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  1. A.Haibara

    What will happen to Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai?

    Wow. So many Ai fans. I'm glad to say I'm one too! Ai should get a happy ending- she deserves one for leading such a terrible life. Maybe she will stay as Ai because she wants to relive her childhood?
  2. A.Haibara

    BO's existence

    The only way I can think of is the time when Jodie was a kid and Vermouth came to her house. Maybe she tried to track them down ever since?
  3. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

  4. A.Haibara

    Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    *desperately tries to piece together the puzzle and eventually gives up* *throws a piece of paper with Ano Kata's identity written on it*
  5. A.Haibara

    Which DC Character is the Person Above You?

    Hmm... Wataru Takagi.
  6. A.Haibara

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Mints Air or Water?
  7. A.Haibara

    A Drawing of Conan

    Thanks I start with the eyes for some reason- it's an odd habit of mine.
  8. A.Haibara

    Magic Kaito or Detective Conan?

    Basically what the title says- Detective Conan or Magic Kaito? Personally I would choose Detective Conan as Magic Kaito characters appear in it too, but I certainly know some people who would choose Magic Kaito. So what is your opinion?
  9. A.Haibara

    English or Japanese?

    I don't mind either but I'd go for Japanese (as long as it is subbed). I feel the voices are more fitting and they stopped dubbing anyway.
  10. A.Haibara

    Favorite Characters?

    1. Ai Haibara 2. Shinichi Kudo/ Conan Edogawa 3. Kaitou Kid 4. Ran Mouri 5. Goro the cat (sorry I am a cat fanatic)
  11. A.Haibara

    which character is your favourite- poll version

    Ai Haibara (have you ever wondered where Detective Conan would be without her?), Sato Miwako and Vermouth!
  12. A.Haibara

    Who is the best detective, Shinichi or Heiji?

    Shinichi. As shown in some episodes, Heiji can hot-headed at times which may cause him to lose focus.
  13. A.Haibara

    Hug, Poke, or High Five

    *high fives back to all*
  14. A.Haibara

    A Drawing of Conan

    My take on my DCW profile picture <<< That's my profile picture And this is my hand-drawn version!!! Secondly, a picture for my cousin who's also a DC fanatic :3 Here it is: Like I said before, please comment!
  15. A.Haibara

    Finish The Quote

    A carton of eggs To be or not to...
  16. A.Haibara

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Winter! Magic or Logic?
  17. A.Haibara

    Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    *Reads Detective Conan's long-awaited ending* *Throws the File at the next person*
  18. A.Haibara

    Kudo Shinichi as a killer!

    That should be the storyline for Movie 19!!!
  19. A.Haibara

    Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    I'm not that interested in that...*doodles on the ticket* *Throws a USB containing all the data of APTX4869 (I wonder where that came from) to the person below me*
  20. A.Haibara

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    Tough choice, but I'd go for Ai Haibara. Music or Art?
  21. A.Haibara

    Which Do You Prefer? [Forum Game]

    I don't know a thing about J-bands. 1412 or 4869?
  22. A.Haibara

    Count Backwards from One Million :)

  23. A.Haibara

    Answer the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    To travel through time! (if that is a superpower) Who is your favourite Detective Conan character?