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  1. 7 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:

    Here's the thing about the opening: Shinichi's face is shown at the end... and here's the thing about the ending: Ran is also portrayed as "faceless."

    Aye. I kept the scenes in gifs on purpose, so I don't mislead anyone who sees this to thinking that my loose theory has that much of a backup. Still, what kept me on the same string of thoughts is that Shinichi's faceless screen time definitely beats Ran's, and that him being shown at the end might be interpreted as someone to be remembered as a memorable person.


    7 hours ago, DCUniverseAficionado said:

    And this is anime content, not manga. Gosho only really gets involved with the movies—I'm not sure he's involved in the anime at all.

    Now this is what I was waiting for, some new info. I'm both glad and sad to hear this, though. I suppose that TV Originals could've been better if Gosho was at least partially involved in them, but at least we get to enjoy some decent movies.


    And it goes by default that, even if it may be a hint, it'll be from the staff. That's why I used the term "they".


    Anyway, glad to see a reply!


    Also, thanks for moving my thread to the appropriate section @Chekhov MacGuffin (the clues are hinting that it was your work hhh). It's nice to see a familiar name that's still active.

  2. Whenever I re-visit the forums, it feels like going through an old dusty room dedicated to this place in my mind palace.


    Though this time, I wasn't able to resist the urge to post something. Probably because there's actually something that piqued my interest, and is enough of an excuse for a, hopefully, valid topic.


    But first off, I'd like to wish everyone a happy new year, and hope that you're enjoying the winter holidays.


    Now, I haven't been following the anime, or anything DC-related, for quite some time now. I do, however, check for new plot-related episodes, and of course openings and endings because it's always cool to see some nice editing and hear good music. And, as the title suggests, there's something I'd like to discuss about regarding the newest opening and ending.


    Here are the relevant parts:













    What I found odd is the number of times Shinichi is shown faceless, while in his former body. What makes it even more odd is that we're talking about one opening and one ending, both ran parallel with each other. It gave me a feeling as if they're hinting us that Shinichi's identity will slowly but surely fade away, and only Conan will remain at the end. And I'm not talking about others finding out that Conan is actually Shinichi, just about him not getting his former body back.


    The question is, is it just me? There are three possibilities:

    1) I'm over-analyzing this

    2) It is actually a hint

    3) Whichever the case, it has already been answered elsewhere but I'm not aware of it


    It's just that, in all of the openings and endings so far, I've never seen them putting that much accent on a single detail. But then again, it may have simply been me not paying enough attention.


    So, what are your thoughts on this?


    PS: A bit of a time has passed before I tried submitting this post for the first time, and I almost lost the motivation of making one after seeing that my session has expired without any kind of a draft being saved, leaving me to write everything down again. Maybe it will spark some new ideas for future updates, hence why I'm mentioning it.

  3. If I'm not wrong, sprites are from the old Super Mario 'n' the concept was took from that Helicopter flash game (I forgot the name). Or, that game was a copy of another game as well. Anyway, the point is that the game is addictive. I had a little contest with my brother for some time 'n' my highest score is 135. But ya know, the faster ya get into somethin', the faster ya'll get bored of it.


    EDIT: I've just read Nara-chan's post. From what I've heard, he removed the game 'cuz he couldn't handle the pressure from Internet community which went as far as sendin' a death threats. Stupid, but it really wouldn't surprise me. As for the additional content, I'm 99% sure that that's made up. One of the reasons bein' that normally ya just can't make a 900+ score. It would require an insane amount of focus 'n' steadiness.

  4. I don't really have any problems to post, except for some random problems that I've solved while on the University. But that'll just kill your will to live. So, if anyone has an interestin' problem, feel free to post it in my stead.

  5. Just saw this thread 'n' the most recent problem, so I wanted to give it a quick try.


    Is the answer 17?


    Here's the explanation:







    So, the final result will be 0.888...

    From that, we can say that x<y

    I've just started searching for the first two numbers that would meet these two conditions, 'n' I ended up with 8 'n' 9.

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  6. Welcome to the forums.


    I'm a 99%-of-the-time bored person who usually uses his logic 'n' reasonin' to troll people, but I can be helpful as well sometimes. If ya need help with anythin', or dunno what to do, feel free to write a message.

  7. That's why I liked the early episodes far more than the new ones. Conan actually seemed more suspicious to her, and she was more sharper than she's now. It's like she got used to Shinichi not bein' there, 'n' Conan doin' the detective work...

    What fell on my mind when I thought of how'd he tell Ran that he's Conan is that after some of the final battles with BO, he'd have to escape with Shiho for whatever reason (to get the enemies away from the others, or to save their lives, etc.) 'n' either see Ran for a moment 'n' give her enough clues for her to figure it out, or leave some kind of message.

    But somethin' like that fell on my mind, probably because I'm for Shinichi x Shiho combination rather than Shinichi x Ran.

  8. Simply put one picture instead of three. Ya can resize 'em too, if ya know how to.

    Either way, ya don't actually even need to change anythin'. As ya've wrote, any size/number of the images is allowed. I've just gave ya my opinion on it.

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  9. hehehe I don't know, I just liked it and picked it up as a signature maybe because it's funny, and I like funny pictures :lol:

    Thank you PhiBrainChild for the welcome :lol:

    I was talkin' about the size. That's a damn wallpaper. I need to scroll three times more for each of your posts.


    And, ya're welcome.

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