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    Flaws, contradictions, and plotholes in Detective Conan

    It really bothers me how DC almost always takes the same route when solving cases. -Conan meets random person (people) that is (are) inevitably going to be associated with a case -Someone is killed/almost killed/kidnapped/etc. -Conan realizes that random person/one of the random people might be the culprit -Conan finds item that becomes a key to solving the case or he becomes inspired by it -Random person that Conan happened to meet turns out to be the culprit ...either that, or Conan finds a random item (that the culprit intended to get rid of) that leads him to the culprit. The outcome is still the same. If the case is not exactly in this format, I'm willing to bet that it's awfully close. Basically, what irritates me the most is that the majority of the cases that Conan solves these days are purely based on luck, and that he happens to find information that serve in his favor. What if he never ran into this random person/item that happened to be associated with this case? If instead, he blindly walked into a murder case located in a shopping mall with 100+ people without meeting anyone or finding anything beforehand, how would he solve the case? That's what I'd rather watch. I'm seriously sick of the "Conan happens to be at the right place at the right time" gimmick--which is okay once in a while, but after it's relied on for the vast majority of the series, a lot of people are going to get ticked off. The foundation of the show is no longer chiefly based on Conan's abilities as a detective, but rather on his improbable luck. The title "Detective Conan" ends up losing half of its meaning. Sure, he still utilizes his deductive skills for the case, but that's only after all of the information he needs is spoon-fed to him.
  2. Kenzi

    What Gets on Your Nerves?

    people who keep pestering others about their grades but don't fess up when they screw up on a test themselves.
  3. Kenzi

    Describe yourself in a sentence~

    geez, a lot of your posts are really depressing. lol, you ok?
  4. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    I feel like X/Y are definitely going to be drowned out in the ORAS hype. It's awesome that you're still sticking with it! The plant-like figure of Florges really gives the impression that it's Grass/Fairy. Spiritomb's rock is easily forgettable (or at least for me) so I don't mind the Ghost/Dark typing. Speaking of which, a lot of Pokemon have unfitting typings. Darkrai should be a Ghost/Dark and Gyarados should be a Dragon/Water. Charizard also should have also gotten a Dragon typing, but that was fixed with the introduction of Megas. I'm also a huge fan of Floette's Eternal Flower form--especially the shiny (the coloration works really well). I'm not sure how these people get early copies of the game, because others have also gotten it. Probably for promotional purposes? I always thought that the purpose of Megas was to boost them into higher tiers (or make them used more often). Mega Audino is something that I would probably never use, and Mega Altaria's main purpose is to win contests. They better end up creating a Mega Flygon and Milotic or there's going to be a lot of crazed fans. Geezus, the looks on their faces after realizing that Mega Flygon wasn't happening for ORAS. There are "leaked" images of Mega Flygon everywhere now. I've always wanted to do a solo run, but I'd also feel vulnerable since I'd only have one Pokemon in my party, haha. Also, did you see what IGN rated ORAS?
  5. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    Yeah! Trainer customization was a huge component that helped separate X/Y from the previous games. It's a shame they couldn't bring it back for ORAS. Funny thing is when I caught that Dugtrio, it wasn't as exciting as catching my shiny Fearow or Magikarp. It just happened to be there and I only caught it in a Timer Ball because I was too afraid that my level 80-something Staraptor would kill it if it attacked. The only thing that distinguishes shiny Dugtrio from a normal Dugtrio is its blue nose. I can't even take it seriously, lol. Florges always struck me as a Grass/Fairy rather than a pure Fairy--same with Xerneas. Florges' design is okay, but its figure looks too humanoid in my opinion. I also recently discovered that one of the Youtubers I follow uploaded gameplays of Omega Ruby already. This same person also got early access to the X/Y games last year, although I'm not sure why. I'm not complaining though, because I'm going to binge-watch the crap outta that once I'm finished typing this. so. much. hype. I'm also a little sad that Mega Flygon or Milotic didn't make their debut. I think Megas like Audino, Steelix, and Glalie were a bit excessive. Some of the others I could understand because of their roles as plot devices.
  6. Kenzi

    Quote Factory

    "If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”
  7. Kenzi

    Share A Fact About You

    I'm currently 4 days behind on my calc homework and I have a quiz on Friday. oops.
  8. Kenzi

    What Do You Like?

    I like not Mondays. Out of all the days of the week... Pre-Monday Monday Monday 2 Monday 3 Monday 4 Friday Saturday ...Mondays are the worst.
  9. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    various covers from marasy8 I swear, he has the hands of a god
  10. Kenzi

    What Do You Like?

