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  1. "Care to try Twix?" AL asked, taking out a golden packet as he approached her. "No, thank you. I need dark chocolate when I'm thinking."

    "20 bars?" The vendor raised an eyebrow but reached beneath the counter, counted out 20 bars, and handed it to her before taking Sophia's cash and counting out the change. "Thanks for your business." He spat into the bushes angrily. "After that murder I couldn't sell nothing 'cept to those police fellows, a couple of whom were rather full of themselves." He looked embarrassed. "Ah, get along, it's not important," he said huffily.

    "Oh no, if it isn't a bother, would you tell us what happened? We're tourists, and saw a lot of police gathered around this area today." Sophia took a bite from one of the chocolate bars, and continued, "Now of course it'll be in the papers by tomorrow, but it's much more exciting to hear it from an actual witness."

  2. Dear anonymous,

    Apparently, I can't really hold grudges(other than against her ofc), however after so much time has passed since you and I talked I really can't help but feel childish about what happened. Now I won't say I was more childish than you, since I still don't believe I was, though it was pretty dumb, especially after retelling the story a few times (still think that one part was a life achievement though). Anyway, I doubt we can go back to how things used to be, but at least now I'll be less...emotionally jumbled xD if you decide to talk to me again.



  3. serial experiments lain, hands down

    i know it got a lot of great reviews and supposedly has amazing plot, but i simply couldn't stand the art and the sound. the lighting was weird with an unsettling palette, and the weird camera angles are just, well, weird. some people debate these qualities were on purpose and aided in conveying the theme but they really just ruined the anime for me :/

  4. After the interrogation at the station, Sophia really didn't feel like talking to any other officers. Instead of following AL and Heikki into the taped area, she decided to go over to the vendor for a snack. He seems to be somewhat frustrated--perhaps he hasn't had a good day of business with the police there.

    "Hey," she ran up to him, "can I just have uhh maybe 20 bars of dark chocolate..." Sophia looked down, embarrassed, the contrast between the seriousness of her tone and the absurdity of her request was enough to confuse even herself. She mentally scolded herself for not bringing her stash of chocolate for the umpteenth time, and waited for a reply.

  5. [Phew that was close. I thought I was gonna get locked up too OTL]

    "Ah, Jay, right?" Detective Caleb frowned, looking at the screen once more before turning back to answer Sophia's questions. "Hmm? Yes, it would be odd for Starling to not be carrying an umbrella. She was though, she hadn't gotten it out yet at the time of her murder. We assume that she either was moving slowly or was enjoying herself. It's not uncommon around here. People who enjoy the rain stay, people who hate the rain leave, that's pretty much how it is around here. No, it was probably a coincidence and the other murders are inconsistent with it." He smiled. "Is there anything else I can help you with? You've been very helpful...of course, I'll need to verify some of what you're saying but that shouldn't be too big of a problem."

    "Ah, I see. Thank you for your help, and I'm glad we were able to be of assistance. I believe we'll be taking our leave now. Good luck on your investigation, detective. And goodnight." Sophia replied as she got up and shook the officer's hand. She headed to the door and waited for the other two to catch up with her. "What about we take a walk to the park?"

  6. "Actually," Detective Caleb corrected, "the victims did not go in a pattern of female, male, female. They went in a pattern of female, male, male, female. That may not necessarily be a pattern." He smiled. "Thanks for your tips and theory. I'd tell you what weapon was used, but unfortunately that's classified information." Detective Caleb pursed his lips. "I will say it was not a rifle though, to put your mind at ease." He gave another smile, turning to his computer as he clicked through DCW's log information. "Hmm, how'd you find out that her name was Jenny? Did she tell you privately or something? Is there any way I could access those conversations just to confirm anything about her?"

    Detective Caleb continued clicking. "Who's this IdentityUnknown person?" he asked. "The username sounds familiar...was he in your group? Someone mentioned that name for me but I can't recall..."

    "Ah, well, she PMed us on the DCTP chatroom which unfortunately doesn't save records of private messages. IdentityUnknown is the person who organized this trip but you know her as the girl found next to the victim at the scene with blood splatters. By the way, detective, don't you find it weird that Jennifer didn't bring an umbrella even though it rains frequently in this area? Now why would she do that? Did her umbrella break or get borrowed? And if so how convenient for the murderer since it'd be easier to kill her if there wasn't an umbrella blocking his target..."

  7. Detective Caleb nodded. "Look, let's go in and we can talk in somewhere a little more private. I'd like to know a little more about what Jennifer Starling has been up to recently. Tell me the website as well. It might not be much but it could be important." His voice held a hint of urgency to it.

    Sophia and the others followed him into another room, and when they were seated Sophia began to explain. "Jenny wasn't on the forums so much as she was on the DCTP chatroom. Sadly, I don't believe we have records of the chats but she was quite active until a few months ago, most likely due to work. The website is really just a place for fans of Detective Conan to gather and talk to each other."

