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  1. Hey man, long time no speak! I just want to promote a DC project me and my friend are working on; an analysis of the new manga files! please visit our twitter to get our analysis and our website! thanks!




  2. Hey Akakata! Haven't talked for a while, but will you please visit our twitter https://twitter.com/baremasu me and my friend are working on a DC manga analysis project!

  3. Hey guys! Please check out our latest project on DC manga analysis on our twitter! https://twitter.com/baremasu

  4. Guys! It's been a while since I was on here, but me and my friend has started work on a new project! We are aiming to analysis every new manga file from DC! please check our first file which is on our twitter! https://twitter.com/baremasu thanks guys!

  5. Hey well done on your new AMV!! Fits in quite well with the music :D

    Oh yeah, the program we used is Sony Vegas Pro 10.0. But to be honest you can make something good on Windows Live Movie Maker which I will be using for my next AMV :D

  6. Yeah :D I just hope Gosho puts a twist and AiCon will come together :D

  7. haha, in that case, you've been watching more episodes than me :/

    Only ever watched 1-300 ish (now most of 500-636) because we had the early episodes on DVD. Yeah, Oh yeah would you mind checking my new youtube channel? http://www.youtube.com/user/Yuentsun got one AMV at the moment :)

    Please subscribe!!

    Btw, who's your favourite character?


  8. haha yeah ;) you should watch the early episodes first (1-300) because they go more in depth with the cases. But the new ones are equally as good, just focusing on the story line more.

    Nice knowing you play the same instruments as me :D

  9. Yeah, DCW is great :D Been watching DC since I was 4!! Fairly new here so yeah ;)

  10. um...well, I'll have to say that i'm an AiCon fan more!! you?

  11. hey thank you! yeah I do agree that it should've been longer, but the music was only that long >.<

    anyways i'm glad you enjoyed it :D

  12. well, just uploaded my first AMV.


    comment and like to tell me what you think!!!!


  13. haha that's fine :D Good that you know now ;)

  14. Hey,

    Our first AMV is up!!


    Please comment and like it to show your support :D


  15. Hey,

    yeah I will be looking forward to your new AMV, update me when it's up!!! I will do too :D

    Yeah you are two days after my birthday, but i'm one year older that you :P

    Great videos!!!


  16. Hey, nice to meet you too!!

    I'm fairly new here and loving this forum!!


  17. Hey! Thanks for the welcome! Yeah DCW is great! I've been watching DC since I was 4 :o.

    Anyways, our new YouTube channel is fairly new as me and my friend made it a few days ago. We are working on a AMV at the moment and hopefully should be released soon (hopefully today!!)

    I watched your videos and they are great!! I subscribed to you too :...

  18. meh, might draw one later :D

  19. ah, well i guess i have to find a decent profile picture!

  20. yeah i should. but dunno what profile picture to add as everyone (including you!) uses the ones from animes. hmmm....what can i write about me? lol

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