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  1. MKudo

    well .. u seem like u r a muslim ...but the tough thing to guess is where r u from apparently u r not japanese ..so u r either korean or chinese .. am i right ???

  2. Hi how are things Kaitou .. i hope everything is gd .. and ..bbye

  3. MKudo

    Hi ..

    and ...

    sorry 4 the late reply .. anyway i'll b more available starting from july .. i hope :) so i guess i'll c u soon :D

  4. MKudo

    hi apparently i'm kinda late ... sorry and welcome to DCW ..oh and thx 4 the add

  5. yay i finally watched Sherloch Holmes ... it is awesome :) though i wonder what happened to that girl he loves .. i don't think that she is really dead

    1. Masumi Z

      Masumi Z

      sherlock holmes?? uh...... where did you watch it?? please can you tell me!!

    2. Masumi Z

      Masumi Z

      sherlock holmes?? uh...... where did you watch it?? please can you tell me!!

  6. MKudo

    what about you?? how's school ???

  7. HI..i luv pictures ...and yours is very cute :)

  8. MKudo

    yes it has ... anyway it is always good to see you guys :) sorry i only log in in weekends ... can't say much but C'EST LA VIE !!! :)

  9. Yo back :):P

    how do you do it has been a while :)

  10. Good and Kind girls like you are few these days i wish we get more in touch :) Thanks anyway

  11. Oh and Mia my Pm is already opened :)

  12. Hi ... sure i'd like to talk to you :) i haven't known you well yet but i'm sure you are a nice person as you seem .. P.S : sorry for the late reply i open only every thursday or friday :)

  13. MKudo

    thanks 4 acceptance :) ... ok i'll go now cuz i look like an idiot ... and that's enough idiocy for today :$

  14. MKudo

    Thank god ... i could add you again ... WELL :/ just ignore what i have just written :() HEHE

  15. Hi ... it's been a while .. :) Merry Christmas :D

  16. well someone was mad because of the delay of Sherlock Holmes ... now i think you have a very good plan for spending the Christmas... my guess ... in the cinema of course :):D have fun!!! But not for me anyway my Dad is just too busy that he can't take me to watch it ... maybe that's exactly when a driving license is needed .... :( :(

  17. MKudo

    it just doesn't accept adding you again .. what should i do ??? can you add me again ???

  18. MKudo

    hi ... sorry i accidentally removed you .... SORRYYYYYYYY :/

  19. Merry Christmas Everyone ... or those who celebrates it at least :)

  20. Merry christmas to you too mabel :) Thanks :D

  21. MKudo

    Sorry i should go now ... see you later :) and merry christmas :D

  22. MKudo

    That's the spirit :):D

  23. MKudo

    Don't worry .. coming occasions are so many just enjoy the moment as much as you can.. you can do new activities and have fun in a different way than usual ... think positive :) :))

  24. hi ... thanks 4 the add

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