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  1. Hey Chekhov. Let me know when you're back. Thanks. :)

  2. The wiki login/editing/permission issue is now fixed! :)

  3. Yeah I remember you. Glad it worked out! :)

  4. You're most welcome! :D I'm glad you like it. ;) Welcome to DCW btw!!

  5. Hello! Yeah, unfortunately I don't always seem to find as much time as I did before to come around. :/ How are you doing? :)

  6. Haha, yeah. Like "who's that Maurice guy again?". Yeah, I wish I had a bit more time to come online. But even if you guys don't see it with your own eyes, I'm always around. :)

  7. Yay, we're both 29!! :D

    That's great haha. Thank you for being here. Somehow I feel a little less like the "old guy" around here. :)

  8. Thanks. I'm glad you like the site. :)

    Looks like you've made a lot of friends here too. That's great! :)

  9. Hello! How's it going? Thanks for the belated birthday btw. :)

    And I'm glad you like the site. ^^

  10. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! :D

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    2. Incognito


      I wish you peace of mind (and heart), that you find what you're looking for and the courage to pursue it. Happy birthday "old" friend (hee~ ;P you'll always be a kid for sure!)

    3. Metantei Kiddo

      Metantei Kiddo

      :) your welcome admin!
    4. mabel


      Happy Belated Birthday! >.<

  11. Happy belated birthday! :)

  12. Merry Christmas to you too!! :D

  13. Thanks and thank you for the idea. :)

  14. Yes, I'm the real one! ;P

    Nice music btw. I like the beat.

  15. What do you have in mind for the role-playing game? We also have a thread going on for a potential "detective"-like game: :)

  16. Aww, thank you. That's nice of you to say! :P

    I'm glad you're enjoying your time here. Keep it up! ^_^

  17. Nice to meet you too! :)

    And I wish you a belated welcome to DCW! :P

  18. It was great! I got to relax a bit by the sea. Pretty cool! ;)

  19. Yeah, the vacations were great!! Thanks. :)

    What about you? How you doing?

  20. Hello! Yes, I'm back!! :D

    How are you?

  21. On vacations until the end of August! Have a nice summer everyone! :)

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    2. vawli


      Correct just noticed that you are back!!!

    3. skyflakeslol


      oh yeah! vacation days are detective conan days too! :)) hahaha! LOL :D

    4. Jojo love conan

      Jojo love conan

      ohhhhhh we will, top of it watching detective conan

  22. Hi! Nice to meet you too! Enjoy your time here! :)

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