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    Lupin art thread

    Amazing, as always, and omg the details on his coat *_* But now let me go ahead and be a jerk xD I agree the neck seems a bit too long here, which might be because you were trying to fit in all those wrinkles and whatnot. The hair ;A; it saddens me so. It probably would have looked better if you drew it semi-anime style and then added shadings (like the face). But overall, LETMEFANGIRLPLZI'MNOTWEIRDATALL. *cough* +1
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    DCW IRL Round 4: Bloody Birthday

    So yeah, I actually Snooped blood on Rose, so I knew Sera was the murderer. No one tried to catch her though :/
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    DCW IRL Round 4: Bloody Birthday

    Jamie walked to Misaki's room, where she was pretty sure Gracie would be. "You guys, I need ta talk to ya. Aleksander said there's a passage we c'n use." She looked around the hall. "Gracie? Kevin? 're you kids 'ere?" Gracie and Kevin walked up behind Jamie and tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped a little and then turned around. "So, what's that about the secret passage?"
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    Dear Anonymous...

    Dear Anonymous, Please. Turn around, walk away, and don't look back. I want you to remember my smile, and not my tears... Signed, Anonymous.
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    Quote Factory

    For the moth loved the flame, but the flame longed for wind. And when the moth asked "Why?" the flame dimmed in shame. "For he brings me stories from far, far away, and he whispers secrets of elves and fae." "But your colors he darkens and your warmth he fades!" "For the same cause you circle me, despite the heat." The moth dissolved to dust and the flame doused to embers. The wind went its way, carrying dormant dreams...
  10. Hey can you post your wishlist in the Secret Santa thread? Thanks

  11. Hey can you post your wishlist in the Secret Santa thread? Thanks :)

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    DCW IRL Round 4: Bloody Birthday

    [Misaki wrote half of this for me lol] Gracie woke up at the sound of shattering glass. Her cup of water had somehow fallen off the bedside desk. She heard some people running and got up to see what the commotion was about. When she managed to get in front of the crowd, she was shown a horrid scene. The room that was once Misaki and her roommate's was now in ruins. the ceiling that was no more was now all over the floor, its large chunks overlapping. Though no one knew for sure, it seemed that the people who were using the room were in there as well, either trapped or dead under all of the debris. From the lack of cries for help, it was more likely the latter. Gracie picked her way through the rubble, suddenly hearing a crunching sound beneath her, and seeing that she had stepped on Misaki's hand. It took her all she had to not let out a terrified scream. As she slowly looked down, her eyes met Misaki's. Her eyes that had once held life gleamed dully. Her skin was a sickly white, as if she was a ghost. Her lips held a small grin, though for what reason it was unknown to her. And on her forehead... Gracie felt like puking. The small but fatal hole in her head showed a small stream of blood running down. But still, she continued, until she reached the place that was once Misaki's bed. "Should anything happen to me, find the will I wrote in my pillow and read it. After that, you may do what you wish with the knowledge," she said to herself, repeating the words the older woman had told her only the day before. Though finding the pillow where the mentioned will was would be harder than what was probably expected, seeing how the pillow was now buried under the heavy ceiling. And for a young girl, that was not an easy task. But she grabbed a side of a piece of debris and pulled as hard as she could. Gracie had to get to the will. It was her last order from the person who she promised to work under and she wanted to fulfill it, no matter how long it took her. She huffed and puffed as she pushed the material away, sweat dripping down her face. But after a while, she managed to move it a few inches, which was enough to get it out of the way and to move onto a different piece. When she began to decide as to what she should move next, she noticed that the debris had fallen in a way that left a small opening straight down to the bed. As she looked down said opening, she grinned. In her sight was the pillow she longed to retrieve. Yes! How lucky! And judging from how the pillow doesn't looked trapped underneath the debris, I can get it! She reached her tiny arm down, getting it as far as she could. Unluckily for her, she had come up only a few centimeters short. She swore under her breath as she tried to reach farther, ignoring the slight pain she was feeling from the sharp edges of the debris scratching her. Her fingers extended as far as they could, attempting to grasp the pillowcase with it. As she managed to get the cloth between her fingertips, she pulled up, hoping her sweaty fingers would not lose the grip on it. She kept pulling at it, until the plush item popped out. Gracie grinned widely, proud of her hard work before digging her hand into the casing to retrieve what she wanted. Pulling out a thin piece of paper, she opened it and read aloud the contents. If you're seeing this, that means either 1) you're snooping in my stuff and I will find you and take needed procedures to make you regret that decision or 2) I'm dead. Assuming it's the latter, how lovely. Always thought I would die in a way more natural than what has probably befallen me. Well, as far as civilians go, the little girl is trustworthy (while not seen, we have talked), I have a little trust in my roommate (candy girl) though I do not know for sure she is a civilian, and everyone else I have my doubts. With murderers, Rosie was looking suspicious, though since she is now no longer with us, I don't know if this information is relevant. That new person, Jamie I think her name is, also looks suspicious. Apologizes extended to Ren, I did it to save more people since the group as a whole is more important that keeping a kid alive if it means losing more. Though it seems now our roles are switched. You people better find all the murderers or else. Gracie sighed, folded up the paper, and made her way to the door.
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    Describe Yourself in One Word

