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  1. For all US citizens: What is your opinion of Donald Trump? How much do you know about him and his policies vs. how much does the media want you to know/tell you? Just a curious question, because it seems to me that everyone in Europe just swallows whatever the media throws in their face raw, without any sort critical thinking.

    1. Kurara-chan


      He is quite mad. either about his hairstyle or his plans. I'm not US citizen, btw.

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  2. Today a light fixture on an automatic timer malfuntioned and caught fire in my bedroom. I was home so I stopped it before it spread, but if you don't have a fire extinguisher, I suggest you get one.

  3. I may have torn my anterior talofibular ligament.

  4. My college is the only college in the world that doesnt provide Wifi or Christmas holidays.

    1. Kurara-chan


      a lot of college in my country only have 2 days off for christmas

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  5. That moment when I suddenly trip and try to walk away like nothing happened...

    1. Kurara-chan


      it's more awkward when u almost trip, u can stop it but people already watching.

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  6. Looking into some new animes to watch. Any recommendations?

  7. waiting for new conan chapter... ._.

    1. Kurara-chan


      i'm up to 908. kaito kid to newest chapter too.

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