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    What did you do today?

    I average between 4-5 hours of sleep everyday. I used to think it was absolute torture, but after pulling my first all-nighter, it doesn't seem nearly as bad. I also had a strings rehearsal today (but we call them sectionals) starting at 6:30am, which I have to attend every other week. Currently, I have a bunch of calc homework sitting in front of me that I haven't finished yet, which I guess is something I didn't do today.
  2. I don't mind the status updates. It's a nice way to casually interact with people on the site. The Facebook and Twitter statuses are what's really bothering me. They have no relevance to DC nor do they spark any sort of conversation. At least statuses like "I hate Mondays" have potential to generate discussion. Plus, Facebook and Twitter statuses look like they're posted by bots.
  3. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    I think my friend had one of these! I probably would have loved to have one back then, but I didn't even know that they existed D: Seriously though, that sounds fantastic. I tried chaining, but the random encounters kept interrupting them even after using repels, so I gave up on it after a while. When I first got my Platinum game, I didn't even know that natures affected the Pokemon, much less IVs. It wasn't until I got HeartGold when I started hunting/breeding for Pokemon with good natures and IVs. It was too tedious, but they nerfed it in gen 5 so that made things a bit easier. Haha, and I thought I was lucky with the shinies! I don't think I'd have the patience to continuously soft-reset for shinies. I tried getting a shiny Tepig in my White 2 version at one point (shiny Emboar's coloration is glorious), but after reaching a few hundred attempts, I gave up on it and settled for a Lonely nature. The shiny Skorupi you found basically sums up why I'm also especially paranoid of double battle encounters and safari encounters--so I tend to avoid those areas most of time. Ahhh! The GTS was where I mainly found my shinies! I managed to grab two shiny Mew, shiny Shaymin, shiny Darkrai, shiny Kyogre, shiny Groudon, shiny Flygon, and probably a lot more that I can't remember. Most of them were probably hacked, but I never bothered to check. I also managed to complete the Dex using the GTS, so I guess it's pretty easy to determine where I spent most of my time in the aftergame, haha. The Battle Facilities in Platinum was also one of my favorite places to go to and I also spent a good chunk of my time there. Ohhh...I've heard of RNG abuse, but I never got around to learning its mechanics (it does sound pretty complicated). But nowadays when I play Pokemon, I usually play it for the plot line rather than for the IVs, natures, or EV training (though sometimes I find myself unconsciously forcing certain Pokemon members to battle only Pokemon that only give out specific EVs. I still cringe when I catch Pokemon like Scyther with a Modest nature). It's still fun to have a perfect selection of Pokemon, but it ends up being too time consuming for me to breed and train all of them. This is seriously so mind-blowing for me to find someone who shares such a similar history to me when it comes to Pokemon. I have no words O: Whaaaaatt. You have a Pikachu 3DS? D: aklfadklghgkjhsgkjsgl. dang, I am missing out. I only have a regular Wii and doubt that I'd find myself buying the WiiU since I'd only be using it for smash. Tell me how it goes! I'll probably be digging through Twitch streams after it comes out. Ohh, I see what you mean. The roster probably wouldn't look as impressive if it weren't for the clones. I guess it doesn't really make that big of a difference as long as there isn't an overabundance of them, haha.
  4. Kenzi

    Kenzi's Art Thread

    Haha, yea that was me, lol Thanks for the support you guys!
  5. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    I haven't gotten a new DS game in years mainly because I can always download them onto my laptop...though there's no feeling like sneaking into bed and playing DS games to your heart's content. I personally loved playing the hacks. It's amazing what people can come up with, especially since Pokemon games these days aren't as challenging anymore. My first shiny was a random Fearow. Catching it was probably one of the greatest feelings I've ever had during my childhood. My second shiny was a random Dugtrio and my last shiny was a Magikarp I was hunting for (it only took me a few hours). All of them were caught in my Platinum game, and I haven't found a shiny since then (unless you count things like the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage). The rest of the shinies I have were all traded from the GTS (I managed to find a shiny Deoxys there, lol). It's a shame that they cut off the DS wifi. Many of the hours I've clocked on the DS consisted of going on the DS wifi in the aftergames. Also, have you seen some of images of people's circle pads after playing smash? Holy geezus. I've heard a lot of people complain about Doctor Mario and Dark Pit since they are essentially exact clones of the originals. A lot of people consider these characters as lazy, so I feel like they would have better off programming those as a different "color scheme" of the originals--like how you can change Kirby's color to green. I was pretty surprised with how long it would take to implement Mewtwo into the game. It helped put into perspective how much time and effort they put into each character's design and properties. I'm still not a huge fan of clones like Doctor Mario, but after seeing the amount of work invested for each character, it doesn't seem as bad anymore.
  6. Kenzi

    DC Opening 39 -- "Dynamite" by Mai Kuraki

    Mai Kuraki's newer songs all sound the same to me--especially Muteki Na Heart and Dynamite.
  7. Kenzi

    Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

    Quite the opposite, actually--Sera's role was mainly for fan-service. The movie wouldn't have changed much even if she were to be completely left out. Sera's only purpose was to bait Akai's involvement. Note that after Akai visited her in the hospital, she had minimal influence in the movie. Remember that scene where Sera saved Conan from getting shot? Ran could have easily taken that role. "Ran becomes damsel in distress" could have been checked off of the producers checklist using that instead of the scene where she stupidly charged towards the man with the gun.
  8. Kenzi

    Favorite Episodes

    The Old Blue Castle Investigation Case (136-137). The DB weren't as annoying as they usually are, and it didn't contain the usual "Someone is killed, Kogoro gets put to sleep, Conan solves everything, everyone is happy, the end" (yawn). This case has all the essence of why I love this show in the first place. Even though Conan didn't get as much screen time (which is pretty rare), these episodes still contained more suspense than the average DC movie or episode in general. The ending was also troll--I almost felt bad for the culprit. Definitely one of my favorites. I also enjoyed arcs like the Desperate Revival, but those tend to be a fan favorites so I didn't feel the need to include them.
  9. Kenzi

    Detective Conan's Demographic

    Awesome! Thanks a bunches!
  10. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    Good luck with college apps! Ah yes, winter break--one of the best times of the year to catch up on everything. Ohh...I never thought of it through that perspective. If the game didn't appeal to me, I probably wouldn't have picked it up at all. Aaaahhh! Platinum was definitely one of my favorites (I had also been extraordinarily lucky in finding shinies in that game). I definitely clocked hundreds of hours there. I remember back in middle school where I would sneak my DS out at midnight just so I could play it. I also played quite a few Pokemon hacks a while ago to give myself more variety (Light Platinum being one of them). I played the gen 3 games multiple times! My sister's first Sapphire game was on one of those sketchy Chinese cartridges we got from China, so we lost our save file at the elite 4 and it no longer let us progress past the first gym when we started over. The second time was Sapphire again, but through an emulator my sister downloaded. The third time was Emerald, but through an emulator I downloaded myself. Now that I think about it, my first Pokemon game (that wasn't my sister's) was actually Shadows of Almia. I absolutely loved that game. I speculate my friend stole it from me during a party, which is why I tend to forget mentioning it at times. Right now, I'm just anxiously waiting for the remixes of route 113 and Deoxys. Oh, and route 111, because that's such a classic, heh. I could imagine! I just watched the reveal online, and even though I knew it was coming, I couldn't contain all the hype D: Even if Sakurai decided to bring back the IC in the new smash game, we'd still have to wait years before it comes out. It'll be worth it though! I'm also glad they didn't get rid of Ness, but I'm not sure why they decided to keep Doctor Mario. I remember there were Twitch streams everywhere! I watched a lot of them but I couldn't keep up and decided to drop them. I'll probably also pick them up again for the 8-player matches. I. must. see. the. new. stage. builder. Most of the final smashes are just for embellishment anyway. Still entertaining to watch, nonetheless. Mewtwo is probably going to get a Mega as its final smash. Lucario and Charizard's smashes were fun. I'm glad that they took the time to nerf the characters. Some of them were too op, haha
  11. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    It's not necessarily any financial issues, but the fact that I know I will be spending the rest of my life in there if I buy it--I don't think I'd be able to restrain myself. My grades would plummet for sure. I don't think the order in which you play the games really matter that much. The first Pokemon game that I owned was Platinum (technically could be Sapphire if you count mooching off of my sister's Gameboy). Afterwards, I kinda jumped between games (played a little of Firered and HeartGold, then got an emulator to play Emerald, then proceeded to play Black, then White 2). This was all in a span of many years so hopefully I don't sound too crazed, haha. But yeah, jumping between games didn't inhibit my experience that much. Is there a specific reason why you prefer going in chronological order? I found that a little interesting. Yeah, I was a little shocked to see that Sakurai was willing to work on Mewtwo even after the game was released. I love this guy. Haha, yeah! I read something similar on IGN earlier so I was a little disappointed that IC didn't return. I guess it might also be a little ridiculous for 16 of these little guys running in the WiiU. Actually, I think it'd be pretty entertaining to say the least. But I still don't think they'll bring the IC back because I highly doubt that Sakurai is willing to work around the 3DS's limitations. If anything, the IC might become exclusive to WiiU at best. I'm fairly certain that the IC won't come back for the 3DS. So lately, I've just been watching other people play these demos/games through YouTube while sitting enviously behind my computer screen. Also, I can't get over Megaman's final smash. asdfhjsdfjhldgfjkl
  12. Kenzi

    Real life cases that relate with Detective Conan

    but it's also not far from the latter Funny, I had a similar thought when I first encountered this show. so here's an image I found that basically sums up how I felt:
  13. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    ugh, times like this where I really wish I had a 3DS. so. much. hype. You're not going to play Alpha Sapphire for the nostalgia? D: Also, when smash first came out this year, I was really surprised that Mewtwo wasn't on the roster. I knew they couldn't leave him out :'D ice climbers aren't back though :c
  14. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    b-b-but ORAS is coming out in less than a month D: Last game I played: Pokemon Light Platinum Last game I played that wasn't Pokemon: Cave Story Games that I really want to play but will probably never get to: ORAS, Smash Bros 4, Chrono Trigger
  15. Kenzi

