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  1. that wasn't a troll attempt it was just based on what I've read from user experience
  2. LOL, if anything, I was the one who was trolled I probably should've done more research on this myself ahahahaha, this is tinfoil hat worthy thanks for bringing this to my attention, btw I might consider the upgrade in a few months actually, a lot of people have been saying that Win 10 is loads faster than 7 or 8
  3. a pirated program is essentially anything you downloaded that didn't require a registration code/serial number ...unless the program didn't need one to begin with--like SketchUp or Malwarebytes (the basic versions, at least) programs like Photoshop and Sony Vegas require you to cough up money in order to obtain a registration code/serial number (which you use to "verify"/access the program) if you didn't obtain a registration code/serial number for these kinds of programs, they're pirated tl;dr pirated programs = illegally obtained programs it matters by updating to Windows 10, you sign an agreement stating that you'll allow it to scan and disable any illegally obtained programs you have on your PC in other words, if you don't want to risk any pirated programs getting disabled, you shouldn't update to Windows 10 but no one ever reads the licensing agreements, so everyone just blindly dives in thinking that Windows 10 is just going to give them a cleaner interface it's quite sneaky of Microsoft to slip that condition in there
  4. goddammit, Akazora I have a soft spot for piano OSTs now I feel inclined to dig through all of Deemo's OSTs instead of doing my schoolwork like I'm supposed to do I can sense what's left of my productivity gradually crumble away as I type this very post you sick bastard these kinds of instrumentals are like crack to my ears I think I just felt my heart swell after hearing the orchestral accompaniment the cello geezus the cello argh it's so good I freaking love piano and orchestral OSTs, you have no idea I hate you I hate you so much for spoiling my ears with this heavenly soundtrack Wings of Piano is what did it for me goddammit, Akazora y-you sick bastard<3 but in all seriousness, thank you for posting them
  5. I feel so betrayed they got my hopes up and everything but the thing is, just because the box art doesn't have the smash logo on it doesn't mean that SK is out of the question as a potential smash character for all we know, the current box art could just be a placeholder (not saying it's likely though) well, after thinking about it, I guess it would feel strange inviting an indie character into the game sounds like someone was starstruck, hehe I'm no expert on Windows 10, but if you have cherished pirated programs on your PC, I wouldn't recommend getting the update also, if you haven't updated yet, I suggest you backup everything on your hard drive if you updated your PC already, just disregard everything I typed in the case that you can't find your old files, everything should be under the "windows.old" folder worst comes to worst, you could always roll back to Windows 7 or 8 within 30 days -- OMM: schoolschoolschoolschoolschoolschool go away, senioritis it's not even September yet
  6. -- OMM: the salt is real idk why everyone's raging about Sakurai they're the ones who voted for Shovel Knight; it's not Sakurai's fault, lol OMM2: I got excited when I saw this on my fb feed I sent the link to my sister and a bunch of friends before I read the article because of how ecstatic I was and then I read the article ;(
  7. >fixed the typo in my previous post because it was really bothering me it's probably there just to stir up the fanbase. ...and I never mentioned anything about other speculations having more merit. it was a joke, lol
  8. There's really no way the animators could've known that beforehand. Gosho isn't showing any signs of stopping any time soon, and the whole halfway point spiel was so vague it couldn't possibly be an indication of when Gosho will finish writing the series. If Gosho specifically told the animators that episodes 489-504 would be the halfway point, he'd have to adjust how he releases the files based on the anime, which really limits how many files he can put out. It'd be completely backwards. The manga controls the anime output; not the other way around. "We're just passing the halfway point" could mean anything, really. Also, if Ikeda was actually referring to the series' halfway point, he'd be breaking the fourth wall. And if you think about it, DC is huge in Japan. Gosho is going to stop when he wants to. He's not going to run out of material since he can always recycle old cases. He's been doing this for nearly 20 years. DC is a cash cow. Why limit the amount of output based on one line in the anime? I'll give it a few years. But at the rate at which things are going, I'll die of old age before he finishes writing the series.
  9. It's always nice seeing another friendly face around here, so please don't hesitate to stop by once in a while to see how things are going Thank you for your contributions to the site, and best of luck to you in the future!
  10. tbh, no one in America is taking the election seriously, lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufGlBv8Z3NU I can't get over this. It's hilarious. ikr machine knows what's up -- OMM: I'm addicted to italian dressing I've been eating celery with it for breakfast lately I think I might have a problem
  11. I mean, DC is great and all, but I just want to finish it before I lose all of my interest, ya know...
  12. probably because every site ends up either filtered or blocked by the government, lol -- OMM: avocado will serve us well
  13. Kenzi

    Anime Couple??

    you might want to check out the visual novel then
  14. That was just Shinichi's way of confessing. It's a stereotype that women are fickle and have a difficult time directly admitting their feelings to someone. Additionally, Ran is a bit of a tsundere and will turn defensive whenever someone teases her. The last sentence of his quote addresses that. If you take apart Shinichi's quote piece by piece, you'll realize that this overly embellished statement of his is just his geeky way of admitting his feelings to her. Also, the "The heart of a woman whom one likes" makes it pretty clear that this is a confession. A bit underwhelming, I'll admit, but it's still a confession nonetheless. If you're still bothered by it, think of it as Gosho's way of slowing down plot progression. I don't remember Ran ever confessing to his face. She only unknowingly confessed to him when he was Conan (episode 2). Shinichi is pretty dense. You would've thought that he would at least know that Haibara also has feelings for him. He doesn't. You're better off looking somewhere else if you're only watching DC for the romantic subplot. DC isn't a love story, and to be frank, Gosho isn't exactly the best at writing one.
  15. https://www.reddit.com/r/OneTruthPrevails/ http://dreamskye7.tumblr.com/ http://dcrewatch.tumblr.com/ just to name a few if you visit the reddit page (first link), there will be a chart under the words "Important Links" located on the right side of the page. There, you will also find manga scanlations and episode and chapter archives might update list later if I can dig up a few more sites hope that helps a bit! EDIT: this might also help http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Detective_Conan_Wiki:Fan_Sites
  16. pshh, dear pittoo has had enough spotlight ...also, wtf, that's exactly where I got that picture from how did you even find it I don't even... BUT IT'S NOT EVEN CHRISTMAS YET lol we're four months early maybe we should coordinate our propic changes sometime #teamham hehe first semester's gonna be hell but at least I'll have second semester to look forward to and thanks! A for effort nah, I'm just pulling your leg reimu was actually my second choice
  17. geezus, thanks to marasy8 I can recognize Psycho Pass's EDs even though I haven't watched it yet and I'm more familiar with his covers than the actual songs themselves everything is backwards holy crap -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFWy27pBJAM my sister used to be obsessed with Jay Chou, and she frequently played this on her piano I recently stumbled across this (thanks to Kyle Landry), and I really need to find the time to watch the movie soon because the piano battles in there are freaking epic
  18. HOME STRETCH!! #teammarshmallow I still got a year :< lemme just ... crawl in my little corner and die jk, second semester iz gunna be bomb I hope you have fun though! -- OMM: it's a little bit quiet around here... too quiet... our lord and savior Assimofirst has stepped down from his position as overseer of DCW the end is near everybody run
  19. -create an ending in sight (c'mon Gosho, I'm not getting any younger) -legitimately kill off a main character for once -more Gin screen time -fire whoever's writing the Anime Original episodes, and burn the fillers to the ground while we're at it
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