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    Volume 94 had some more art changes. Lets start with the most obvious one. At the end of file 994 the victim of the case is found dead and propped up against a small cabinet. The last page of that chapter shows that the cabinet has regular legs on it. However for the entirety of file 995 the legs magically change to wheels. This changes a bit of the dynamic of the case as the trick relies on the victim getting down on the floor and looking under the cabinet. However, if the cabinet had wheels then he could have simply just rolled the cabinet forward to retrieve the item underneath. In file 996, the regular legs suddenly reappear. This whole thing is fixed in the volume version where all of the wheels are replaced with regular legs in every panel. For the Blood ceiling reveal page at the end of file 1000, all of the shadows are suddenly gone. They are there on the page before, they are there on the page after, but not on this page. The shadows are also gone for the panel below that one. I believe that the shadows disappear because Gosho had to redo this page due to not including the sticky notes. Again this is something important to the case trick. The sticky notes appear for the first time at the beginning of file 1001 for the weekly release version. The guy that Iori Muga kneed in the face was on the verge of crying in 1003, and now in the volume version he just looks a little bit annoyed, complete with sweat drop. Dr. Agasa sometimes has a door handle and other times he has a door knob. On the first page of file 997 there is a panel of Conan leaving Agasa's house and we can see that he has a door handle. In the next panel we see Agasa inside and he is closing a door with a door knob. In the volume this was fixed so that both panels side by side would match with him having a door handle. However later in the volume Agasa has a door knob again in file 999
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