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  1. so, uh...

    1. Kenzi


      oh man, you didn't think I'd forget, now did you?

      I'm posting this a little later than I would've preferred, but I'm just glad that I even have the opportunity to get behind my laptop to post this somewhat on time.

      but enough of that, ahah.

      thanks for putting up with me once again and supporting me from afar even with everything that's been going on lately<3



    2. Akazora


      Wahhhhhhhhh oh my gosh, this is amazing!! Goodness Kenzi, you didn't have to go all out like this, considering how busy you are. And don't worry, I didn't think you had forgotten about my birthday at all, ahah. Thank you so so so much! <3

  2. Kenzi

    Why do some people not like Ran?

    to sum it up -she's flat and predictable -she not as headstrong as she used to be (this is just a personal gripe) -her preachings and remarks about Shinichi are repetitive and tiresome -she is more of a plot device than her own character and acts as a deus ex machina, which is just lazy writing -her role as the damsel in distress in practically every DC movie leaves a real bad aftertaste -she has cried so much that I can't sympathize with her "ordeal" anymore (crying isn't necessarily a bad thing, but geezus, the gimmick gets really old after twenty years) can't really blame her though DC is a more of a whodunit than a plot driven series, so any character development is minimal (if any at all) at best personally, I don't "hate" Ran I just dislike how banal she is as a character since she'd be a perfectly fine person in real life
  3. Kenzi

    Hello. Ladies and Gentlemen.

    it's more the fact that updates and plot progression for the series are mind-numbingly slow a lot of threads were bustling with discussion when news about RUM came out; same with movie updates but it's not hard to lose interest in the series after extensive periods of dormancy of course, discussion is always welcome, so don't be afraid to start some new threads or contribute to previous ones since you seem to be rather well-acquainted with this forum so welcome, and enjoy!
  4. Kenzi

    What's on Your Mind?

    "thanks Obama!" I'm more than willing to blame El Nino for this tragedy, but uh, that works too! and thanks! though I could say the same for you, lol "Dad, what happened to the gym?!" "Your mother happened." rekt. back when the anime still had a sense of humor... but on another note, I thought they were only streaming movies they're streaming episodes too?? they're practically having a field day -- OMM: guess we can't make fun of Leo anymore, huh loljk, congrats to the guy :^) OMM2: in spirit of current events... still relevant
  5. Kenzi

    Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare

    the majority of DC movies feature Conan's soccer ball though, lol whaaaa?? now why would you want to spoil the best part of the movie??? :^)
  6. Kenzi

    Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare

    ☑ Ran's Shinichi distress call ☑ Detective Boys ☑ explosions ☐ overly dramatic soccer ball kick (still waiting for this one) but in all seriousness, I'm actually kinda looking forward to this
  7. Kenzi

    What's on Your Mind?

    BUT I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I'M SO EXCITED SFJHSKFHSDKLHKDFLJGHSDFGHSKHJS ahh, that makes a lot more sense I was wondering why you started school so late in the day, haha and I'm also a little envious, eheh... this sounds like something straight from the Onion aka best news source yes this is some quality news -- OMM: tfw it's 60* and raining outside what
  8. Kenzi

    What's on Your Mind?

    can we just take a moment to holy moly what geezus, did... did this person just ... ebola-chan's pigtails ebola-chan's pigtails ...waitttttt do you go to a public school? -- OMM: snowday yay
  9. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    fite me irl ...and pls Akazora, every bit of that post was serious :^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ASzHy5c9lA i think it's tiem to listen to sum classic holiday songz!!!!!11!!//11!!!
  10. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFtb3EtjEic :^)
  11. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    added a few lines towards the end
  12. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    YAYYY :') https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0byH9h1ClBY
  13. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Song You Listened To?

    I'VE BEEN WAITING MY ENTIRE LIFE A WHOLE YEAR FOR THIS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcXSm51UI5M HUZZAH!!
  14. Kenzi

    What Was the Last Video Game You Played?

    whoops, I made a derp in the paragraph discussing regions I meant Liberty Island, not Liberty Garden, lol but! Liberty Garden is essentially the Liberty Island equivalent fixed it though; just wanted to make that clarification in case any confusion might've arisen
  15. what on earth... it's a freaking nostalgia-fest I tell you I'm not ready
  16. Kenzi

    What's on Your Mind?

    wOW, all of the snow has melted is it spring already???///!!????// :^)
  17. Kenzi

    Last Poster Wins

    Orphans of the Storm?