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  1. Haibara has nothing/nobody to return to. Her old life lies with the BO, which will eventually disperse. She's already living a good life as a child. If I were her, I wouldn't necessarily want to entirely ditch all of that in order to pursue "reality".





    And she could stay with Agasa,be friend with Ran,Sonoko,talking with Shinichi and his family.Isn't it a happy ending for her?

    This means fully creating a new life for the second time. Even if they were to become friends, Haibara/Shiho will still remain a pretty unsociable person. Since she's already familiar with these people the only gain she'll get from changing back is that they won't see her as a child anymore.


    Haibara changing back is a completely plausible conclusion, however, I just happen to prefer the latter.

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  2. The whole world doesn't have to know the truth only to those important ones that greatly part of their life.


    Actually, the Detective Boy's image of Haibara and Conan would change immensely. Revealing their identities is basically a slap in the face stating that they've been lied to this entire time. 


    I highly doubt Conan will reveal his identity to them. Ayumi would fall apart knowing that the person she's been in love with actually doesn't exist.

    Haibara is also in a similar position with Mitsuhiko.




    Rather than shattering the Detective Boy's mindset entirely, Conan will probably "move" to America with his parents and Shinichi will use his bowtie to communicate with them on occasions. Haibara will most likely just grow up with them. This way, the Detective Boys wouldn't be disturbed by the fact that they've been hanging out with 16-17 years olds posing as children, lol.

  3. Though they claim that it probably won't affect most subbers, it's still alarming that they're suddenly taking such drastic measures.




    Sites like AU, Anilinkz, ACTV etc... as long as they arent hosting things themselves... there's no stopping it legally 

    Seeing that the government is ticked off at this "illegal uploading" stuff, what worries me most is that they will find a way to shut down those sites eventually.


    I hope they also realize that the reason some anime are so popular is because we have access to these sites. If it weren't for them, none of us would be willing to buy merchandise or even attempting to support the official releases. So in a way, they're also gaining money from allowing this. 




    But overall, I don't think much is going to change.

  4. I think it's already good if she's able to get over her traumatic experience with the BO. I actually wouldn't mind if she grew up as Haibara and never changed back.


    Even if she were to develop the permanent antidote (which she probably will), how would it help her if it means leaving her friends (the DB) and having to start a new life as someone no one knows?

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  5. I'd really prefer for her to die.

    Rather than have her die, I'd prefer to see more character development. Not that it's going to happen though, Ran has been the same person for the past 700+ episodes.


    Killing her off is going to turn the fanbase into an uproar. While it certainly is an interesting idea, Gosho has shown no pattern of killing off main characters and he isn't likely going to start. It's inevitable that Ran is going to live and end up with Shinichi, whether we want it to happen or not.

  6. I'll be honest, Ran doesn't really do much to progress the series. Her sole purpose is to provide Conan a reasonable motive to revert back (obviously there are other reasons but this is the one that seems the most prevalent).


    The only credible thing she has done for Conan is by using her karate to protect him. Otherwise, even though she is a main character in the series, she behaves like a typical support character.


    With that said, this doesn't mean I don't like her. She still has the features of a compassionate person, which is one of her main redeeming qualities. However, this trait tends to be emphasized way more than it needs to be, making her seem like a meaningless, needy person at times (ex. movie 17, movie 11, Lupin special, etc.). I highly dislike how Gosho abuses this characteristic of hers since it makes her look overrated and unnecessary for the progression of the plot.


    This is likely the main reason why many people tend to prefer Haibara's character over Ran's. Haibara bears a more complicated past and has to deal with the pressures that come from the Black Organization. It contrasts greatly with "happy-go-lucky" Ran, which we hardly feel sympathetic towards (other than during the ShinRan moments). Haibara is also the reason why there are ShinRan moments in the first place, so it ends up giving her a purpose. She's also crucial to making the permanent antidote, which is undoubtedly going to play a big role in the conclusion of the series. As for Ran, Ran might be kidnapped, but Conan will come save her, and she'll probably repay by kicking some criminal. There really isn't much else she can do--her options are extremely limited.


    I have pretty bittersweet feelings about Ran, but most of my dislike is pointed towards how Gosho portrays her in the series. She had so much potential, but it was all blown off in order to give her the role of the "damsel in distress". It's a shame, really.

  7. The sub I was least pleased with was movie 16. It wasn't anything earth-shattering (the essence of the movie was still kept intact for the most part), but the "blanks" left on certain scenes were fairly distracting and did, in fact, take away from my enjoyment of the movie.


