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  1. Oh~ good, good. Pagbutihin mo 'yan~ ♪ ^^

  2. Oh, I see. Haha. High school, right?

    Woahhhh~ You're from the Philippines! Hello, hello! ^^

  3. Haha. So, uh, how are you? ^^

  4. Thanks for the visit~ ♪

  5. Haha! No, just lucky, actually. Haha! ^^

    Thanks. (:

  6. Yep, school.

    Hm...second semester has actually started just last, last week ago~ so there aren't any exams yet. (Just assignments, thought/reaction papers and short quizzes~ /sigh)

  7. Yeah. Haha. Well, "so far." I just read, like, three or four chapters of Gintama and I found it funny already. Haha. I'm just this busy that I couldn't go online too often. orz

  8. Hahaha, okay~ ♪

    Yes! And it's funny! ((:

  9. Indeed~ (:

    And, of course, family. Haha. But I seldom get out of my room and talk to some family members. I only get the chance to talk to them during dinner time. Haha. The only ones I get to chat with are my friends in school and in here. ^^

  10. Hahaha!

    Oh, I see. I'm gon' try those sometimes. Right now, I'm reading Gintama. Hahaha! ^^

  11. Favorite eh. Haha! Hm, magaling...I don't know. Marunong, ganun. Haha! Di naman ako magaling talaga, sanay lang since grade three pa lang nagstart na 'ko mag-drawing... ^^

    Whoa?! May ka-Course ako (blockmate/classmate/ka-org/friend...HAHA!) na taga Palawan din~ OMG. Gusto ko pumunta jan! Wala nga lang akong pera at time. Haha. ^^

  12. Haha, thanks! ^^

    I know right! Haha. Good thing there are always friends to talk to---not only "offline" but also "online." (:

  13. I know, I know; same here!! Hahaha.

    Hm. Let's see...One Piece. Hm, that's my top 2 favorite anime. There are other anime's I also enjoy watching (and they're too many of them XD) but DC and OP are my favorite. ^^


  14. Oh. And I thought... Haha.

    So, it's kinda late, then...compared here... I think? Haha. Good luck!

  15. Haha! Onga eh, balak ko na rin, actually. Haha.

    Ganun ba. Hmm. That's life. Naranasan ko din yan. Keri on lang! Haha.

    BA Art Studies. :D

  16. Oh, I see. Hehe. :D

    Hm, let's see...me...I'm trying to enjoy the second semester of school. (I failed to enjoy the sembreak, though. /sigh). Haha. :D

  17. Oh... oh. Well, good luck on that. That was kinda fast? WWell, cause our second semester has just started that's why I think it's kinda early for midterms... haha. Sorry...

  18. You're welcome. :D

    Yes, yes~ Since there are many artists here as well! Haha. Aside from the fact that this is DC World. Haha.

    Hm. Comics? I don't draw animals and buildings well, though. Haha. :D

  19. Thank you~ again. Haha.

    Good day. How are you? ^^

  20. Hi there~

    Thank you. :D

  21. Haha.

    Still doing great, regardless of knowing how busy I'll be because of school... /sigh. Second sem has started. Whoa. O.o


    How about you? ^^

  22. That's why I like it here. :D Hehe.

    I don't know if I'm "good" or what. I think it's "or what." Haha. But I'm really used to it since I've been drawing since I was Nine. Hehe.

  23. Ah, yeah... those. I really wanna have a tablet, OMG! But, well...money...I don't have. I never had extra money to buy such. I always get enough for transpo and food. /sigh ^^;

  24. Oh. I used to do that, too! It's just that I don't usually use my laptop for drawing (and coloring) anymore because of the school papers I've to pass...y'kno.. haha.

    But I really wanna learn how to use the pen tool in PS. It's been how many years, and I still don't get it. XD

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