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    Time passing in Detective Conan

    ^ OVA9 was the closest I ever got on that! Apparently it's a 'floating timeline'. Although I do recall Conan and Heiji talking about cases they have solved in the previous month in episode 490. Conan said he had solved 7 cases that month... And if we were to calculate that: So let's assume that Conan solved an average of 7 cases per month. There are approximately 700 cases in DC, so 700 divided by 7 is 100. That means 100 months have passed. Convert that into years and we get 8 years and 4 months. If the above calculations are correct, 8 years and 4 months have passed since Shinichi changed into Conan, so Conan should actually be 15 years old by now (I'm going by the anime age).
  2. I've always wanted to meet someone whose birthday is on the 14th of December...

    1. Ren-kun


      Any particular reason? ^^

    2. A.Haibara


      it would read 1412!

    3. nis-aihara


      *thumbs up*

      So true... ^^

  3. A.Haibara

    Hi, DCW community

    First of all, please don't double-post. Just use the 'edit' button on the right hand bottom corner. Secondly, Welcome! Stay active and don't abandon your account... Lastly, I'm not the biggest Anokata investigator but the wiki page was always helpful:http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/wiki/Anokata Nothing else I need to say... Just... HI!!!
  4. A.Haibara


    Acrophobia and arachnophobia...
  5. A.Haibara

    How old are you? and how long have u been watching dc?

    Age: - Start watching: 2006 Stopped watching: 2009 Restarted watching: 2014 And still watching...
  6. A.Haibara

    Cause of Death

    What about all the other people that were force-fed the APTX4969 and actually died?
  7. A.Haibara

    Answer the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    ShinRan!!! Yep. It's canon. What's your favourite non-canon DC moment?
  8. A.Haibara

    Replace One Word in a Title with ________ (Forum Game)

    Gone with the Tofu Marshmallow
  9. I've always wondered... Why are there so many CoAi fans compared to ShinRan?

    1. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      Visit the ConanxAi thread.

    2. Nara-chan


      They like living in fantasies.

  10. A.Haibara

    Throw something at the person BELOW you!

    *passes it along to the next person*
  11. A.Haibara

    Movie 17 Discussion Thread

    Wasn't the best movie but wasn't the worst either... The best part was when CONAN WAS CRYING!!! (ShinRan!!!)
  12. A.Haibara


    I play the piano! pretty common since so many people play it
  13. A.Haibara

    Ran's too overrated

    I support ShinRan and Ai is my favourite character... But Ran's character is caring and patient, I don't see how someone could hate her! I agree she is in danger most of the time, but that doesn't count as a hole in her personality- it's done to thicken the plot of an episode.
  14. A.Haibara

    "In" Games

    There's an app called '2048 collection'. And have you heard of this game called 'Another Case Solved'? It's about detective work!
  15. A.Haibara

    Hello. Newbie here. :3

    Hi! I hope you grow to like Detective Conan, it's awesome! See you around!
  16. A.Haibara

    5 minute presentation - please help me choose

    Any of your hobbies? I did a presentation on art once
  17. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    Because the topic is 'last poster wins'?
  18. A.Haibara

    Answer the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    I'd feel terrible if I ever did that. I think it's worse to face someone else's death forever than to face your own for that short amount of time... But I don't want to die so... I'd try to prevent that situation from ever happening! Do you like canon pairings?
  19. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    I guess I care about winning too...
  20. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    I wish I could touch-type... T-T
  21. A.Haibara

    "In" Games

    What about all the variations of 2048? I've been seeing them a lot lately:
  22. A.Haibara

    Answer the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Colgate... When did you start watching DC?
  23. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    *sighs and posts in this topic*
  24. A.Haibara

    Reason why u still read DC after so long?

    I've stopped before... But I just want to find out the ending by reading every. Single. Chapter. So here I am now... and the ending is nowhere to be found.
  25. A.Haibara

    Last Poster Wins

    Talking of phobias, I also have acrophobia. For now, it looks like I'm the last poster! YAY