very smart, smart enough for Sera to put him as smarter than Shuichi(yes, you might think that he isn't smarter than Akai, but the fact is, in the case he was introduced, he showed that he's even smarter than Conan/Shinichi, although in one case, Yusaku Kudo's cold case, Akai clearly outclassed Conan/Shinichi, but at the same time, Akai says that Conan is better than him at making plans, so that makes them equals to me, and for all we know Sera might've not seen the full extent of Akai's intelligence, and that was in the past anyway, people get smarter by time), he trusted Conan from the first case even though he never met him before(as Conan), the middle brother knows about Shinichi since the Wizard is most likely Shinichi, and the middle brother asked Sera about him, since Shukichi's memory is very good, he would remember child Shinichi's face and know that he is Conan, the middle brother also knew of Conan, that fits with Shukichi because he just met Conan a few cases before he messaged her about him, and finally when he won the Shogi tournament, Shuichi seemed happy as he smiled when he read the news, and the unknown child was also very happy in an unusual way after watching the match. While some people say that he can't be the middle brother because he is famous and Sera should know about his whereabouts, the thing is though, Yumi, of all people didn't know that he was a famous Shogi player, despite dating him, and the detective boys including Haibara didn't realize he was the Taiko Meijin until they looked carefully at the video, besides Sera probably isn't into Shogi so she probably doesn't know the Taiko Meijin(which is also why Yumi couldn't figure out that he's the Taiko Meijin).
  14. Ok, let's get started, so what your saying is that Sharon was the first Anokata, she had a daughter who is Chris and Chris is the mother of Akai, then something happened that shrank both of them or de-aged them, and you think that Sera and Shiho are siblings, and finally you think that Scotch is Sharon's husband and RUM is Chris' husband. Ok, no offence at all but, all of that is an assumption that has 0 evidences to back it up, if you want to make a theory, you must at least have something, a hint at least to back it up, but in this one, you don't. Now, let me try to convince you why it's not right: First of all let's start at the whole Sharon being Anokata thing, you see there is no one called 'Sharon', Sharon is Vermouth, so your saying that Vermouth is Anokata, yet as we could clearly see, Vermouth received a message from Anokata, and you can't tell me that she was trying to deceive someone, the only person there was Conan and she thought he was unconscious, she said "Ok, boss" why would she say that when there is no one listening to her then? Exactly, Anokata is not Vermouth so he is not Sharon, and if your going to tell me that Sharon is not Vermouth and that Vermouth is Chris, then that ruins your other theory about Chris being the unknown child who is Akai, Sera and the middle brother's mother, because And don't even try to tell me Chris and Sharon are both different people than Vermouth, because that doesn't make any sense, Vermouth is Chris who was Sharon, that is the canon information. Now as for the unknown child being Chris who is the mother of the Akai siblings, that is wrong, Akai and Sera have the same eyes as their mother, who is most likely the unknown child, does Chris have the same eyes? No, we saw Chris' true appearance and she looked nothing like that, besides, the unknown child's hair is completely different from Chris. Now as for Shiho being Sera's sister, again you have no proof on it, Shiho's mother is Elena Miyano, that is the canon information, there is no reason why Elena would lie to Shiho, and there is also no reason for Chris, who your assuming is Shiho's real mother, to give her away, Elena would've said something to Shiho about it in the last tape, Elena thought she was old enough to know the truth about the drug, so why not the truth about her family? And now for the final thing, Scotch is Sharon's husband, you see, Scotch was just introduced, we don't even know anything about him, we don't even know his true age, what made you assume that? As for RUM being Chris' husband, as I said, the fact that Vermouth is Sharon who is also Chris, makes it impossible for Vermouth to have 2 husbands, besides, she would be cheating on them with Gin. Hope I cleared it up.
  15. That exactly is the question that I'm asking myself, if I could know the answer to that I might get one step closer to what I think is the goal of the BO. I also have another question, if Conan doesn't age anymore, and after 10 years he takes the antidote while he's still in a 7 year-old body, will he return to the 17 year-old body or change into a 27 year-old body?
  16. That is not really possible, it's clear that the girl looks like Masumi Sera and Akai Shuichi, thus it's safe to assume she is related to them, the fact that Shuichi and Masumi look like their mother rather than their father, makes it more clear that the girl is the shrunken mother, Chris Vineyard looks nothing like the girl, the same thing goes to Sharon, so it's not a very possible theory. Also sorry for the double post, I didn't know that I can't delete my post, I wanted to reply for this post but I forgot to edit the previous post.
