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  1. applepie

    How did you come across Detective Conan?

    i was watching adult swim some morning (had stayed up all night or woken up really early, can't remember which) and saw the last 5min of the smooth sailing case. i was determined to find out what the show was so i kept trying to stay up to watch it xD my 1st full ep was the 'richard/kogoro class reunion case'
  2. applepie

    Sparrow's Art Thread (New Drawings Added)

    heiji heiji heiji!
  3. applepie

    Holy Roman Empire and World's End Dancehall

    omg thats awesome! XD the twins are the best, by far
  4. applepie

    Hakuba and Kaito Kid in movie 10

    let me believe XD
  5. applepie

    Favorite OVA?

    i totally love OVA 9, it was really sad, but i loved seeing the characters 10 years older! close behind are #'s 1, 3 and 6
  6. applepie

    Satou suspect the truth?

    i kinda don't think she cares...she seems sees conan as a brainy lil kid, right? thats probably good enough for her. plus she's really good at her job, and must be too busy
  7. applepie

    Hakuba and Kaito Kid in movie 10

    i say its the real hakuba, would heiji get that annoyed with a fake hakuba?
  8. applepie

    Vote your Favorite Movie!

    the 7th movies my fav i absolutely looove heiji, and he gets all samurai-awesome in it XD
  9. applepie

    [Romance] Is Heiji in love with Kazuha?

    of course he is! they belong together forever <3 <--major heijiXkazuha fan
  10. applepie

    Manga or Anime? Dubbed or Subbed?

    i kinda like the manga more, but its a close tie and i like the dub, don't go hatin'
  11. applepie

    ~fav singer of dc is?

    i absolutely looooove B'z all their songs i obsess over XD