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  1. A.Haibara

    Explain your username

    Hmmm... I thought it stood for 'Silver Bullet'. How about I call you SB-tan, then?
  2. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  3. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  4. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  5. A.Haibara

    the school

    Not boring. Filled with work and stress. Because my mind is so worked and stressed, it's not bored anymore...
  6. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  7. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  8. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  9. A.Haibara

    What Do You Like?

    I like candy!
  10. A.Haibara

    I wish...

    I wish to have to ability to go into any anime's world
  11. A.Haibara

    Wondering, pondering...

    I wonder if I can finish all my maths
  12. A.Haibara

    Dear Anonymous...

    Dear anonymous, I'm curious!
  13. A.Haibara

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    Fault: noun. A piece of imperfection That't the best I can do. Define genuine.
  14. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    Eru Chitanda: I'm curious!
  15. A.Haibara

    ______ the person above you!

    *Sits with the person above me* *Says thank you to the person above me* *Eats candy* *Drinks ice tea* This is starting to turn into some sort of role-play...
  16. A.Haibara

    ______ the person above you!

    *happens to be in the same cafe as Shahooda-senpai* *sees Raki-chan* *waves to both* *eats candy*
  17. A.Haibara

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    What I am experiencing right now. (What would you do if you know you were doomed to practice the same thing for 2 hours?) Define 'magic'
  18. A.Haibara

    Questions [Forum Game]

    Would it hurt for her to try? No offence, of course.
  19. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    Now it's a 43-page optional review task...
  20. A.Haibara

    Im new

    Hello! It seems you're also my senpai. I'm 12. My interest in anime evolved from it airing on local TV when I was 7. Now I am here to revisit that interest! Welcome to DCW and enjoy your time here~ *gives candy*
  21. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    It's morning here and I don't know if I should have completed the 30-page assignment my teacher didn't even talk about...... It's too late now anyway......
  22. A.Haibara

    Honorific Game

    MoonlitFlower-senpai I'm in 7th grade
  23. A.Haibara

    DEFINE the Word Above You [Forum Game]

    Kuro as in 'Kuroba' Define curiosity
  24. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  25. A.Haibara

    I wish...

    I wish I could turn back time