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  1. I'm rather sad that Camel is still one piece despite almost drowned and burned. Killing a recurring character will bring suspense up, it's like they all have plot armors, the thrill is rather missing.


    He need to take disguise! Cutting hairs is not enough for a person who fake death. 


    RUM is changing his face and name did this mean disguise or did he actually take a plastic surgery? 

  2. On 12/12/2017 at 9:21 PM, Shreevatsa said:

    Akai x Shiho;)


    On 7/2/2018 at 5:49 PM, Shihocchi said:

    Just asking... what do you think of shiho rei? Rei did cling to Elena a lot and maybe he will come to like Ai very much. Plus she wouldn't need to explain anything to him cuz he would know and besides he is part of the Japanese Public Security bureau thus he can ensure her a pretty much normal life or a bit of excitement whenever she wishes...? Or would you rather put a death flag on him?


    Shiho x Rei is possible, but dubious due to the age gap is still quite big (11 years).


    Akai x Shiho is a big NO. He is a first cousin of her and her late sister boyfriend, older than her by 13-14 years. 


    I doubt that Shiho could date a civilian, she won't be able to disclose herself fully (her past especially).


    How about Saguru Hakuba?

  3. 16 hours ago, Aries Bless said:

    Judging on that Masumi appears to be the same age in her memories as she is now, I think that Mary hasn't been shrunk in more than a year. I think Mary shrunked to a middle school age is because she is in reality much older than Shinichi and Shiho who are both at high school age, and therefore both shrunk to elementary school age. It seems that the organization lured Mary out with a message forged to be from her husband, and once she arrived, they grabbed her and poisoned her. But if Mary is Haibara's aunt, could the thing that makes them shrink by the poison instead of dying be genetic?


    12 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


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    Masumi would've been 9-12 years old, if that was the case—and she's clearly not that young in the flashback. Plus, she and Mary didn't leave Japan for England until Masumi was 14.


    So as Aries Bless suggested, she had to have been shrunk within the past year.



    Yup, I have just finished the chapter, seems like she was shrunk with Shiho's pill.


    Maybe Vermouth was involved with the bait and the forgery, since Akai dad went missing years ago? (I kinda forgot the plot about Papa Akai)


  4. On 12/22/2018 at 12:32 PM, DCUniverseAficionado said:

    Sincere apologies for the triple post, but...


    More spoiler pics are out for 1,025... and they're pretty big:



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    They reveal that Mary shrank in London. After she told Masumi she was going to meet with Tsutomu, she went to do that... and came back shrunk.

    And then... there's some thoughts from Shiho/Ai about the whole drug conundrum, where she claims that one of the drugs her parents made was the one that would go on to shrink her and Shinichi—so I presume this means that the de-aging part of the APTX that she made as Sherry came from their data that was left behind from that fire. We still need more pages—more context—here.



    So many unanswered questions...


    Mary was shrunk around 5-8 years ago, if her body was shrunk to 6-7 years old too. She is currently around middle school age?


    Were the Miyanos dead because of their link to Mary and Tsutomu? Or because they want to stop their research? Or it was actually a real accident?


    They accepted the sponsorship from Karasuma Group and close their clinic around 18-19 years ago, during Elena was 3 months with Shiho.


    The organization seemed to be spying on them around 20 years ago already? Why? Is it because of Vermouth?


    I do wonder how Vermouth is unable to age though. Side effect of the drug because of her body is somewhat special?


  5. On 4/30/2018 at 4:39 AM, MeiTanteixX said:


    Akai vs Bourbon:



    Rei really screws up if he enters Shinichi house while he knows that Okiya stays there. Did Conan said something like Subaru is going away to lure him in?


    Since the showdown is in Shinichi house and due to the urgency, Okiya is not strong enough as house sitter. So vs Akai it is.




    why rei who is 4 years older than akemi was relatively at same height in the flashback? malnutrition?



  6. 8 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    I think Gosho's aware of the parallels to the Bourbon arc, here, so I don't think it'll end the same (The guy who wants to be Kogoro's apprentice is the titular BO character of the arc).


    As for the "Rum is 3 people" theory:

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    Here's a postcard from Gosho on that (February 2016):








    "RUM is 1 person (laugh)"


    So the twist will be if none of our three suspects (Hyoe, Rumi and Kanenori) turn out to be Rum.



    We are walking in circle if all of them are false

  7. On 20/09/2017 at 2:37 PM, DCUniverseAficionado said:


    You got that right. If she's Rum, then she's had so many opportunities to deal with Shiho/Ai—the fact that she hasn't taken any of them is a red flag.


    I'd say she's got a pretty good chance to be the first 3rd party infiltrator of the BO (as in, she infiltrated the BO, but she's not a government agent), but I'm not ruling out her being—at least—somewhat connected to a government agency, or someone who's part of one. Maybe she gained access to the list not because she's infiltrating the BO, but because someone else in a position to have access to the list passed it along to her. Save for Hyoe, none of the other plot characters introduced in the Bourbon arc or the Rum arc have met Rumi yet—in fact, neither Hyoe (except for his encounter with Rumi) nor Kanenori have met other plot characters introduced in the Bourbon arc or the Rum arc, either (though Kanenori meeting Rei/Toru has been hinted at (981–983)).


    Rumi is probably Asaka. All those scar, she is or was a bodyguard or government agent.


    I still don't think Kuroda or the sushi guy is RUM... Surely Gosho won't make this arc too similar to unveiling Bourbon arc? 3 RUM suspect (with one real one) in the same page, really?


    I wish to be surprised.


    All suspect are actually RUM will be a twist, surely.

  8. On Sunday, May 14, 2017 at 3:19 PM, AnimeOtakuDrew said:


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    I don't know. I'm hoping that Aoko will realize that Kaito has the same injury as Kaito Kid after the whole ordeal is done. It would be fascinating to see how she deals with the moral dilemma of whether to betray Kaito by revealing his secret or betray her father by not giving him the criminal he's been after for so long. But, I really believe that, if Kaito confided the whole story to her, she would have his back. As for Aoyama-sensei maintaining the status quo, there's another possibility that you seem to have overlooked. What if he turns this into a carbon copy of the way Ran continually suspects Conan is Shinichi but never can get the incontrovertible proof to make him admit it? That would actually piss me off even more than if he just somehow leaves Aoko completely in the dark. We already have that dynamic to the point of staleness in DC, and (to a degree) with Hakuba and Akako in MK. If Aoyama-sensei turns around and does it with Aoko as well, I might even stop reading Magic Kaito. Just once I want to see the payoff of one of Aoyama-sensei's leading men take his love interest as a confidant! It could only be good for the series! I'm truly hoping that he will give it a shot now in MK and then, once he sees the positive fan reaction, realize it is time for a similar change of dynamic in DC. Come on, sensei! Use Kaito to test the waters! You have the perfect chance right now! I promise the water is neither too hot nor too cold! It's just right!



    I doubt it he will do it before near end. Japanese culture I think, for men to be secretive and don't tell to their love interests.

    And MK will continue again next year. 


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