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  1. ♫happy birthday to you♫...♫happy birthday to you♫...♫happy birthday dear Er-za♫...♫happy birthday to you!!!!!♫ :P (lol i was singing while writing it)

    1. Erza Scarlet

      Erza Scarlet

      Thank you!

      XD lol that would've been more awesome if I heard you sing that

  2. wow i wasn't here for about 2 months and dcw looks so different :o

    1. Jas


      where have you been, baka?! I saw your facebook. xD

  3. Jewel

    yeah man just don't have enough time to cum online :P

  4. lol we are still in 1st semester :P

  5. hehe than u can come over anytime :P

  6. okay :P than it will be like a sleep over eh? we can play games and stuff :)

  7. lol too bad because i don't have a queen size bed so we won't fit x}

  8. awww maybe that's why i can't sleep properly at night because u are thinking of me lol xP xP

  9. heyyy i'm okay with anything .... didn't i tell u already mo!! xP

  10. i'm pretty good even though i'm kinda worried for my mid term report next wed :P

  11. i think it's a good name look i took out the "dia" and "nd" from your name and i got 'Mo' which is a really cool name :P

  12. why didn't u sleep...is it because you were thinking about me :P

  13. Jewel

    no your profile deserves that.

  14. you are welcome :P soo how are you??

  15. Jewel

    Oops i spammed a little on you profile :P

  16. lol you can call me anything you want :P cus i'm gonna call you Mo!!! :P

  17. hello welcome to DCW!!! :D

  18. that's okay :P you must be very busy eh?

  19. where do you live in canada? i'm from brampton...

  20. yo did you hear that there's a hurricane coming in toronto?

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