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  1. Oh no, I'm the reason he's been getting dizzy :[ I feel sorta guilty now ..

  2. I usually relax, sometimes go shopping or somewhere nice with my parents. Anyway I'm getting tired now, need sleep. Good Morning/Afternoon/Night to you. (:

  3. Hehe...yeah.

    And you? Are you still on break ?

  4. 11:5O.

    I stayed up until 3:OO yesterday XP. I'm going to be doomed when break is over x___x

  5. XD

    I'm well, secretly using the internet on my 3DS again since I can't really sleep. How about you ?

  6. I like projects, more fun in my opinion :P

  7. Hehe..

    I don't like homework either ;P

  8. Well you said that you didn't have any homework until the near end of January .. ? ^^;

  9. Ohh, that's pretty good I guess.

  10. Thank you :]

    So what about you? Busy lately?

  11. Yeah, school has been keeping me REAL busy. I've also been exploring other fandoms besides DC so thats why I wasn't post for a period of time. But now I'm back ;P

  12. Can't wait for that meteor shower, I think I'll pull an allnighter rather than nap for 2 hours though ^^

  13. Happy New Year to you too Jovan :D

    Sorry for the late reply XP

  14. Happy New Year~! Almost :P Anyway one of my resolutions is to be more active on this site! I think I sorta died for a month or two :P

  15. Science is so confusing :S

    1. JoJoColman
    2. TheBlackTac


      Let's see if Kyuu is online... We can ask him about it. (:

    3. TheBlackTac


      (If you have question about Science. (: )

  16. I'm going to start being more active hopefully after Wednesday x__x

  17. Realism is so time-consuming to draw x__x

  18. Sure I can make it ^_^

  19. Ehehe, I don't think I could either, I mean the piano is pretty simple and straight forward, unlike my failed attempt when my friend tried teaching me the violin from scratch :P

  20. Music changes my mood, I should listen to happy music more often ~

  21. Nah, it wasn't too, hard. I'm pretty with memorizing song once I figure out where the notes are.

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