  17. It's not necessary for her to be a victim or Aptx4869, it might've been an earlier version of it, besides, we don't even know when she shrunk, as for the thing about Vermouth, I highly doubt it, her aging issue shouldn't be explained by normal means, it probably has to do with the main goal of the BO.
  18. I'd choose Akai because he's badass, I'd not choose any other character because even though I like many other characters, I don't feel like living their lives, even for just 3 days.
  19. I actually completely disagree with Kuroda being RUM, these are my thoughts on the whole RUM thing: There are 3 suspects so far that have a chance of being RUM, they are: 1) Kansuke Yamato, although i doubt it since he doesn't have an artificial eye(though he may have been putting it in front of organization members), and since he is the first suspect I also doubt it,, besides, he saw Haibara, and unless 'RUM' doesn't know Shiho or knows her but is like vermouth and hides the fact that he knows she is Haibara from the organization(I doubt both cases) he should've already reported her a long time ago. Besides, he isn't that old, and the reason I think RUM is old is because I highly doubt someone who is young and thus hasn't been with the organization for long could make it to the second in command, unless he did something unbelievable, but I still highly doubt it. 2) Kiyonaga Matsumoto, although he injured his eye, and it might be artificial, i just can't see him being mistaken for feminine or old, however, it is also very likely that the characteristics of 'RUM' aren't what we think they are, but anyway he's 54 years old, I still think he's too young to be the 2nd in command. 3) Hyoue Kuroda who was just introduced in the latest chapter(913), he is 50 years old, his right eye is injured, and he is a well-built man, according to chapter 914, he was in a 10 year-long coma because of an accident and after it he looked like a completely different person. He is also clearly acting suspiciously, and he knows that Conan is the mastermind behind sleeping Kogoro. Some people say that Hyoue sounds like a female name, although even if that was true, one RUM's characteristics is a feminine man, not a woman, so I'm not so sure. The reason why most people think he is RUM is because his name is Kuroda, Kuro means black but to me, the more obvious it is, the less suspicious it is(we've already been trolled with Jodie and Okiya, not to mention the other characters in these arcs, and I honestly think it's way too early to decide who is RUM, I think the whole RUM arc might be as long as the Bourbon arc since it started in the same way, Kir warns the FBI about a new member, then about 20 chapters later someone with the characteristics of that member is introduced). 'RUM' might just be a new character we have never seen though. But I'm sure it's not Yamato, and it's also not Kuroda, and the obvious reason is because he reminds me of a certain character back in the Vermouth arc: Jodie, Jodie did a lot of suspicious things and seemed to know about how smart Conan is, so she was the most obvious choice for being Vermouth, however it was clearly not the case, so the same applies to this guy, he is not RUM(although to be fair, Kuroda looks way more evil than Jodie, you can tell by his eyes, but I think that RUM would still look more evil, since even Gin looks way more evil than Kuroda, anyway it's normal that he looks evil, since this is one of the suspect of being the 2nd in command we're talking about, he has to do things that are very suspicious, who knows, maybe he would know Conan is Shinichi, besides there are other things that make me doubt he is RUM such as his age, and the comma that he's been in, since it's hard to imagine the 2nd in command being in a 10-year long comma, since the BO would probably have some problems.), not to mention there is also something weird about him if he was RUM, he has a big burn mark that surrounds his artificial eye, which should be easily distinguishable, so it should've been one of the characteristics of RUM that were told of Haibara, it is also likely that members would also tell Haibara which eye is artificial, since it's clear from the burn mark. However, I'm pretty sure he is a plot-related character(and also, when I'm looking for a suspect of being a member of the BO, I try to see their actions and which ones are not explainable, and when it comes to Kuroda, his actions can be explained easily, it's simply that the Nagano police really know that Conan is the mastermind behind Sleeping Kogoro, so it's natural that he also knows, however, if a suspect of being RUM does something that can't be explained by normal ways, then he's most probable RUM), because so far, every single suspect of being a member of the BO who turned out not to be that member was later shown to be a plot related character, examples are: Jodie, Shuichi, James Black, Eisuke, Okiya(who is Shuichi) and Masumi, but the thing is, if he is plot-related, what would he be? Is he just someone from the police who is investigating about the BO? Or is he an MI6 agent who is working in the police while also investigating the BO? Anyway When it comes to RUM I still think that it can't be any of these 3, because in my opinion, RUM has to have been one of the original members of the BO, or the first member along side the boss and