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  1. - HIM (Wings of a Butterfly, Vampire Heart)

    Ah, it's hard to search for all of the songs I've liked from the same genre. But wait, that was just for the metal. I still haven't looked for rock.

  2. ...done here, I guess it won't happen again to me.

    And sorry for sending two messages to say one thing. Character limitation.


  3. *comes out of nowhere*


  4. *high fives*

    Well yea, I usually skip breakfast because I try to get as much sleep as I can.

  5. *looks at my last visitor message*

    *looks at the message below it*

    Something's off.

    Anyway, yo Sera-chan. How are you today/tonight?

  6. *pokes Sera-chan's cheek*

    I just won another game. Tho, I've lost two of them so far, and on the worst way possible.

  7. *pokes the poker*

    Even tho it's not really my style to poke people, I guess I can't let myself to back down against ya. ;)

  8. *tries to pass unnoticed*


  9. *You have been poked by PhiBrainChild*

    Dammit, I forgot to check your case, again. I didn't have time today anyway, tho. But still, I have to try and solve it before the end of the month.

  10. http://www.geocities.ws/cherryfarm123/smirkySmileofConan.jpg

    Yo, Rye-san. So, you decided to cheat on Forever Alone with me, eh? Well, thanks for the add anyway. ;)

  11. 1) Gosick Ending 1

    2) Gosick Ending 1

    3) Gosick Ending 1

  12. Again with the homework, I see.

    Uploading SAO? On some streaming site or something?

    I ain't doing much at the moment. I've started making an anime collection, so I'm downloading some anime to my computer. Other than that I'm currently playing Soul-Arena and chatting here.

  13. And I've never doubted ya.

    I'm sleepy at the moment, because I woke up about ten minutes ago. But that will change for sure, counting that I've got an 18th birthday to attend to this evening. What about you, Sera-chan?

  14. Anyway, I should be getting some sleep. Have a lot of work to do today.

    Good night/day/morning to you Sera-chan. Talk to ya later.™

  15. As long as I remember, that's what I wrote under "Location". So ye, I'm from Serbia.

    Now I wonder why did you ask me a question like that.

  16. Aw, man. Now I'm pissed. x3

    I really hate when anime is not finished.

  17. Aw, ya wanna visit me? That's so sweet of you. x)

    Anyway, as I've said, I'm from Serbia. I don't really see the point of hiding/lying about my location.

  18. Aw... I have school as well, in a couple of hours.

    Well, I hope I'll be able to talk with ya any time soon (and, for a bit longer).

    Have a nice day, and see ya soon Sera-chan.

  19. Cool then. I guess I'll call you Jewel. :)

    And yea, as I've already said, I like this forum myself. I mean, I've been trying to enter it for almost a month, because I couldn't receive the validation mail on my Windows Live.

  20. Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita!

    And, happy new year! I wish you all the best.

  21. First, happy birthday! I wish ya everything the best, and hope you've had a great day!

    Second, wazzap!

  22. First, hello.

    Second, which "same" quote are you talking about?

  23. First, sorry for the late reply.

    Well normally, that would be a correct answer, but in this particular case, instead of using "What's up", I've used just a single word made by community. So I guess you'll have to give me a better answer than that. ;)

  24. For the "illusion" part, if you think about it, you'll understand what I've meant.

    Oh, so you've been pretty busy. Well, from the sound of your message, I suppose you're satisfied with results.

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