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    Detective Conan's Demographic

    Haha, where are you getting all of this data from? ...though I also had a similar "estimation." I was hoping there were some hard statistics out there. I know Anime News Network has some based on airings of movies or specials but not the demographic as a whole. Either that or I haven't found it yet. ^ I found this quite interesting. 70% who watched the movie were female? I think that's pretty decent evidence confirming that the demographic of DC as a whole may not be as "typical" as previously thought.
  2. Kenzi

    Detective Conan's Demographic

    I see where you're coming from, but like I said before, I don't need to know the target audience--I prefer to know what the the results are (percentages to be exact). What percentage of the demographic is consisted of male/female? Age? Ethnicity? The author can control his target audience, but he doesn't have as much control over the outcome. He could intend for the show to appeal to 3 year-olds for all we care, but end up attracting people as old as 35. R-rated movies aren't necessarily intended for children either, but there's nothing stopping them from watching those films.
  3. Kenzi

    Will You Watch the Entire DC Anime Series Again?

    I've already watched most of the plot-relevant episodes so now my goal is to attempt to watch the rest of it. School has been taking a toll on me lately so I have my doubts on whether I'll be able to get through the rest of the series before I begin to lose interest. Most of the newer episodes also have ridiculously elaborate mysteries that take the fun out of the solving them (*cough*, vampire mansion, *cough*), which doesn't exactly help the process either. I plan to finish the series, though I don't think it's going to happen.
  4. Kenzi

    Detective Conan's Demographic

    Sorry for bring back such an old topic, but this question has been tugging at the back of my mind for a while. Does anyone know the demographics of DC? (age, gender, ethnicity, region/country, etc.) Not for specific movies or specials, but just in general. I have an idea of what the target audience is, but I want to know DC's actual demographic. I tried looking it up on both the wiki and on google, but the closest I got to was, "Even though Detective Conan is a Sh┼Źnen, its audience is composed of a substantial proportion of female viewers and readers. The series also seems to attract all ages."
  5. Likely not. Ran and Haibara's relationship is completely different from Ran and Conan's relationship. The reason why Ran suspected Conan in the first place was because she noticed the overabundance of characteristics that Conan and Shinichi shared (and coincidences; ex. Conan appeared on the same day Shinichi disappeared). Plus, Ran never got an opportunity to actually observe Haibara (either that or she just chose not to). I would think Ran simply dismisses Haibara as a "unique" child. ... Ran would also look insane if she suddenly started accusing this 7-year old of being someone else, lol
  6. Kenzi

    Suggestions (Wiki wish list)

    I was thinking of a special "search section" that compiles a list of episodes with certain characters in them (I am aware that there is an "appearances" section of the wiki) Ex. Maybe someone wants to find episodes that have both Vermouth and Yukiko in them. This person could enter those names into the search and these episodes would pop up: Episode 190: The Desperate Revival (The Third Choice) (Note: Disguised - Araide) Episode 191: The Desperate Revival (The Black Knight) (Note: Disguised - Araide) Episode 272: The Secret Rushed Omission Episode 341: The Secret Hidden in the Bathroom (Part 2) Episode 345: Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night (2.5 Hour Special) Episode 701: The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Departure) Episode 704: The Jet-Black Mystery Train (Destination) Episode 706: Bourbon Figures It Out I feel like this would be convenient especially if they might have to dig through a list of characters that have an extensive number of appearances (like someone who wants to find episodes with both Sonoko and Heji in them) or if someone needs to find episodes that contain more than two preferred characters (ex. someone wants to find episodes with Vermouth, Yukiko, and Shinichi in them) Creating a search like this would be time consuming, so obviously, please don't feel obligated to make this. Having this kind of search isn't a life or death situation but it would make searching for episodes a bit easier.
  7. but Toichi's death seemed pretty half-assed
  8. The raw episode is uploaded and it's currently being subbed by The Moonlighters so it should be out before long. I personally think the Conan vs. Kid aspect ruins the exclusivity that the original series possessed--especially since it already shows up in DC a fair amount of times. Yeah, I would have preferred if they stuck to the original plot line. This one just doesn't give off the same vibe.
  9. Well, it's official. I'm thoroughly disappointed towards the lack of effort put into the art. Aoko's nose and mouth at 1:10 in the intro killed it for me. They're probably going to include a similar introduction for Kaito Kid's "awakening," but diverge from the original series afterwards. I guess we'll find out once it's subbed, right?
  10. I liked how the beginning was almost a parallel to OP 48. What I didn't like was how lazy the animators have gotten lately--the ending was mainly comprised of zooming in and out of pictures and the random flashes of text was only utilized as a filler at best (which I also found somewhat irritating). The song wasn't too bad, but the excerpts of English didn't add much to it. I actually think they made the song worse. alsoooo... ^ LOL, this +1 for you EDIT: Added it to the list of "other" characters. It's meant to be a joke so feel free to delete it if it happens to bother anyone
  11. Kenzi

