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  1. herroooo cindy =3

  2. Go Cindy, bribe those teachers! XD

  3. I just preordered Diablo 3. And saw the new Fairy Tail so tiz dandy. How about the great Cindy- Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen xD

  4. Try to get her to throw in a mall pretzel too

  5. try hot fries =3

  6. happy late birthday XDXDXD


  7. oo yay me too =3

    i like sour liquorice like candy =3, choco peanuts and strawberrys, and corn chips xD

  8. how about sour candy =3

  9. Suika

    I love you, and would like a taco <3 xD

  10. That's ok, so long as you like muffins. =3 XDXDXD

  11. Surrender your cuteness to I. The Lord of Pie!

    I rhyme like a leprechaun XD

  12. "hug" I love your Haruhi. So cute!!! XD

  13. super merry christmas belated xD

  14. super duper belated merry christmas with moo sprinkles xD

  15. For Ranma or DC XD

    I don't usually watch live actions =3.

  16. too many beans XD.

    it was choco toffee coffee though =3

  17. I made the coffee a tad too strong XD.

    Should be okay if I lay down for a long time (I got laptop so I can lay down and be online at same time nya xD)

    Ai is super cute, glad I made it to her episodes xD.

  18. Drank too much coffee. I'm really dizzy XD.

    Other than that I'm Yummy!

  19. Nyalicious apples!

    So much better when you cut them xD

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