Vermouth, which is why he has to be at least 70, and non of these people are that old, besides, non of them really show the 3 characteristics of RUM, although for some reason, I think that RUM's characteristics are not what we think they are, maybe there is some sort of secret or trick behind them, like for example, it may be related to RUM's actions rather than appearance, like some members heard or saw RUM do something feminine, some others heard or saw him do something old people would do, and others heard or saw him do something only a strong man could do, or it might be related to the generations of the BO, like, the old members remember young RUM as a feminine man, the younger members remember him the middle aged RUM as a strong man, and the young members who joined not too long ago remember him as an old man, because unless RUM's characteristics are not physical, he can't be one of those 4, but anyway the reason I think RUM has to be one of the first members of the BO is because as I said in Yamato's case, I don't think any member can just become the 2nd in command unless they have been an original member, since I doubt the boss would trust anyone with that rank so it has to be someone old, so for now I'm voting for a new character. As for RUM's personality, I think it would be like Gin and the boss, it's like Gin as in he would probably be suspicious of anything, and would take care of it immediately, and it's like the boss as in he would be extremely cautious, I think that while the boss would give an important order, RUM is the one to do the action, like for example, I noticed something, the fact that every time someone says it's an order from 'Anokata' to justify there acts, the other members wouldn't even say a word, which makes me think that maybe if someone opposes the boss, they would be killed, although it might just be because of their loyalty, but let's just say that they would be killed, I think that RUM is the one to execute them. I also think that RUM is probably a type of person that will give you one chance, and if you disobey him once, you'll be killed, for example, in an alternative path, instead of Akemi meeting Gin, she met RUM, when she told Gin that the organization should release her sister and then she'll tell them the whereabouts of the money, Gin said that they won't and that it's her last chance, while I think that RUM would've killed her immediately. The most dangerous thing about RUM is that no one knows much about him, not even the organization members themselves since each one describes him differently, Haibara never even met him, the FBI and CIA never knew about him, which is weird considering he's the second in command. I think RUM will be the one to discover that Kir and possibly also Bourbon are traitors, which would mean they would be killed. But when it comes to RUM's objective, it's really hard to figure it out since this is the 2nd in command we're talking about, usually whenever a member is on the move, they are not even an executive member, but this time, it's the boss' right hand man, so what is his goal? well, after thinking about it, there can only be 3 objectives: 1) He is going after Kudo Shinichi, after all maybe the boss and Gin are starting to have doubts about Shinichi's death, so RUM's objective may be to gather information about it. 2) He is looking into the members of the organization to see if any one is an undercover spy for another group, and since RUM is probably the most loyal member, he can judge the others. 3) And this one is my favorite, he is looking for new members, and not just any new members, scientists and programmers, since when you think about it, it's unreasonable for the BO to stop their main goal, the only reason they weren't working on it is probably because the priority was Sherry's death, and now that she's dead to the BO, there is no way that the BO is just going to forget about the program and the drug, and since it is related to the BO's main goal, RUM is the most capable member of doing this objective. Although it could be all these 3 objectives together. And btw I'm new to this forum . Oh and as for RUM or Kuroda being Akai's father, it's doubtful, especially in Kuroda's case, but first, I'll talk about why RUM is not likely to be Akai's father, you see, Akai was infiltrating the organization for 3 years, if RUM is his father, then that means one of 2 things, the first of them is that he's also undercover, which no one wants, and the second one is that he's loyal and he just stayed silent about Akai being undercover, but you could say that he didn't know he was undercover or that he didn't even meet him, but anyway Akai's father is supposed to be dead and there is nothing to prove otherwise, his estimated time of death is probably 16-10 years ago, and it doesn't really make since if he faked it at that time, one would expect him to fake his death(if he did) when he joined the organization. As for Kuroda being his father, that is not possible, first of all the eye thing was only in one chapter and it didn't even resemble Akai's eyes much, then we all know that Akai and Sera got their eyes from their mother, not their father, so that pretty much cancels the whole thing, if anything Kuroda should look like Shukichi(since he's the middle brother) yet he doesn't.
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