    Discussion Thread about Rum

    oh god forbid another "spy" we already have enough of those in the BO the theory matches up pretty nicely except one thing:
  12. Kenzi

    What was your first impression about Detective Conan?

    I can't remember too well since I first discovered the show as a child, but it was probably something along the lines of "holy crap this 7 year old genius can outwit these adults, wow!" But that was before I realized I should have watched the first episode after I dove into the series, lol
  13. Kenzi

    Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

    There were some pretty bad quality ones uploaded to YouTube, but I'd rather wait--it's all about the experience of the movie, haha
  14. Kenzi

    who's the most attractive guy in DC?

    ^ we need to start showing them some love
  15. Welp, the art changed a bit (I can't quite put my finger on it but I think the eyes are what's bothering me the most) and the 3D transitions were also a new addition. Even if a new studio is in charge, I would have preferred if they stuck to the original art/animation in order to keep consistency. I can't determine much from the 30 second clip, but I'm just hoping that they're not planning to reuse material from the old MK other than maybe from the first and second episodes. Or maybe I'm just being picky.
  16. Kenzi

    Worst motive(s) in Detective Conan

    I particularly dislike cases where the criminal involves innocent people in their scheme; pretty self-explanatory. Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon (ep 383) is a good example of this. The motive wasn't great and I hardly felt sympathy for the guy. It's actually laughable how elaborate and unnecessary his attempt was since it only ended up in failure.
  17. Kenzi

    Episodes that gave you chills

    Probably episodes that threaten the main characters in some way. Especially kidnappings that give off a much darker atmosphere.
  18. Kenzi

    Major Plot Hole in Detective Conan?

    They were just trying to see if the fingerprints on the cellphone matched Conan's, they weren't trying to identify who the fingerprints actually belonged to. Basically, Conan gave them his fingerprints and they compared it to the ones on the cellphone. Since they were indeed his, there was no further investigation needed. None of them were entirely concerned about his identity either since the murder case was much more significant at the time. I believe it is fairly difficult to pinpoint the person who the fingerprints belong to without some form of comparison--they would need a set of Conan's and Shinichi's fingerprints in order to confirm that Conan is Shinichi after all (which is how I speculate the Black Organization was able to find out).
  19. Kenzi

    Worst Anime you ever watched

    Lucky Star easily takes its place as the worst anime I've ever watched. I tried it out of curiosity and was lured by the promise of comedy since it's a slice-of-life anime. However, I couldn't even sit through ten minutes of the first episode. What I was thinking based on those 10 minutes: -pointless dialogue that drags on for half of the episode; they literally talked about their bread for the entire 10 minutes I was paying attention. Seriously? -awful character designs and animation, especially the color scheme (first anime that actually had art and colors that made me feel nauseous). No, it was not "cute" -surprisingly bland character personalities, which shouldn't have been a problem considering that it is a slice-of-life -the show also seems to be based around 17 year olds who not only look like they're 2 year olds, but also act like 2 year olds Of course these are only my first impressions--obviously the show may have gotten "improvement" as time went by. But even if it was only 10 minutes, those 10 minutes, by far, were the most wretched 10 minutes that I have ever witnessed in anime. Everything was carried out so poorly and it even looked like the show was created and voiced by 2 year olds. I was even able to further solidify my opinions by watching extra clips of the show from later episodes; needless to say, the show continued to disappoint. In other words, nothing is going to convince me to give Lucky Star a second chance--watching it was dreadful and an awful decision on my part.
  20. Kenzi

