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  1. 57 minutes ago, tengaku squared said:

    getting older...is this how this feels? and i have to deal with this for the next 60 years? what the hell.


    I feel nothing of getting older, well maybe I should prepare for another plane within 40 years.


    OMM: Call of Chernobyl with Azazel mode is just like leapfrogging into another life if you died of everything.

  2. On 10/3/2017 at 9:44 PM, Lupin of the Heisei Era said:

    I felt really old now... and sleepy. and confused @.@



    That's okay...


    9 hours ago, Kitty Paw said:

    oh my it's been almost half a year since I've been on here


    i wanna watch before I fall smh it was such a good book 



    Welcome back...

  3. On 11/11/2016 at 4:09 AM, Henry Gordan said:

    Thank you Akazora!

    At least one other has seen how shit the both candidates were. Personally I'm not ready to lynch Trump before he does something he has said he'll do, as come on. Who politician, running for president really has done what he has said he would do. I'm personally mostly concerned about the climate change and how'll Trump affect to it.


    On 11/11/2016 at 6:38 AM, Neo Balthazar said:

    Folks freaking out about trump being pressident are silly

    I mean

    What good came out of any of them

    Like we were expected to believe that hillary would make anything good

    And this notion that he hates muslims and women and whomever needs to stop

    He just played the haters to get their votes

    He is no fool





    The Muslim Wall Street Journal Reporter and co-founder of Muslim Reform Movement voted Trump




    As of me, I rather concern the war with Russia, Syria and Iran rather than climate change.



  4. 25 minutes ago, M.K. said:

    Yeah. He's a bit like if you don't stop then I have no choice but to stop you kind of person but sometimes he never follows through coz he still really respects the law since he used to be a lawyer and it's so easy for him to get removed from position by the senate or the supreme court in here  if he starts acting like a complete dictator coz it's definitely against the law in here. So, he can't just do any "dictatorial" way to shut the media off. Plus, personally, to me, I would want him to respect the law coz it's the law goddamit.


    His tactics is a bit more on using "words"/psychology to scare off his critics or anyone he wants to scare off. Basically, he plays mind games with them like there's this thing going on here, where there is this senator who is really critical of him since day one who recently, he started attacking relentlessly (after his warnings to stop attacking him) by revealing that that senator has some alleged involvement with syndicates (alleged=not yet proven) and he accused the senator of having an affair etc etc. The senator broke down after that (she's even portrayed crying by the media) and started accusing the president of being really really unfair towards her and that it's an attack on her dignity.


    He's basically your worst nightmare to pick a war on if you care about your dignity, being respected and accepted by people. Coz on him, on the otherhand, he doesn't feel the need to be dignified.


    As for Putin and his Russia, as far as the west is making him look like a devil, I've found no reason to think that he 100% is. He only does things for the interest of his own people so you can't really hate him. He is really really well loved by the Russians and anyone who did some research on history of Russia/USSR knows that when the soviet union collapsed, the country was almost in the brink of extinction for awhile but when Putin came in to power. He really rebuilt Russia and made it to what it is today. On the Crimean annexation, for example, if you are only skimming the news and you have a biased view against the Russians, you would think that they are the oppressors here. But if you actually do some bits of research, I know alot of people who is reading this might be surprised on this but most Crimeans wants Crimea to be part of Russia. So it's really not right for the west to care about this. I'm like "Hey, these are the guys who is pushing "democracy" on global scale yet they can't even respect the choice of the majority".


    I'm not praising Putin here or anything but it's definitely not fair for anyone to view him as completely evil just because everyone you know says so without doing any sort of further investigation on what he actually did on his political career.


    Anyways, I'm going in tangents haha.




    On My Mind: Hmmm.... I found out that Russia relies on oil trade to power it's economy that's really interesting. And then you have China and alot of other Asian economical powerhouses, on the otherhand, who relies on manufacturing. And then you have the Middle East with their oil too. I'm seeing some sort of big picture of what might be going on here. Holding other countries by their necks? CONSPIRACY CONSPIRACY :P


    Nah. I'm probably just thinking too much. I'm paranoid and an overthinker sometimes. D:


    On My Mind #2: Just heard that Putin supports Trump. :3 Also, I just wanna clear out that altho I don't really give that much crap on American Elections but I just wanna say that I don't like Trump but I wouldnt go far on saying that I hate him. I can see the rationality on some of his views but only some.


    I had a friend from Russia who knew several Ukrainians and they said that they hated the current government.


    By the way I decided to stop talking about politics because it's less interesting to talk about it here.


    OMM: DoTA 2's new hero, Underlord was based on unused Pit Lord (according to my friend).

