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  1. Currently playing Persona 3 FES on my laptop. Sucker holds up 720p emulation pretty well, despite being old. Gotta love ThinkPads
  2. Are you... The Machine?

    1. machine
    2. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      Is it 3 o clock where you live at the time of this message?

  3. Why, God of course. Once all existence perishes, only He remains. :p
  4. Yeah. Oh well. Fanfiction is also stagnant on the DC side ;-;
  5. Hey all, how is it going? Long time since I posted something, but it's a start. Maybe someone might be tempted to visit DCW with the quarantine taking place around the world.
  6. Dear Anonymous, I sit here, awake. I wonder what I ever did to deserve someone like you. You went all in. Not a shred of doubt in you. I only wish I hadn't done what I did, ignorant and foolish as I was. I try to make it up to you, but you just smile and say, what is there to even make up for? That I don't have to feel like I owe you? Perhaps love is stupid. Perhaps love is wonderful. Perhaps, we're both in it. Signed, Aster
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