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  1. great! conan just helped me with my struggle in memorizing the peridic table

    1. detective-db


      DC is really useful... ^_^

  2. detective conan is just so irresistible.

    1. JayElle



  3. indeed only one truth prevails

  4. summer's about to end...=(

  5. been covering textbooks....

  6. watching princess and i....

  7. don't know what to post....

  8. watching movie 13...the intro really frightened me where gin suddenly appear from behind...

  9. just came back after watching Phineas and Ferb...(LOL) typed on the wrong box...=)

  10. *sigh* tomorrow's gonna be a hard day...

  11. about to finish watching movie 13...

  12. looks like i'm more active in DCW than in facebook...=)

  13. *sigh where can I watch DC episodes and movies without spending time searching the net?

  14. yay! no class---> Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos

  15. Hey, just wanted to greet you a Happy Happy Birthday (although it was a month ago)... ^_^

  16. though you seems to be gone for too long in case you go online i'm taking this opportunity to greet you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.

  17. welcome! I'm a newbie too so I've got a feeling we could get along well =)

  18. Hello! welcome to DC...hope you'll have a good time here. =)

  19. uhhmmm...that should be DCW. =D

  20. Hey there! I think we would get along really well. =)

  21. ba't di ako maka send ng PM sayo???

  22. ah sige salamat na lang.... nga pala saan ka luzon visayas mindanao? ako visayas--> malay mo kapitbahay pala kita (lol)

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