  5. 16 minutes ago, M.K. said:

    Well I hope so but the fact that the media has been furiously antagonizing him, theres definitely a possibility that he will get deposed and theres nothing the people can do about it.



    I don't think so as the media can't 'antagonizing' some country like Russia, Iran or et cetera as they'll counter antagonizing them with their own media if they did. The journalists do not have nerve to come to these countries and any media who antagonize Duterte will regret their decision.

  6. 3 hours ago, M.K. said:


    Right here in the Phil, I'm kinda scared here that our President might get deposed from his position since almost every media outlet is attacking him and like the Church here too have a negative view towards him. Western Media and U.N. are starting to take notice and is portraying him as some sort of murder machine and as I said, he was already given alot of warnings. The people tho have a really really positive view towards him so I hope he doesn't get removed from position coz I have really high hopes in his leadership.
    Actually yeah, since most drug lords are really rich, they tend to have private armies and maybe even weaponry you wouldn't think that they would have. As for terrorists, I don't really think so. They tend to use more practical weapons like poisonous gasses or home-made bombs or they steal tanks or weapons from armies which you'll hear in news sometimes. I mean the fact that they don't have really any big constant business going on that gives them stable income pretty much prevents them from acquiring high tech weapons. But I dunno, I'm just logicalizing things so I'm most likely wrong.



    No one can remove him from his position as Philippine citizens had positive view on him. Media and UN have weakness as they cannot interfere a nation's sovereign rights, and the latter'll attack them back.


    In Indonesia, the police are allowed to shot drug dealers if they resist on the spot.

  7. On 21/8/2016 at 8:59 PM, M.K. said:

    On My Mind: So, I was just watching an interview done with our president (the Philippines). The Interviewer asked about when will the massive swell in extra-judicial criminal killings that happened in the fast few weeks when our new president sat down, will stop. (The Interviewer was an American, btw). Basically, our President just replied that it won't stop cause it was what he promised to do on his platform. But the Interviewer kept on circling the question around and our President just got pissed off, he started talking about how it's so unfair that the U.N./the west is threatening him that if he don't stop with the killings of the Criminals (Heinious crime committers), they might do something coz it doesn't align with the 'international' law, yet on the otherhand, they seem to not be doing much anything about the terrorism that is happening right now.  (He also talked about some killings in US too.)


    It really made me smile and made me affirm my choice of me wanting him as the president coz he's really on point with it. It also pisses me off that not much seems to bat that much eye when innocent people gets killed yet when someone kills a criminal extra-judicially (albeit out of self defense and the criminal evading arrest), the Human Rights Activists loses their minds. It also really really pisses me off that the big countries, who have like really high-tech arsenal of weapons compared to the terrorists, doesn't seem want to get involved too much in the war with the terrorists. IMO, alot of our world leaders are a bunch of wusses. They can't make the 'impossible' choices and they make up some sort of reason for not doing so but truth is, they're just really scared of the critics and the media pressure mounted on them who tells them to do otherwise.


    And what pisses me off to the highest extent is how wrong most people's thinking has become. Alot of people would normally be against executions even if the crime committed is heinious yet the killing of an unborn innocent child should be allowed for purely selfish intent. (Having unprotected youknowwhat without consequences :V). Just WTF. (Just wanna clear out that, I support abortion on some occasions like when childbirth would be a life threatening situation or when the resulting child is caused by rape altho, in the latter's case, it's better just to send off the child on orphanage.)


    Sometimes, I really just want to be abducted by an alien coz...




    Sometimes... just really sometimes... The more you know the more faith you lose in humanity and the more depressed you get.




    Once you do something, you cant bring back what's done and gone.


    Not all presidents are scared by media and critics. Some of them even able to made critics and media shut up. I don't like HRW by the way and I favored capital punishments for drugs, terrorism and planned murder. Religion and Human Rights cannot save someone from capital punishment if he/she is guilty.


    Drug cartels and terrorists may have high-tech arsenal too.


  8. 6 hours ago, .MK. said:

    Okay :3


    On My Mind: Kickass Torrents (KAT) owner has been arrested. Abandon ship, my fellow pirate-crewmates before we get caught. ABANDON SHIP. But really, couldn't blame the people who pirate stuffs. After all, some stuffs aren't worth the price that their price tag says. I mean if the stuff is good anyways, they buy it/donate later on. It's more of like a loan.

    I only use torrent for downloading game mods, like Call of Chernobyl due to the file size and the developers legally provided the torrent for the mod.

    On some countries with bans on games, pirating is necessary to enjoy games as the creators intended.

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