    I don't use emoticons as often as some other people, but I feel that emoticons are a more convenient way to convey emotion. I'm not a fan of : D as so I don't use those very often. I prefer the typed emoticon over the image emoticon.
  11. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    I wish they implemented super training earlier--it probably would have helped me a lot in EV training. The concept of super training also feels dumbed down since all the Pokemon has to do is punch a bag (and suddenly their defenses rise, wow!). Still though, it's a lot more convenient than the usual way of cashing out on vitamins and battling the same Pokemon over and over again. It kinda bothers me how the Pokeball the Pokemon is caught in becomes a permanent home for the Pokemon--it's not swappable with another one just for the sake of aesthetics. It's times like this where I really regret catching that shiny Dugtrio in a Timer Ball. They introduced so many new storylines and legendary events in ORAS. But since I don't have a 3DS, I'm going on a binge-watching spree on Friday when the games come out--same with smash. Episode Delta also sounds awesome; they've never actually put Deoxys in a plot-related situation in the previous games. I'm still crossing my fingers for the new frontier. No one else replies actively to this thread anymore, so I don't think anyone will mind, lol.
  12. Kenzi


    Just found out that we're getting ~4 inches of snow overnight. Geezus, it isn't even December yet and it was around 60 degrees a week ago.
  13. Kenzi

    I wish...

    I wish my laptop wouldn't disconnect from the internet every five minutes.
  14. Kenzi

    What was your first impression about Detective Conan?

    Maybe something like: AMAZINGjdk';gjd'khjld;rkthlk]ghjvdfkvhjdfgkadl Enjoyed it, and still actively watch it Enjoyed it, but I don't watch it as actively anymore Enjoyed it, dropped it, but picked it back up again Enjoyed it, but I no longer like it It was meh Hated it, but now I enjoy it Hated it, but now I'm only watching for plot Hated it, and still hate it Hated it, but I hate it even more now Nothing could get me to watch more Anything else to add?
  15. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    Even with the nerfed Exp. Share, EV training doesn't seem to be a huge issue in X/Y since they decided to incorporate super training. Master Balls are a bit tacky in my opinion. It's probably my least favorite Pokeball in the series. You stopped using Master Balls because of shinies? I might be the opposite (but only in dire situations like poison, recoil moves, explosions, etc.). I'm still not comfortable using the Master Ball on legendaries. I'd much rather catch them in an Ultra Ball or Dusk Ball if Pokeballs fail to work, much to my dismay. Five tries to catch a Groudon in a Pokeball is actually impressive. I think I took at least eight tries catching Giratina, but that was also while using only Dusk Balls and Timer Balls. Pokemon from older generations tend to have lower catch rates, so I don't think I'd ever attempt to catch all of them in Pokeballs--no matter how OCD I am about it. I don't know why, but something about the Pokeball just screams "classic." I completely agree with you how the color schemes of the other Pokeballs seem mismatched or out of place. The only exception I would plant is catching Pokemon with corresponding Pokeball animation. So shinies can be caught in Heal Balls, water Pokemon can be caught in Dive Balls, ghost Pokemon can be caught in Dusk Balls, etc. I won't work with anything else. I also don't like the Net Ball or Timer Ball animation since it doesn't fit normal Pokeball criteria for animation (or at least in my opinion). I personally think that the Battle Frontier from Platinum/HGSS outdoes Gen III's. I love how lively the atmosphere is since it's almost theme park-like. I still hope they plan to bring back the Hoenn Frontier for ORAS because I'm really curious as to how they plan to renovate it. I never got a good opportunity to experience FRLG. I had a friend who lent me a copy of FireRed for a few days, but that was barely enough for me to explore the region. Pokemon Showdown can get dangerously addicting. I highly recommend it if you ever have free time. Also, much respect for your patience in the Battle Tower. bless.
  16. Kenzi

    Black Organization's true plan

    Ohh, I see what you mean by cloning now. But why do you think the Organization would want to utilize this method to "perfect" their members? If anything, I think this means that there's another underlying project that we probably haven't touched on yet. How would the Organization benefit from immortality? Is it so they can complete more scientific discoveries? If so, why? Why would all the members in the Organization take an interest in this? It's a bit concerning how little information Gosho has given us in terms of their purpose. Oh my gosh...I never thought of the apoptoxin that way O: I don't really mind Gosho tweaking science as long as it's still backed up by logic. The only thing that concerns me is how/why the project(s) motivates the Organization members, and how Gosho plans to illustrate it.
  17. Kenzi

    Black Organization's true plan

    There's a lot of ethical issues that come with cloning (not that the Organization would care). As far as I'm concerned, I don't think the purpose of the Black Organization is to create clones. In order to make an exact clone of someone/something, years of nurturing would have to be invested into said clone--which has to originate as an embryo (DC has a more realistic premise so 3D-printed clones isn't very likely). Even then, the mindset of the clone could vary much differently from the parent since the environment the clone is raised in likely won't mimic the exact circumstances that the parents originally developed in (almost like siblings who have completely dissimilar personalities). Looks won't matter if the clone acts contrastingly to the parent--especially since it's difficult to have full control on how a infant's brain develops. If Vermouth was a supposed candidate for this experiment, there would also be a significant age gap between her and her clone unless they happened to be raised/created at the same time (like twins). But if this was the case, the Organization should be more concerned with creating twins rather than clones. Then there would also be the issue of hiring surrogate mothers and dealing with the low success rate that goes along with cloning as well as a bunch of other factors that may result in some rage quitting. Plus, I don't think the Organization really has any use for cloning. (I think that may be what you're trying to address? Or am I completely off mark?) I think a drug used to elongate the telomeres is a very plausible purpose for the Organization, although I don't think they'll be utilizing it for the sake of cloning--but rather for extended lives (to help with the continuation of another ongoing project O:) or possibly immortalization. I can't remember if the shortening of telomeres is directly correlated to the aging process (in terms of appearance), but if it isn't, a drug used to elongate telomeres won't explain why Vermouth has been able to keep her youthful image for all these years. Then again, the Organization could also be thinking of creating a drug that prevents change in appearance (something that controls wrinkles and melanin levels, maybe). EDIT: Fixed a few typos
  18. Kenzi

    I wish...

