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    A Word Game?

    This game is based off one I play occasionally with my friends: Basically the first person says a random word/ short phrase, and the second person has to say any word/short phrase that begins with the last letter of the word previously said. The only catch here is that the word has to have something to do with (guess what?) Detective Conan or Magic Kaito in some way. Although repeating a previous word/short phrase is forbidden in the actual game, as long as you come up with a word that has not been said in the (say, 10 previous posts). Just try not to repeat... Plurals and past tense is allowed. Names and various media related to DC is also allowed. For example, Player 1: Detectives. Player 2: Summer Time Gone... Player 3: Ekoda ETC... Starting word: Conan
  2. A.Haibara

    Favourite 'Dere' Type

    (I hope there wasn't another topic like this) Recently, I figured out the difference between all the dere types. So I was wondering which type of dere is most popular in DCW ... Hmmm... I personally should like tsundere because Ai Haibara-chama is one. But I think I'm leaning towards dandere. If you don't know what 'dere' means, look below~
  3. A.Haibara

    Canon Elimination Game

    Heiji and Shinichi: 34 Ran and Shinichi: 16
  4. A.Haibara

    10 Years Later

    10 years later... I will be more organised... Procrastinate less... Yet still be watching anime ^-^
  5. A.Haibara

    What do you do in your free time??

    Let's see... Watch anime. Listen to Vocaloid. Check e-mail. Search fan art. Read fanfiction. Go on DCW. Sadly, I have not been doing any of these lately... But I have prepared a list of animes to watch during the holidays~
  6. A.Haibara

    Tell us a secret about you!

    I prefer less 'popular' and 'mainstream' characters for some random reason...
  7. A.Haibara

    What's on Your Mind?

    OMM: T-T No-one knows anime or Vocaloid here... BUT THEN... I found that some seniors did Vocaloid cosplay in the yearbook... *tears of joy*
  8. A.Haibara

    Canon Elimination Game

    Heiji and Shinichi: 33 Ran and Shinichi: 17 *I don't ship yaoi. In fact, most of friends ship yaoi (and yuri) but I don't...*
  9. A.Haibara

    A Late & Lousy Introduction...

    Ohayou, Premium-senpai! I think I remember when you were more 'active'... Ehhhhhh, I haven't been on DCW for a while... But I think it's getting active again! Yay?! *keeps ranting randomly*
  10. A.Haibara

    Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned for putting me on the naughty list >~<
  11. A.Haibara

    What's on Your Mind?

    I finally come back and there's 1163 notifications -_-" What did I tell DCW to notify me of?
  12. A.Haibara

    Canon Elimination Game

    O-O So much yaoi!!! *taps on Avatar-neesan's shoulder* Hehehe she started shipping yaoi recently... But I have to say... I DON'T SHIP YAOI!!! Kaito and Shinichi: 10 Heiji and Shinichi: 9 Shiho and Shinichi: 10 Ran and Shinichi: 11 Akai and Shinichi: 10
  13. A.Haibara

    What do you regret...

    I regret... My procrastination... My science assignment... My art assignment... And the animes I want to watch so badly...
  14. A.Haibara

    Share A Fact About You

    I'm right-handed too! Most of my classmates do not get what I fangirl over
  15. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  16. A.Haibara

    What was the recent Anime you watched?

    Bakemonogatari Amagi Brilliant Park Selector Infected WIXOSS (for tomorrow)
  17. A.Haibara

    Canon Elimination Game

    *claps* I didn't bother with ShinRan, but I didn't want to eliminate them either... I wonder what's the next canon elimination game?
  18. A.Haibara

    What do you want to become?

    I want to draw/write a manga someday... Not professionally because I'm actually terrible. I'm not that sure about the future other than that... I've still got time... *procrastinates*
  19. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  20. A.Haibara

    Hi, everyone. I'm new here.

    こんにちわ, Ogie-san. Have a nice time on DCW~ I hope to see you around (although I'm probably not going to be active *-*)!
  21. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  22. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  23. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  24. A.Haibara

    Men vs. Women #1

  25. A.Haibara

    Chinese Chatroom

    Kirsch, 你好~ 我也在! 对不起,我只懂简体……没有学过繁体。 Anyway... I can sort of read it, but I'm definitely more familiar with simplified And I can only speak Mandarin. Can Raki speak Chinese too?