    Sherry's Soliloquy

    Yes.didn't you read Manga magic kaito? hmm...is the manga really that different from the anime? Well, regardless, I'm still hoping that Toichi's death was real despite him being one of the more interesting characters. If he did somehow make it out alive, it forces the series to lose merit--not that it had much to begin with. Then again, Gosho never really had the heart to kill off any of the main characters. That's a bit depressing.
  16. Kenzi

    Crunchyroll to simulcast DC

    Crunchyroll has uploaded episode 754 Quality only goes up to 480P for free users, but can go up to 1080P for premium users (which you can access through codes, free trials, or payment). If you have an account, occasionally, they'll email you codes that grant you 30 day day free trials so I highly recommend that you guys get an account if you haven't already since ads can also be a problem. They left honorifics in the sub but they left out the subs for the intro, which isn't too bad. I'm also pretty happy with the sub quality. If you live outside the US and Canada, you can use hola to watch it. (Not sure if I'm allowed to link it here so just type in "hola" into google and click on the first link; or go to the chrome web store if you're using chrome). Or if you'd rather not go through the trouble, animewaffles has the episode with subs directly ripped-off from Crunchyroll. The video quality isn't too bad either. Happy watching!
  17. Kenzi

    Movie 19: Sunflowers of Inferno

    Gogh's works are probably going to end up as mainly plot devices. Maybe they'll sprinkle in a bit of history at most. I'm only basing this off of patterns coming from the previous movies, so I could be completely off-mark. Though I still wouldn't get my hopes up. The golden years for Conan movies are long gone. It's a shame that they're just spoon-feeding us fan-service and going overboard with Conan's gadgetry these days.
  18. Kenzi

    Why do some people not like Ran?

    Sorry to bash on this, but I completely disagree. Being perfect is a flaw in itself. It's boring, predictable, and it gets old real fast. Not saying that Ran is perfect, because she does have a fair amount of flaws.
  19. I'm assuming you're referring to movie 19? Except that it's probably not a Kaitou Kid only movie.
  20. Kenzi


    If you're on a PC, click on your username on the top right corner of the page. My Settings > Notification Options (on the left of page) > Put a check mark on any of the preferred options Actually, you can also do the above on a phone but it's easier to do it on a PC. If you wanted to do this on a phone, you would have to scroll to the bottom of the forum page and click on "Full Version," then follow the above steps. Notifications will appear as a red box to the left of your username. This can also allow notifications to reach your email if you're feeling especially lazy. sooo... enjoy your time here, I guess...haha..
  21. Kenzi

    the school

    School can be stressful, but generally--if you challenge yourself--it's not boring. In fact, I used to love going to school. I loved learning under a peaceful environment where not everything was dependent on grades. However, once high school started, I suddenly became surrounded by people who were no longer driven by their passion for learning, but rather by their desire for prestige. Before long, I realized that I have converted into one of those people. I found myself taking as many AP classes and attempting at as many standardized tests as I could in order to compete with them. Needless to say, I've lost track of why I even enjoyed going to school in the first place. Life became extremely stressful extremely quickly, and I even pulled my first all-nighter not too long ago in an attempt to finish an essay and to study for an oncoming test. I no longer enjoyed learning--it became a chore and the amount of sleep-deprived days I suffered through became immeasurable. Despite all of this, I still do not find school boring. Education is a privilege, and although I frequently tend to take it for granted, the volume of knowledge I have gained throughout high school so far is one thing I still have not regretted working for.
  22. Kenzi

    Detective Conan's Demographic

    I was just hoping that someone around here came across some hard statistics at some point, haha. There's a good chance it could be in Japanese, which might contribute as to why I haven't found it yet. Yeah, I suppose it doesn't really matter in the long run, but I'm still a little surprised that the demographic for DC hasn't popped up on the internet yet for a series running this long.
  23. Kenzi

    Worst Movie

    Not sure where you're coming from, because the ending of movie 17 was one of the worst attempts at sentimental romance that I have ever witnessed. As much I support Shinichi and Ran's relationship, that scene was quite laughable, actually.
  24. Kenzi

    Detective Conan's Demographic

    I don't think using opinions of friends/acquaintances qualifies as fair evidence for an estimation of a demographic. Like I said before, it may seem obvious that the show is directed towards a certain audience, but that isn't exactly stopping others from watching it either. What you're basing your evidence on mainly includes predictions on target audience. The actual demographic can't be generalized through assumptions. Also, based on your previous speculations, Movie 12 should have had a somewhat equal split in male and female viewers. However, as stated before, the majority of the audience consisted of females. Although your earlier statistics seem reasonable, this is backed up by merely assumption and I still find it rather difficult to accept this as the general demographic.
  25. The change in hair color whenever he assumed the role of Kaitou Kid was a weird addition in my opinion. Is anyone else somewhat bothered by this?