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  1. Woah. Really missing the presence of MK, KKLT, Saki, Erza and Rose who'd hype this stuff up. Speaking of snowballing, I faced a similar escalation myself. Except I went all Mashiro and asked her to marry me.
  2. Why, God of course. Once all existence perishes, only He remains. :p
  3. Man, I want the option back to see the repped posts on our profiles.
  4. bioscience major here: depends on ur immunity. 3rd world countries like Im in got resilient people that managin', while in Europe and West (US) athletes cant even make a full recovery after contracting it, suffering permanent respiratory consequences.
  5. I felt that too. The spinoff about Amuro reads better.
  6. Yeah. Oh well. Fanfiction is also stagnant on the DC side ;-;
  7. Hey all, how is it going? Long time since I posted something, but it's a start. Maybe someone might be tempted to visit DCW with the quarantine taking place around the world.
  8. Dear Anonymous, I sit here, awake. I wonder what I ever did to deserve someone like you. You went all in. Not a shred of doubt in you. I only wish I hadn't done what I did, ignorant and foolish as I was. I try to make it up to you, but you just smile and say, what is there to even make up for? That I don't have to feel like I owe you? Perhaps love is stupid. Perhaps love is wonderful. Perhaps, we're both in it. Signed, Aster
  9. welp time to win this once and for all
  10. Hi boss, you still up and kicking? :P

    1. Maurice


      Hey there! :)Yes, here and there. Busy with life and family but still checking up on Detective Conan from time to time. And you?

    2. The Banana Paladin

      The Banana Paladin

      I still come back from time to time to this lovely and nostalgic place. You created one heck of a site and memories for us, really appreciate it! :D stay blessed!

    3. Maurice


      Thanks. Happy to see you around! :D

      I'm still around too even though real life is taking a lot of my time.

      See you around! ;)

  11. And now we have likes. Maurice-sama, save us T_T
  12. Welcome to DCW. We're sort of a graveyard...though I have hopes that one day when the series finishes we'll come back here to partayyy.
  13. Ahh. I miss when we could go and view our repped posts. Nostalgic.
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