    Funniest pictures from the Anime

    I'm a little surprised that you guys forgot these: especially this classic face heh.
  21. I have almost no doubt that Conan is going to be out of character for at least 80% of the special, which is a new route for Gosho I guess.. Near the end where Haibara referred to him as "Conan-kun" instead of "Edogawa-kun" or "Kudo-kun" really caught me off guard, especially since the DB weren't displayed in the scene. I'm not sure how I feel about this. The trailer didn't do a very good job portraying what the special had to offer. Based on this, I don't think the special looks very promising, because I don't even have a vague idea of where this is going.
  22. Kenzi

    Detective Conan Sheet Music

    With some thorough searching you should be able to find most Detective Conan sheet music. -- Try interchanging the names of the songs, for instance. ex. instead of typing "Mune no Doki Doki sheet music", try typing "Detective Conan OP 1 sheet music" -or- instead of typing "Detective Conan Main Theme sheet music", try typing "Meitantei Conan Main Theme sheet music" -or- instead of using English, try using the actual Japanese name (Kanji) of the music etc. -- Since you're looking for beginner sheet music, finding a suitable one might be a little tedious since the search results often display a wide range of difficulty levels. It's up to you what you feel most comfortable with. But to start you off, try going to this website: http://ichigos.com/sheets/d Look under "Detective Conan" and you should be able to find a few songs you might want to play. *Keep in mind that the sheet music are made by fans. Some of the sheet music that I've encountered there are in the wrong key, so you might want to watch out for those *Not all of the songs are made for the piano. If you or your teacher is able to, try transposing them. But most of the time, it's written with at least one treble clef key so you will still be able to play with your right hand at the very least I come here often since they're very flexible with the level difficulty as well as the anime they list the sheet music under. So if you ever decide you want to play a theme from another anime, it's probably best to consult here first. Happy searching!
  23. Kenzi


    So you're a fan of Kaito Kid eh? He's also one of my favorite characters, heh.. I also used avoid watching/reading mysteries, but for very naive reasons. Needless to say, that mindset of mine changed immensely later on. I'm curious--how far have you gotten in the series? I sometimes dislike whenever there are cases that require prior knowledge on Japanese culture or language since it's more difficult for me to follow, so I'm glad those don't make up the majority of the series. But it's still kinda fun learning the mechanics of it though. I'm also fond of toying around with photoshop and various other image editors during my spare time. It seems like we have quite a bit in common, hmm.. I hope you enjoy your stay here! The DC community is probably one of my favorites out of all the fanbases I've been in so far. Oh you clever scoundrel.
  24. Kenzi

    Reason why u still read DC after so long?

    --I continue to watch it because it allows me to relive some of my childhood memories (especially some of the older episodes). Seriously, it's such a classic. --I also like how there aren't many cliffhangers between episodes (unless you want to include cases that are spread throughout multiple episodes). I like this characteristic since it doesn't make me feel compelled to mindlessly continue watching the show trying to find out what happens next. Even if I do have to quit watching in the middle of a case, it's not a life-threatening situation for me to want to know how they solve it, lol. Many people find this weird that I kinda enjoy the fact that the plot moves slowly (a little too slow for my taste), but it prevents me from being distracted from my schoolwork. Which is why I consider this my "leisure" anime (I would consider other anime such as Shingeki or Mirai Nikki to be "plot" anime, where I would have to watch it for hours on end before being satisfied). --And, like everyone else, I also watch it for the ending.
  25. Kenzi

    Hello DCWorld :D

    Haha, thanks! I'm really enjoying it so far