    From what I know, DCTP did not translate all of the movies. Many of them were actually people who just decided to sub in their free-time, and for that reason, I try to refrain myself from complaining if the quality of the sub isn't as good (as long as it wasn't distracting), since any sub is better none at all.




    So im checking on Nyaa to see if someone has released anything about conan, and found some movies that are in HQ...which DCTP never released in.

    The quality of the movies partially depend on when they were made (ie. the graphics from movie 1 aren't going to be as good as the graphics from movie 17), but you probably already noticed that.


    It could also depend on the quality of the actual video from the site streaming the episode/movie (I don't use Nyaa so I wouldn't know). I would try giving you examples, but I think there's a rule here that prevents me from directly linking you to anime streaming sites.

    If I could it would look something like this: The videos from _____ are better in quality than the videos from _____.




    But yeah, the subbers do vary from movie to movie. However, most of the time, you'll be able to find a watermark in the corner of the intro somewhere that tells you who subbed the movie.

  8. This is because these companies like FUNimation and Viz fail to realize how utterly rotten their English dubs are. 



    First of all, Americanizing names isn't going to appeal to the viewers who have been watching the Japanese sub for their entire lives. If anything, they should have chose better names for the characters. Sorry, but "Jimmy" isn't going to cut it.


    Second of all, the pace at which they're dubbing these episodes is slow enough to discourage people from watching the dub. They aren't even trying anymore.


    Lastly, there's nothing that could have stopped them from subbing the show themselves. They've done it for loads of other shows, so why didn't they do it for DC? They could have earned more money, gained more viewers, and wouldn't have to worry about copyright issues since there wouldn't be any need for other subbers.


    But no. They basically screamed "YOLO" and prayed that they'll gain money from the dubs that barely anyone watches. DC has a huge fanbase, and the fact that they're still being huge nitpicks on copyright just shows how butthurt they are about the crappy dubs they tried to shove down our throats.


    lol yeah, sorry for the huge rant, but it's completely unfair how they let other anime/manga continue on with fan subs/translations, but welcome themselves to step all over DCTP.

  9. Also, come on, no homosexuals ever?

    There actually was (ep 507/508) lol



    I can see where you're coming from, and I agree that Conan is a more likable person than Shinichi (lol the irony)

    But the reason Conan acts so arrogant is because he has the mind of an adult, yet he is forced to act childlike in order to enforce his fake identity. Honestly, that sounds awful and you can tell that he's sick of it by episode 4. There's no way he can keep it up for over 700 episodes without letting some of his "inner Shinichi" out.


    I agree that he can be realistic in terms of his personality, but the amount of knowledge he has on such a wide variety of subjects is completely baffling. This teenager knows a thorough amount of chemistry, biology, physics, foreign language, and history, has the ability of a varsity soccer player (likely even better), is able to disable a bomb, can fly a plane (I was shaking my head at this one), and god knows what else. Even his personality flaws barely make up for his intelligence. There is no teenager on earth who can fit this description. Possibly an adult (still highly unlikely), but certainly not a teenager.




     Another issue I take is his inconsistency, on the one hand he is worrying about everyone and doesn't want them to be in danger, also doesn't really share his true feelings. On the other hand he follows his over-confident plans that can risk other people's lifes. Remember the time when he drives up to the cabin with Agasa? Or the whole Vermount-harbour thing?

    Conan has a strong sense of justice. He favors saving other peoples' lives over saving his identity. It's understandable, but I still dislike how he can be extremely reckless in these situations.




    I've also found a lot of things I can criticize about this show, but I've learned to roll with it. Since most of these crimes occur in Tokyo, by now, Tokyo would be close to be one of the most dangerous cities on earth if this show were to be completely realistic.


    I like the premise of the show as it is. It adds to the humor, suspense, and the enjoyment of the show. Every show has flaws, and I'm not gonna lie--DC has a lot. However, I still love the show. There has to be a reason why DC has a such big fanbase, right?

  10. The fact that Conan barely has any flaws makes him an extremely unrealistic person. That's pretty much the main thing I have against him.


    The only other pet peeve I have is the fact that he can also be careless in terms of his identity. There were countless amounts of times where he acted way out of line since he was assuming the role of an adult. I understand that it's hard for him to act as a child since he has an unbelievably high IQ and is much more mature than most people think he is, but it's almost as if he doesn't even care anymore, which has put him in unnecessary tight situations that he could have easily avoided.



