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  1. How's your feeling? =D

  2. Yo! WHatsupp meh big bro?? ~XD

  3. Hei there! (= It's sad that you decided to leave D: I wanna talk with you though. Anyway, Good luck for your exam. I am sure that you will do great. (;

  4. sachan

    lol xD yeah I win! :P

  5. Lol sorry I was asleep last night x_x How many days holidays do you get ? Well, I see that you're already in 12th grade.

  6. Aww she drives you crazy, big bro. I think.

  7. sachan

    sorry but i can :P

    @big bro: hmm..this is pretty interesting.

  8. haha yep xD cause you have to face it. there are a lot of fish in the sea, you shouldn't feel bad about losing one !

  9. so far so good~ umm..nope. i'd like to play computer at night. cz no one could disturb me at night HOHOHO ~^_^ tell me about it. how about you??

  10. sachan

    Huhh........still :( I wont to eat your cake! *pouts*

  11. Well, I dont really understand whats the situation. But I know its painful. Cause I've been waiting for someone..for these 3 years. But I don't want to expect too much. For I've been hurt so much before...HAHAHA ~^_^ its normal to feel what you feel. Time is the only thing that can heal your heart. :)

  12. Heyy jofan-chan! How's everything! .^^

  13. sachan

    Oh my..............so you wanted to kill me again?? Man! I never thought you would do that to me! Y..ou...yo..u...YOU'RE SO.........Aaaaaaa!!! *cries* *leaves*

  14. Allow you to do what?

  15. sachan

    It's delicious! The smell makes me water my mouth lol~xD but its a little over cooked i think..:P wanna have a bite? This is your cake though :D

  16. sachan

    Whaa thank you thank you! *eats all the cake!* xP

  17. And your status is about her? Don't be sad, mk-kun :( Is there anything I can do for you?

  18. Aww that sucks. What happened? I'll accompany you then ~^_^

  19. My day was alright. Had a great day though xD how about you, my big bro? :P

  20. Lol is that so? xD how come? :P .^^

  21. sachan

    Strawberry and choco cake? Aww YOU CAN SHARE IT WITH ME ((;

  22. That's alright then :) you shouldn't tell me about that stuff (;

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