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    Secret Santa

    Too lazy to do any actual work, so here's my wishlist ANYTHING KUROSHITSUJI RELATED (PREFERABLY CIELxSEBBY YAOI THOUGH...) Vocaloid Katanagatari Steins; Gate xxxHOLiC [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control Guilty Crown Hanatan(xPokota if possible xD) Akiakane ConanxAi Any medium would be fine, though if you find you don't like any of my preferences then a drawing of anything you like please My preferred giving medium (more like the only thing I can do...) would be drawing.
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    DCW IRL Round 4: Bloody Birthday

    [so, I just got my internet back 20 minutes ago ] "I'm not surprised. You have decided to send Wicky to his death. Aha. Down to business." The man wordlessly took Wicky, tied and gagged him up, and slung him over his shoulder, and headed over to the master bedroom. Everyone followed. The man put Wicky in the center of the mysterious circle, which everyone noticed had grew in size and became more intricate. The man rubbed his hands, then looked at the people watching him, and for a moment, a strange glance came over him. Was it...sadness? There's no way he can be sad...or is there? Gracie shook her head and decided to save the question for later. The man turned back to the circle, and placed his two fingers on it, and it began to glow red again. Wicky tried to scream, the best he could at least under those gags, and eventually there was a sickening splatter. But this time, there was a strange whoosh of air, and the circle began to glow blue. The air grew cold, and it kept blowing harshly around the room. Eventually, the glow stopped, and everyone began to recover from the glare. The man stood up, and rubbed his hands on his coat. In the center of the circle was Ren, shivering and covered with blood. The man began to walk out of the room. "Looks like this was a success. You got your Ren back. And for goodness sakes...someone give him some clothes." He put his arm to his eyes, then walked around the corner and was gone. If not for the blood on Ren's body, Gracie probably would have glomped him at that moment, but she decided to wait till he took a shower first. All she could do was stare in awe, finally muttering "Are you okay?" after what seemed like forever. "Yes, Gracie, I'm fine." was the reply. And at that moment, Gracie could not stop the tears that poured out of her eyes. [Yeah I know, weak ending but too lazy~~]
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    DCW IRL Round 4: Bloody Birthday

    Gracie let her fingers trace the items in her pocket, the smooth texture pleasing. As she walked, her mind wandered back to when she was talking to Miss. ”Come. I need you" The girl looked at her for a second. Needs me for a job I guess. She said, "Excuse me for a second." before following the woman out of the room. After they were far enough away, she asked, "So what do you need?" Misaki handed her the pieces she prepared in her room before giving instructions as to what to do. "Do it discreetly," she warned, "I don't want to deal with people..." She nodded before tucking them away and walking towards her destination. As she approached the area where she needed to be, her small hands curled up around the items, a small sound to be heard because of it. Taking a deep breath, she walked by each door and did her job. Her pockets now empty, she went back to the dining room. The people who were there before were still present. As she seated herself once again, someone spoke. “So where did you go?”
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    DCW IRL Round 4: Bloody Birthday

    [@OTTD: Rose had a handgun... and I think you wrote you had some sort of weapon in your character description]
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