    As I've progressed in the series, I've also noticed that people have been much more lax about his actions (especially in the movies). I'm still dumbfounded by the fact that police members listen and even act on his instructions while not even questioning that he's still in primary school. But at the same time, this is also the reason why this show makes me laugh sometimes. It's hilarious seeing a first grader outwitting these adults. It's practically gold.

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  11. I think that kaitou should dress up as Shinichi and be with ran while conan stays as a child and falls in love with ayumi and ai can be on her own because she doesn't seem to like anyone




    1). Kaitou is already with Aoko (I don't see the relationship between Kaitou and Ran--Kaitou is just a flirt in general, lol)

    2). There are so many things wrong with Conan and Ayumi being together. I don't even know where to start

    3). I think Conan would rather have Haibara as a friend. I like how they share a similar history, and that's why their relationship has developed so much, but Conan only sees Haibara as a "partner". It may not be the other way around, but there's no doubt that Gosho is going to pair Ran with Shinichi. I personally love Conan and Haibara the way they are. It's humorous and a nice contrast to Shinichi and Ran's relationship, which makes the show that much better




    Relative to the actual forum topic...


    I'll be honest, Ran is a bit overrated. Her karate (which is wayyy too OP) is just too unfitting for her personality. Why would someone with such a gentle personality choose karate as a hobby? I never understood that. Her karate is also surprisingly too convenient in most situations.


    She also happens to be the damsel in distress in the majority of the movies (which is fine, but it has gotten really repetitive). Don't even get me started on movie 17. The scene where she was drowning and trying to "reach out" to her Shinichi, I was face palming the entire time. It was completely over-exaggerated, cliché, unnecessary, and ended up getting on my nerves. The only other one that bothered me was movie 11, but I don't want to turn this into a rambling Ran rant since I actually like her attributes most of the time.


    Despite all of this, I'm still a ShinRan. Strange, isn't it?

    The power of childhood friendships, lol

  12. Welcome ^-^ I see you're participating in forum discussions already! I like your profile picture ^-^ 

    Let me share with you a few gifs~


    Ran's Karate


    Little ShinRan~


    A Little CoAi


    A Bit More CoAi~


    Time for Kiddo~


    Only the Saddest Moment in the History of Openings/Endings~


    Lupin the Third VS Conan~


    Haha. This is one of my Favourites~


    Baby SHIN-CHAN~ *faints*




    Nothing But Your Butt~










    My name? Conan Edogawa.


    Conan's KAWAII~




    More Heiji~


    The Cast in Kiddo Cosplay~


    Ahahaha, I love them :'D

    Oh, and thank you!


    I'm actually not quite sure.



    It's fine, I was just wondering :)

  13. Oh gosh, this one. The first time I watched it I really believed that Shinichi was going to confess at some point. Everything was so beautifully laid out until the drug stopped working. I wasn't too shocked since I partially expected it to happen, but wouldn't it have been nice if the drug lasted just a bit longer? The way Ran broke down, and Shinichi's face when Haibara came...Gosho was really pulling my leg there.

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  14. I think what's bothering me the most is the fact that the animators were too lazy to give the guy a neck. I remember watching this episode a while ago, but I don't remember the context of the picture. Was it a magic file?


    Yeah, the animations do "evolve" over time, sometimes for the worse.

    I actually don't mind the new animations or the old ones. I used to really dislike the old ones because of body proportion (aka the ears). It kinda grew on me after a while. The only thing I dislike about the new ones is that the features of characters are too defined. I personally think the animation was at its best around the 300s. I think it was at its worst around the 400-500 portion (probably because the colors had too much contrast, it really bothered me).

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  15. I've been using the wiki for months but didn't decide to make an account until now.

    I'm probably not going to be too active on here because I have to prepare for my SATs/ACTs and APs ;P


    I hope I can enjoy the rest of my summer while interacting with some of you guys on this forum :)

  16. ShinRan.

    I'm a sucker for childhood friends. If it weren't for that I'd be completely for ConAi.


    Honestly, it's the relationship Shinichi and Ran had during their childhood. It has been developed so thoroughly that if Gosho (for whatever unlikely reason) decided to end the series with Conan and Haibara, it'd be a kick in the gut for both Ran, Shinichi, and many of the DC viewers.


    Don't get me wrong, I can see why many support ConAi, and I'm not going to try to oppose their views, but the series just makes more sense if Shinichi and Ran end up together.

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