    I wish not all teachers would conspire against us by putting all the tests and due dates on the same day.
  19. it's almost as if they're teasing us
  20. Kenzi


    Recently discovered that Naruto ended--which was a huge surprise for me since I don't follow the anime or the manga.
  21. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    When I had my first Oshawott in Black, I gave it a mixed set so I was unsure about what EVs to give. So I kinda just yolo'd it. I mainly EV train Pokemon that specialize in certain stats--so Toxicroak would get 252/252 in attack and speed, and Alakazam would get 252/252 in sp attack and speed. I leave alone other Pokemon that have potential to be mixed since I can never make up my mind what to train them in, lol. I've heard that the exp. share does make things harder in X/Y, but you could always box the Pokemon you don't want to EV train in a certain stat. It's kinda tedious though so if it were me, I'd probably give up on EV training during the plotline and then resume EV training during the aftergame. I'm not comfortable catching Pokemon in Master Balls. The only time I used one was to catch that roaming Mesprit in Platinum (which I regret now). Using a Master Ball seems kinda cheap and doesn't feel as rewarding as catching something in other Pokeballs. In my opinion, Pokemon caught in Master Balls give off this vibe as if they've been hacked. If I encountered a shiny Geodude or Voltorb, I'd be pretty torn about which Pokeball I should use. But in the end, catching it in a Master Ball is more worth it than letting the Pokemon explode. In my White 2 game, every single Pokemon I've caught have been caught in Pokeballs--including the legendaries. Lately, I've been getting somewhat OCD on what I catch my Pokemon in. It has to be caught in a classic Pokeball, unless it's a shiny (then it can be caught in a Heal Ball ;D). I've only won the Jubilife lottery once--but it can also be attributed to countless amount of times I've been on the GTS. The Battle Tower was seriously difficult. Most of the time, I would just head off to the other facilities since their premises' can be a lot more fun (and less rage-inducing) sometimes. Was your LeafGreen also "unofficial"? (for lack of a better word) I love using Pokemon Showdown! Although most of the time, I only participate in random battles since the teams in the OU/ORAS OU tiers become way too repetitive these days. The Battle Tower is so gosh darn difficult. I really admire your patience with it because I gave up on it ages ago. I also wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of the possibility of losing at streak 99. It's not worth it D:
  22. Kenzi

    What are your favorite Shinxran moments?

    Probably the scene in movie 2 where Ran was giving Conan mouth-to-mouth. I found it rather comedic as opposed to touching. It's solid proof that Conan's relationship with Ran has progressed farther than Shinichi's. Irony at its finest.
  23. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    I think I mentioned before that I got my Sapphire game in China. The memory of the game was erased for some odd reason after reaching the Elite 4 and it refuses to save now (it was probably pirated since it didn't come in its signature blue cartridge). The video and the description you included definitely cleared things up a bit! (the articles on sites like bulbapedia didn't explain much) Although I don't think I'll be able to utilize this method since my Sapphire game is practically useless at this point. Otherwise, I probably would have abused the crap outta this for competitive stuffs. Nowadays I just hop on Pokemon Showdown sparingly and battle for fun since setting up a competitive team on there takes literally a few minutes as opposed to days when done in-game. Ahhh! It's so thrilling being able to discuss these things with someone! :'D I also think whether we go onto the next page of the topic depends on the post number and not necessarily the length of the post--although it certainly feels like we should have been on the next page ages ago, haha.
  24. Kenzi

    What did you do today?

    All-nighters are life changers. It really puts into perspective how valuable sleep is (not recommending it though, lol) My orchestra is also fairly big since a full orchestra for us also includes band members, but our sectionals are tailored to each instrument. Violas would have theirs on Monday, Basses on Tuesday, etc. The following week would be sectionals for band members, and the week after would be for strings again. We also have multiple orchestras in school, but only our orchestra has sectionals since our music tend to be harder than the other orchestras'. It kinda sucks having to wake up early for sectionals, but if we didn't have them it would be a pain to figure out how to play stuff like Tchaikovsky, Shostakovitch, and especially Berlioz. Ahahahahaha! I also pulled my first all-nighter playing Pokemon! (except I think it was around 6th grade for me, while I was playing Platinum) Actually, I wouldn't call it a legitimate "all-nighter" since I forced myself to sleep after 6am that day so my parents wouldn't find out about it, lol. My first legitimate all-nighter was done while typing an essay. The night really drags on when the prompt deals with old American Literature.
  25. Kenzi

    Kenzi's Art Thread

    That's the main reason why I love using DeviantART muro, haha. It's a lot of fun tracking and watching the drawing process.