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  1. A.Haibara

    Explain your username

    No explaining needs to be done... Ai is my favourite character- and a key part to the series.
  2. A.Haibara

    A Drawing of Conan

    Arigatō guys!
  3. A.Haibara

    I want (Ran / Haibara) to be with Shinichi

    Conan and Ai are cute together... But I'm more of a ShinRan person
  4. A.Haibara

    Favorite OVA?

    OVA 9! It's so sad and nearly made me cry... And Kid in Trap Island! Who doesn't love it when Kaito sees fish?
  5. A.Haibara


    Thanks for the picture, Nara-chan! I'm a big fan of Haibara, as the username suggests... And hello to everyone!
  6. A.Haibara


    Hi! I'm new here... I've been watching DC since I was small but recently I've restarted watching them from episode 1 (I never really got past 200 then). Now it's my favourite anime all over again. I use the wiki often and my favourite character is Ai!!! I hope to make some new friends:D
  7. A.Haibara


    Thank you
  8. A.Haibara

    Who is the best character in the series?

    Ai Haibara/ Shiho Miyano/ Sherry- She's the creator of APTX4869, and its prototype antidote. The series wouldn't be here without her! I wish she'd hurry up with the antidote though...