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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! >.< Coolness

    P.S. Im new here and I clicked a button somewhere there, and I dont know what it did to your post. :blink: But <3 the story. :grin:

    Lol thanks, I actually did this for more of a joke a while back. Glad you liked it.

    And I'm pretty sure you gave me +1 rep by accident, but that's a good thing so thanks a lot XD

  2. I think that Gin and Akai go a little deeper than what's on the surface. I remember Akai saying Gin's real name outloud after sniping him when the BO was targeting the Mouri detective agency.

    If he knows Gin's real name it might mean they have a history, or otherwise just that Akai got a lot of information when he was undercover.

    EDIT: Ok, nevermind. I decided to confirm this with the Wiki and it turned out Akai just called him "old enemy". Probably should've got my facts straight... But anyways, yeah I do think that Akai and Gin still got some history we don't know about.

  3. There are plenty of reasons Akai could be at odds with the japanese police. He was a BO operative once, though it was a cover. And he probably had some encounters with Tooru Amuro at that time.

    But do the Japanese police even know about the BO's existence? I'm convinced they don't since the FBI is working secretly from them while investigating the BO.

  4. Quite an interesting theory.

    While it's certianly possible Toichi could be alive (more so since we don't know the details of his death), I really just can't see it happening.

    Besides, I'm not sure what disguising as an organization member for 8 years will really accomplish in the long run. Unless he were to make an epic appearence when the current Kaito confronts the organization :P

    I also think it would be awesome if the Magic Kaito antagonists were linked with the DC BO. Though it's pretty impossible to determine as of now, and then there's also the fact Shinichi and Kaito are originally from two different universes.

    And to answer your post on who I think Spider is: I don't have a freggin' clue! :lol:

  5. I don't know. While it's definitly possible Sera is Bourbon, I really just don't think she is. I don't really have the facts to back me up but I'm sticking behind my decision of Amuro = Bourbon.

  6. Never? That's a long time there... He fits the pre-requisits... his name was mentioned in the manga prior to the interview in which it was revealed that Anokata was already in the manga, he's perfectly positioned to lead the assault against the black org, while ensuring that no real damage is done, he can keep easy tabs on the "Silver Bullet" (Akai), and he shares Conan's nickname of "Cool Guy" with Vermouth (and since Vermouth has a "special relationship" with Anokata, the sharing of nicknames does follow suit, and the fact that she's old enough to be her own mother means that she could have known JB when he was younger). Heck, when they first met, Ai said to Conan, "Does he make you feel strange" (No Group, but that's Sality's translation) so it looks like her Black Org Radar had a ping go off... Black is his last name, first name "James", a Holmes fan...

    Born in London, raised in Chicago (the city of Al Capone, as he points out when his character is introduced...) he mimics some of the traits of S. Holmes arch nemisis... Born in England, Professor Moriarty is well traveled across the globe. Name of "James" as a first name (which is actually the name of Prof. Moriarty's brother, and then later stated to be Prof. Moriarty's name)... If he used an "air rifle" in the shape of a cane, it would be a slam dunk (almost) that it's him!

    If we can just ignore the fact that JB already knows that "Sherry" is Ai (Ch. 435), because that would flat out prove that it isn't him, there is a lot of other evidence that it is him... unless, he has a reason to not just kill her that isn't revealed yet (she is the one w/ the knowledge of the drug, and could be the only one that can explain what happened w/ Vermouth and killing her would lead to Vermouth de-aging into childhood, or the only one that can resolve the age reduction that happened to her and Shinichi... or something).

    Still, it's fun trying to figure out who Anokata really is.

    To be on topic for this post though, yes, I think that JB does know who Sera is.

    Holly crap you just opened my mind to a whole new possibility.

    James Black being Anokata seems plausible. Though there are probably some loopholes we'll have to work around with him being FBI and leading the investigation against the BO.

    Also he's like, a character who I wouldn't mind being Anokata. JB isn't really one of my favourite characters, plus he's in enough of a position to really spice things up.

    Though, anything's possible.

  7. I actually only picked up DC recently. Well when I say recently I mean like 4-5 months ago. Despite the dubbed anime I used to watch as a kid I never came across DC. But a few months ago I noticed DC on an anime site I usually go to, and I noticed it was at like episode 640 or whatever it was at the time. I decided to give it a try and I've been hooked ever since...

    (Caught up with the anime, manga, movies, and OVAs :P)

  8. If you like blood you should check out Gantz. The manga is better than the anime, since the anime stops suddenly, but it's still pretty gorey. It's not exactly a "horror" anime but it definitly fits the description of a very dark, supernatural, action anime.

    Some of the scenes are a bit... 'mature' though.

  9. Thanks Angel :P I'm not too affiliated with alcohol names so I figured... ah what the heck, Kool-aid sounds reasonable! And yeah I'm more than aware this was probably too quick of an ending for the BO but... in all fairness I did just do this out of boredom.

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