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  1. I know learning a language is dificult and that Spanish may be quite annoying sometimes so... why don't we create a language game? I think everyone is on holidays now so it could be interesting to keep the level till clases start again! :3. What do you think? Keep it up! :D

    A alguien de los castellano-parlantes se le ocurre algo? Así, que si alguien conoce algún juego que pueda ser interactivo, que lo deje caer por aquí.

  2. Congrats, Lia! (Even if you fost it like 2 months ago u_u').

    I've been looking for Aikido dojos in my city for a few months now and I discovered there's one about to get opened just round the corner! :D I can't wait *U*.

  3. I think I need a hug because I'm quite fed up with my parents divorce's issues. I don't want them to use me just because I can give a message to the other without fighting or just try to make me split all the other's weaknesses so they can tell 'em in front of the judge. This has been like this for a long time now and I really cannot stand it anymore. I don't care about the money issues, I don't care about what they are going to do with their lifes, I just want to have a break. This has been going on for about 10 years now and I can't believe they still haven't reached an agreement. Plus I don't want my little brother to get involved. As I was saying, I need a hug xDD. *u*

  4. Hi guys!

    I was thinking of all that educative DC episodes where you actually learn something.

    For example, in movie 5, there is a bomb in a skyscraper, and Conan is trying to figure out where is it going to explote and thinking how many feet away they need to place the car in order to reach the other building.

    Another example could be in an episode where a man tried to kill this wife. While they were waiting for the ambulance to come, Conan was giving explanations as how to proceed. (Ex: don't remove the knife cause it may cause the arterie to open even more, and that in that case they needed to place some cushions under the victim's feet and put a bandage underneath her wound). I cannot remember which episode it was, but it may be between 550-650.

    Have you got one you would like to share? :lol:

  5. I've voted for Criminology for Shinichi and Law for Ran. I imagined she could chose that since her mother works as a lawyer and it has to do with justice and protection :3.

    But it seems so unreal to think of DC after high school.

  6. wat s d first episode

    If you're looking for the first episode you can find it on Youtube (:. It should be fine if you write down "Detective Conan Episode 1".

    I have a question too~. Just wanted to know where does this picture come from: Link. It may be from either openings or endings, but I have no clue which one it is! (Guess it is from the newest ones, though). I would really really apreciate if someone could help me with that! :'D


  7. Oh damn, thanks for the football/soccer explanation!

    WHUT? TILL OCTOBER? ಠ_ಠ Duuude, that's too much! Never mind, as soon as it is on youtube I'll take a peek. :D And I can always survive with a good DC marathon, like, watching the 15 movies in one day! *O* Hahaha.

  8. Jajajaja, ¿de verdad, AntiaAPTX-4869? (Btw, when we laugh and we have to write our laugh -I don't now if I'm making myself clear- we don't write "hahahaha" as in English, but "jajajaja". As you ay now, the 'h' in spanish isn't pronounced). ¿De quién es la fiesta?

    (Translation: ¿Really? And ¿whose party is it?).

    It depends of what type os spanish you wanna talk. The South-american accent is quite different from the Spanish one. You can distinguish it very easily by listening to the "z" and "c". Quick lesson. With the "c". If it's infront of 'a' or 'o' or 'u' you pronounce "ka" "ko" and "ku". But if you want to make the sound "ke" and "ki", you write: 'que' and 'qui'. Why? The sond of 'ce' and 'ci' is totally different. In Spain we say "the" and "thi". For the "z" is quite the same. 'Za' is pronounced "tha", 'ze' = 'the', "zi" = 'thi", "zo" = 'tho", and "zu" = "thu".

    It's the first time I try to teach Spanish so really, if you don't understand just shout. :3.

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