    [Please don't check the forum ;~;]

  8. "Don't say you saw someone, he'll force us to describe the person." Sophia quietly replied. She then turned to Detective Caleb and said, "She was part of our forum, but couldn't join our convention due to work. That day at the park, we didn't recognize her until afterwards when AL remembered Jenny's real name was Jennifer Starling and she worked at Benford Industries. We understand the police is working their hardest on this case, but as part of a detective forum, we just really can't help but be curious. Isn't there anything you can tell us about the previous murders?"

  9. Officer Holden looked sympathetic. "Detective Caleb is a little busy at the moment and across town. He should be heading back soon though...it is almost time to return after all. Let me try to get him on the phone for you."

    Fifteen minutes later, a police car pulls up and Detective Caleb exits and enters the police station, a brief case and a file in hand. He transfers the file to his other hand and holds up a hand in greeting. "Hey kids," he smiles, though he looks a little tense. "What do you need?"

    "Evening, Detective Caleb," Sophia managed a sad smile, "we're Jenny--I mean, Jennifer Starling's friends...we were wondering if there was any progress on the case? And also, can you tell us about the previous murders?"

  10. "Hi," Sophia said, as she approached the available officer, glancing at his name stand. "Officer Holden is it? We're Jennifer Starling's friends...you know, the most recent victim of the serial murders." Sophia choked up a bit at the end of the sentence and took out a handkerchief to dab away at nonexistent tears, then inhaled deeply as if to recompose herself and sniffed again before continuing, hoping her act was convincing enough. " Can you please tell us details of her death and the previous Rainman Serial Killings?"

    [Run-on sentences errywhere @_@]

  11. [sorry for not being able to write my dad's been on my computer Q-Q]


    Sophia headed back to the hotel for a shower after a short interrogation by the police. She was quite surprised something like this would happen on the first day of their gathering, but supposed it did make things more interesting. To be honest, she couldn't care less about the woman's death. After all, dying is simply what people do. What intrigued her more was the murderer's way of killing: by gunshot in a rainstorm with a large crowd. The gun and the crowd made enough sense, as the killer can kill quickly and flee from the scene with all the panicking people. However, why rainstorms? While doing so did make for quite a dramatic scene, it doesn't serve much of a purpose otherwise...unless it helped wash away some important evidence? She stepped out of the shower and put on a pair of jeans and a large grey sweater, deciding it would be best to hear more details before analyzing further. 




    She listened intently as Jay and Amber explained the murders, including the most recent one. AL asked a few questions and was able to find out about the company Starling works at. Knowing him, he was definitely going to investigate the place, so Sophia simply walked over and muttered "I'm coming with you" before going to the counter for another slice of tiramisu despite her mother's nagging about her high blood sugar. 

  12. Name: Sophia 
    Age: 15
    Description: 5'5 and 113 lbs, Asian. Long layered black hair (waist length) with side bangs to the right. Canvas sneakers, dark skinny jeans, and an oversized, maroon guy hoodie (yes I enjoy wearing men's clothing Q_Q). 
    Personality: Quiet and shy around strangers. Good memory for details of conversations. Observant and analytic about relationships between people. Gives off a lonely and mysterious aura. Extremely manipulative. 


    Sophia walks out the airport and sees a girl holding a sign that says "DCW Forum", and goes to join those who have already arrived.


    "Hi," the girl with the sign says. Her smile is easy, but a little bit cautious. "I'm IdentityUnknown, the organizer of this little trip." She offers a hand, which Sophia takes. "You can call me Jay. Most of us are here already." She nods towards some of the other people there. "That's Mark, though since he's reading the paper, I wouldn't interrupt him. Mohorovicic, that's his DCW name. Elizabeth, or Elli, or L--she goes by a lot of names--is the girl with the purple hair and combat boots. She's Sparrow. Oh, and that short girl is KKLT, also known as Amber. Just introduce yourself to the people around and you'll be fine." To her disappointment, they all seem a little preoccupied, but well, there's other people, right?

    A few minutes later, a tall girl joins them. Sophia ignored her until she made her way over to Mark and said "Hey! I'm Misaki!" At this she turned around and caught the girl's eye and Misaki almost immediately leapt at her while exclaiming "Suki!" They chatted for a while until Mark said "Mysterious Serial Killer Strikes Again?" and started reading the paper he handed out while muttering a few notes to themselves. 

  13. Dear Anonymous,

    "--It would be a sin to love you, 

    my dear sweet wolf;

    you will always cry for the moon."




    Dear Anonymous,

    So much has happened lately, and I tried so hard to fix everything, but in the end your doubt prevailed. Why can't you trust me? Why do you tell me lies? Do you think that'll make things better? No. I hope you know that. And I hope you know I'd never lie to you.




    Dear Anonymous,

    Why? Why did you? If you really wanted that to happen at least have the decency to do it a bit more discreetly so that I can't find blame in you. But no. Right in my face. I don't know what to think. I expected to much of you.