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    I have to say thank you for posting these, i usually dont post in the forum.
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    Hello and nice to meet you! You can call me Helvig. I started reading Conan sometime around 2006 and followed the series actively until 2013 or so, when I got too busy with studies and life to keep reading. Now after a pause of almost 10 years I've found myself back in this never-ending time-loop of murders and mysteries. I'm currently rereading the series at around volume 30, so there's still a long way to go. I've actually never read past volume 77 (since the scans were almost non-existent at the time) so I'm eagerly waiting for when I'll reach content that is new for me. Not sure how active I'll be on the forum (is the forum even active in general..?), but I'll see if I can do something to help with the wiki. It's such an amazing resource, well done everyone who has contributed!
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    Here's Gosho's confirmation about Rum's identity in a Da Vinci interview: And also:
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    You're welcome. A short summary of 1,086 is now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7700958120
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    Why don't you appoint some new moderators? I am sure there are regular posters here that would be happy to take up that work. I am asking because new members like me won't have to wait for our messages to be moderated. That kills any intention of discussion if there was any. Waiting for two full days now. I wanted to PM this to the mods, but felt that would be too ironic. Hehe.
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    TL of 1075 credit to Rohupt https://pastebin.com/XVa7ajJd And it seems Ztt will return on Sunday issue #30 and DC is on break till issue #34 which releases on 21st July.
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    RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] Translation of 1073, credit as mentioned in the link. No break. 1074 releases on 2 June 2021
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    DC is on break this week—1,076 spoilers will be out next week (SS #29 comes out this week, and the last page of 1,075 said DC would be on break until SS #30 releases). EDIT: Correction—it is Zero's Tea Time that will be out next week. 1,076 spoilers should be out around July 16th (thanks Annonymmos for the update).
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    With so many of them, I hope the Rum confrontation will be a blast. Still feel this new character will add something more to the series inspite of being plot relevant.
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    And it seems 1,075 is the resolution of the case.
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    1074 file translation, credit to Rohupt as mentioned in the link. https://pastebin.com/bWdgAhiY wow, excited to see how they manage to rescue Agasa. This is already a good case so far.
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    Hello, I don't know if this thread is still in use, but there is a part in the "manga to anime changes" section for Episodes 77-78 that I think is wrong, unless I'm misunderstanding it, so I wanted to check with you all. This is what it says: That scene is pretty much the same in the manga, Conan also references his failure to prevent Seiji's suicide. Here is the page from the manga for reference: https://imgur.com/xBM8eeH
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    1,068 spoiler pics now out: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7210323980?pn=1 And a text summary, translation courtesy of Kemo: No break next week—we can expect 1,069 spoilers around February 5th.
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    Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post. First of all I got to say thank you to everyone who ever participated in building this website, it's a really huge effort and it's a place for every DC true fan. Anyway, What appealed me the most in this website was the table (Guide) that tells you everything you need to know about every DC episode (This one Here), while I don't know if anyone suggested this before me (I tried to search if anyone did before posting this of course), I'm suggesting to add a new symbol to the table, a symbol that tells you what episodes did Shinichi Kudo appear in in his adult form (other than transient memories of course), that'd be great and I'd be happy to participate in this, I think it'll be appealing for many people too. (Maybe Shiho Miyano as well??) Looking forward for responses, thank you ^ ^
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    One of the users in the cBox referenced a theory someone had that she's possibly his daughter because her seiyuu also did the voice of the dictator's daughter in Gundam, however, if that's true, I wish Gosho would frigging stop it because in my opinion, the Gundam thing is getting old. It's gone from a reference to a full on ripoff.
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    These are certainly very virtuous traits, but they're also very generic. A decent portion of the non-murdering characters in the series fulfill these criteria to some extent or another, and there's nothing that really sets Ran apart. As for her stupidity and maturity - like I said, she's neither stupid nor immature because both of those qualities are constantly adjustable in her case. You seem to bring personal attachment up a lot, but just as you are attached to Ran or childhood friendships, so might others be attached to Ai or troubled pasts. Your love for a character is irrelevant in a discussion regarding the character's merits within the series. Do you really think it's adequate to compare the separation of ones parents to being born into a criminal lifestyle, orphaned at a young age, recruited into a criminal syndicate before you even hit puberty, and forced to work for your sister's killers under the threat of death? There are plenty of examples - on nepotism, on identity and belonging, on emotions, on appearances - but you could just her DCW Wiki page. I never implied any intrinsic purpose, I merely described Ran's roles in there series. The idea that any sort of fictional character yields any intrinsic purpose is inherently flawed, as the state of inherence denotes natural designation - something that this work decidedly lacks. You argument of intention is irrelevant, as it doesn't change the fact of significance itself. That said, while your views do sound like the antithesis of Barthes' stance, I don't think they hold any ground here, as the principle just doesn't apply - it focuses on the interpretation of subtext, not plot relevance. I don't think there's any way you could really doubt the existence of these values. Essence is realized in the discrepancy between the claims, actions, and thoughts of characters, presenting itself in the intellectual and emotional purity of a character. Necessity can be measured in the number of unique connections a character's presence within the story creates between otherwise independent entities. Finally, significance can be viewed as the number, eccentricity, and complexity of a character's intellectual/emotional contributions to the story. As I mentioned above, there are plenty of examples - on nepotism, on identity and belonging, on emotions, on appearances. Check her DCW Wiki page for more. There are countless instances of Ai solving cases before Shinichi, often demonstrating a deeper understanding of the culprit's thoughts and intentions in the process. She also yields far greater knowledge over a broad range of subjects, and tends to put far more thought into matters that require serious contemplation. The core issue underlying the organized measurement of intellect in real life is a result of the various variables in play - be it personal philosophy, education, organizational difficulty, upbringing, or local culture. These factors are either not present or not as prevalent in a work of fiction, which makes it much easier to measure established competence and/or intelligence. As for Ran - see my reply to Hobgoblin. Ran is only ever as intelligent/mature as the situation demands. Her personality is generic and her mental faculties aren't consistent. She's not a persona, she's a plot device.
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    Are you seriously trying to argue that a character shouldn't be killed off on the basis that their real-life counterpart wouldn't want it to happen? C'mon, man. I don't think people believe that. It's simply that when investing time into a story, folks tend to seek immersion - we read and watch fictional works because we want to relate to the characters and live out their adventures along side them. This is hard to do when the work itself lacks realism or authenticity. When characters are virtually invincible and any harm that might come to them is understood to be an arbitrary illusion for the sake of a spiel, the actions taken to both avoid and inflict said harm lose their meaning. If your characters continuously escape any and all threats posed to them, then said threats will eventually lose their power to captivate the audience, and once that happens, the story is robbed of its emotional impact. It doesn't matter how high the stakes are raised, because in the end, the hero always wins, and nothing of value is lost. That's why folks like tragedies - rather than present an emotional constant, tragedies offer characters whose survival/happiness is not guaranteed, and whose actions matter, which in turn means that the audience is invested in everything that happens. You're not just observing the plot, you're experiencing it. To say that an author lacks creativity for creating an actual story rather than a narrative stasis is delusional. Just to make this clear, you're degrading the work of the likes of Homer, Dante, Saavedra, Doyle, Harris - hell, just about any famous author. Claiming that tragedies are solely about destruction is contradicting the very nature of such works. Tragedies aren't just about death and decrepitude - they're about the creation of beauty, the sacrifice of the established, and the celebration of the flawed. Hamlet might have been a tragic story, but in the end it was an examination of the futility of vengeance and rage. The Odyssey might have told of a thousand deaths, but its purpose was the celebration of Odysseus' journey and the bonds that carried him through it all. You are oversimplifying and defiling one of mankind's greatest artistic achievements, and sloppily at that.
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    He did actually: "Yeah, I just got the boss's approval. We're changing targets. .... The place is on Beika City's 5-cho-me ... at the Mouri Detective agency." (chap 503)
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    Hmmm, Ran........because she still hasn't found out Conan's true identity.....after this long she should know......but even more Kogoro......how much of an idiot detective is he that he hasn't found out?
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